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Wayzon WZ-42132 Soft Zip Sleeve Case

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Brand: Wayzon / Notebook Compatibility: 11.5 in / Product Type: Notebook carrying case

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2014 23:03
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      A good quality tablet case with a design my sons like.

      OK - I'm really not a gun nut, but my army barmy and video game mad sons do like weapons, so when I saw this tablet case I knew it would be a bit hit. Unfortunately, this only comes in one size 11.5" x 8", and both of my boys have 7" tablets. We bought these covers about a year ago, and at the time they were bought for my sons' older tablets, but are now used on the new HP Slates they got this Christmas. We also keep the tablets faux leather folios cases at all times, which fold back when you use the tablet, so a standard 7" neoprene sleeve would be unlikely to fit over the tablet and folio case. I realise using a folio case and a neoprene sleeve may seem like overkill, but we've already had one tablet with a damaged screen, and young children do tend to drop things or leave them laying about. You can never have too much protection in my opinion, and considering the fact that the tablets cost £100 each, this seemed like a good investment. I do think it is worth paying extra for a nice design as well, as children are more likely to use something they like the look of.

      The current price for these cases is £9.85 from Amazon marketplace with free UK delivery. They were significantly less when I bought them, and I believe I paid about £9 for two. Nonetheless, £9.85 is a lot better than a broken tablet, and I do still feel these are worth considering. I have searched on the web and have not been able to find a better price on this cover, but most of the 11.5" sleeves are in this price range.

      This is made of a very soft, shock absorbent neoprene. This is advertised as water resistant, but not water proof. My son has spilled a drink over one of these and there was no problem. I would also expect this to hold up very well out in the rain for a short period of time. I most certainly would not want to try submerging the case. The fabric does seem water proof - this is after all what wetsuits are made from, but the seems and zipper will not be.

      I bought these cases because we expect children to have accidents now and then, but I have to admit, I am the one who put this case to the test. I had picked up my youngest sons' tablet and was about to carry it downstairs to start his school day just before my vertical lift with in. I slipped, a crutch went out from under me and I ended up throwing the tablet up into the air as I went down. Thankfully, the tablet was completely unharmed at the bottom of the staircase. It would have been bad enough for my sons biggest Christmas present to have broken. It would have been worse if I had done it., I would have died with guilt. I can't say the case is the only reason the tablet did not break. After all, the tablet was actually in two cases, and I am not willing to try tossing it down the staircase with only one case to see if it makes a difference. But I do believe the case made a difference, and I am ever so glad I am paranoid about breaking things and had a double layer of protection on his tablet.

      I am also well pleased at how easy it is to wash these tablets. When one had a drink spilled on it, I simply rinsed it clean in the sink and laid it near a radiator to dry. It is impossible to tell now which tablet was washed. The zip is also well made and has held up well with children using these for an extended period of time. This does not have any extra compartments, it is for the tablet only. I could easily fit extras in this since our tablet is small, but I wouldn't want to. I'd be afraid of scratching the screen. It isn't a carry all, but it is a good tablet case.

      My sons really like the design, and as long they are happy, I'm happy. If I bought this for myself though, I would have chosen a different picture. In addition to the gun design, you can buy this with a nice picture of horses racing through the surf with a full moon in the background, a black and white tiger design, a Union Jack, a rainbow fuzzy headed thing, or some very rude fruit. They all sell for the same price, so it is just a matter of personal preference.


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