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Targus 13" - 14" Neoprene Impax Sleeve

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    1 Review
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      02.12.2013 21:47
      Very helpful



      Thanks for reading :)

      The Price
      = = = = =

      I purchased this 13 inch Targus Laptop Skin for my 13.5 inch Netbook as I needed a good quality skin to keep it safe while travelling. I managed to get mine from eBay for around £12, which at the time retailed at £15 plus. It is available to buy from eBay from £9 and the http://www.theclickstore.co.uk. It is no longer up for sale on Amazon, PCworld or Dabs.

      = = = = =

      I have the black coloured Targus Laptop skin but it also comes available in blue and red colours. It has a black coloured zipper located at the top which travels along to the sides of the sleeve, and a Targus label which clearly prints the name and logo. The zip hook is strong and durable, and easy to open and close when needed. It is also quite secure, as I have never experienced the zip opening accidentally while carrying it.

      It has a reversed zipper which means it is water resistant and prevents any water from seeping in through the zipper holes. This is perfect for when you are carrying it during a rainy day or if you accidentally spill water or liquid on the skin, as both the zipper area and the skin itself is waterproof. The zipper has a inner protective lining that prevents the hard zip ridges from scratching the enclosed laptop/netbook.

      The skin is nice and compact in size measuring approx 37.2 cm wide, 2.5 cm deep and 26.7 cm in height meaning it very lightweight (370 g) to carry around and also small enough to fit into another bag if you want that extra protection. It is very easy to hold and even though the material is very soft, it isn't too soft that you find it slipping from grip. I have also travelled with this skin inside my bag and found that it hardly takes up any room and protects my netbook really well throughout my travels.

      The skin is made from Neoprene material which is a stretchy rubber material that is not only waterproof but also nice and soft to the touch, which makes it great for our netbook as the soft smooth material doesn't cause any rubbing marks on the laptop. It can also stretch to fit slightly bigger laptop sizes (up to 14 inch). The skin uses a double layer of Neoprene material and therefore means good sufficient padding and protection for our device, I have used it a number of times with my netbook and it has managed to keep it from developing any scratches or marks. My 13.5 inch netbook fits nicely into the skin, and once inside the neoprene material hugs the netbook securely and as a result provides a nice tight double layer of snug protection for my enclosed device. This inside of the skin consists of corduroy lining which is also a soft material and perfect for a laptop skin.
      The skin case is ideal for laptop sizes from 13-14 inches, however I wouldn't risk trying to fit any smaller than 13 as the laptop would move around too much and therefore would have more chances of developing cosmetic marks. Even though the material is stretchable it would be pushing it to try and make it stretch out to sizes beyond 14 inches, however there are many other sizes available from the Targus, so it is worth searching around for larger sizes if that is what you require.

      = = = = =
      This is a great laptop skin that does a great job in protecting my netbook against knocks and bumps. It is water resistant, lightweight and compact; making it an ideal laptop skin for 13-14 inch laptops. I have had mine for about a year now, and it still looks good as new, no rips or tears; which in my opinion makes the £12 well spent.


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