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Tucano Second Skin Elements

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Tucano Second Skin Elements - Notebook carrying case - black

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    2 Reviews
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      13.12.2012 14:00
      Very helpful



      a laptop case by Tucano

      I have been meaning to get a new case for my laptop for a while, not a carry case but one to protect it when taking it into work. I have a 13" laptop and so being smaller it is nice to hold it in a padded case but all of the ones I had looked at were quite pricey. I just wanted something which was a nice colour and of good quality and I came across this one in Comet which was a bargain price and looked just like the ones in the Apple shop but for a lot cheaper. This one was in the colour I wanted, a nice shade of pink and by a brand called Tucano who I had never heard of before but I liked the look of these cases. This case is specifically for 13" notebooks and comes in a wide range of colours, something there for everyone but the pink was right for me.


      So, this case has rounded edges and is made of a foam like fabric, very soft to touch and on the front it has the Tucano logo. It zips half way around the laptop and the other half is sewn shut. The case is very light to hold and it has two corner holders inside to keep the laptop in place while being carried around which I thought added to keeping it secure. This is an Italian brand and inside it comes with a soft fleece which pads the case out that little bit more. The case has the two elastic corners, to stop the case from slipping and also to prevent it from scratches. This case is very well thought out and the logo is even inside the case too which has a grey coloured lining, it looks very nice but the case isn't too thick it is just the right padding.


      So, my laptop case is a very girl pink, and at first I thought my Sony Vaio might be too thick to fit into this as it looked a lot slimmer. However, this actually does have a bit of give and it did stretch that little bit to fit my Vaio into it. The laptop seems to extend slightly for thicker models which is great and it zips round easily too, no difficulty or having to pull the zip. Once the laptop case is closed, there is no handle or any way of holding it but this doesn't matter as I always carry this around in my bag so this is just to protect it from getting scratched by anything else in my bag or for getting hit off other things. It means that this way it is secure and it does also slot in easier. There are no pockets inside the case for fitting anything else like USB sticks.

      I do love this case but my one issue is that it does seem to work best for laptops that fully charge, now my Vaio is one that needs to be plugged in at all times and so this case is not big enough to store the adapter and I need to usually carry it outside of the case. This is a minor issue though as for most people their laptops can charge up beforehand and so they only need to carry the laptop without a charger. The case is very secure and my laptop has suffered no scratches since I have had this, the case sticks in place and even when unzipping the case, the corners are still held in place so that it cannot move. I do sometimes wish this did have a slight handle so that I could just carry this on its own but other than that I cannot fault it.

      If this case does get slightly dirty, it doesn't say this can be washed but I would firstly wipe with a cloth and then put on a delicate hand wash option, I haven't tried it myself though and would more likely use the cloth option than anything. The dimensions of this are 12.79x9.25x1.37 which will be average for a standard 13" laptop as the stitching gives a little more way for stretching. I take this to work and back now and it has not yet had any faults with it, not stitching has come apart and the zip always works very well, it keeps everything compact which I like the most. The fabric is very soft and of very good quality, there are not holes in the material after using this a lot, the logo will start to fade on the front eventually but this doesn't bother me too much.

      This laptop is great for anyone who is on the move a lot and who likes to take their laptop around with them in their bag. If you don't want to carry a big heavy laptop case with a strap then this is an alternate option as it is less bulky and if your laptop is charged you just pop it in and put it into a bag. The colour range makes it more exciting to use this also as it doesn't seem as boring as having a standard black laptop case. This is great for students or those at work and for the price paid, the quality really is worth the money, I could not be without my Tucano case now as my laptop looks spotless and it is kept protected in this. It is a worthwhile investment definitely and it is nice to have a couple to change the colours around.


      This case is available for purchase in Comet where I managed to buy this for just £6 which is fantastic. On Amazon these are being sold for anything from £10-£20 so if you can go to Comet and grab your bargain then this is worth it.

      The official website is http://wwwtucanousa.com/.


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      16.07.2008 19:39
      1 Comment



      Strong, durable, lightweight laptop case

      The neoprene laptop "cover" made by tucano for mac laptops is one of the most useful things i have purchased over the last few years. I got a mac book laptop for my college course due to macs better compatability with music software, and needed something to prevent my laptop getting bashed around in my bag, without having to buy a laptop bag.
      A lecturer at my college already had a second skin laptop cover and he told us about it after a lecture one day.
      I bought one the next day and must say it's brilliant, it is a very simple idea i know, but sometimes the simple ideas are the best.
      I know other people who do not have one of these and have got cracks in their laptops, not me though!!!!!
      I would strongly recommend getting one of these light and durable second skins for your mac laptop.


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