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Acer Aspire 5920G-602G25MN

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    6 Reviews
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      01.08.2011 12:45
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Gorgeous laptop with a great amount of power

      So I got this laptop four years ago and it is now slowly going into retirement as it has been replaced with a new (and more shiny) macbook pro, but it still gets used fairly often as a mid-spec gaming rig because of the stupid amount of power that it punches out! I'll go through some of the features that it has and then look at some of the good and bad things that have happened to it over the years of (ab)use that its had.

      --Hardware Spec--
      2Ghz Core 2 Duo T7300
      -At the time of its launch this was a fairly good processor to have, the 2x2 combo was always one that I had wanted to get in a laptop and it works really well in this situation

      512MB NVidea 8600M Graphics Card
      This is what really makes it shine as a laptop - the graphics card has a really powerful punch behind it, making the laptop capable of playing pretty much most games that I can throw at it (L4D1&2, TF2 etc.)

      2GB RAM
      Again, at the time this was pretty standard amount of RAM to get, nowadays you would expect around 4GB, but its easily upgradable

      250GB Hard Drive
      Same as above - pretty standard at the time but now you would want to get something about 500GB-1TB minimum

      14.8V 4800mAh Battery
      When I first got the laptop the battery could top out at 6 hours (if you knew what you were doing) but nowadays it just sits attached to the power cable as the battery only lasts about 1 hour

      Overall Specs
      All of the different components work really well together, and according to the 'Windows 7 Computer Performance' it gets a base score of 4.5/7.9 with all of its base components and a max score of 5.2 - a pretty decent score for a laptop that is 4 years old.

      --Physical Design--
      This laptop is lovely to look at, the black front looks like the acer logo is just hovering in it, making it gorgeous to look at. The lid is open by what I can only describe as a 'car handle' that you pull on to open up the case. Built into this handle on the other side is a webcam, another nice addition to the package, making things like skype really easy.

      The keyboard has a really nice feel to it, on mine all of the buttons still work and none of the lights have stopped working that tell me what everything is doing. On the left hand side of the keyboard is a touch sensitive control pad for your music, all with a lovely blue light illuminating them, so its really easy to play, pause tracks. On the other side of the keyboard are shortcut buttons for the wireless, internet browser, mail program and bluetooth - all of which are accompanied by onscreen messages when they are pressed.

      Above they keyboard is one of my favourite parts - the soundbar! So instead of getting a left and right speaker - there is just one bar with a fair amount of directional speakers underneath it, this gives a nice impression of surround sound (there is also a subwoofer on the bottom for another added oomph!)

      --Available Ports--
      Acer really went all out when they put ports on the side of this thing - theres a fair amount kicking about...

      USB2 Ports - 4
      This is a great number of USB ports, your never going to run out - although one of them is right beside the DVD drive so if you put something in it the drive wont open

      VGA Port & HDMI Port
      This is what you would use to connect up to another monitor or a TV...both are good in their own way, but HDMI is now the new media standard

      You probably wont use this one but its for data transfer between older hard-drives, cameras etc.

      Combined media card Slot
      Great for taking your card out of a camera and just firing it in.

      Its a gigabit port, which means if you need to hardware into a network it should work pretty well.

      --Inside the Case--
      So this is where it gets really techie (sorry!). As you would expect, a laptop that has this much power, inside the case is a bit cramped, the hard drive is quite tightly put in the corner, but there is a plastic strap to pull it out. The RAM is VERY close to the wireless card - so be careful if you ever want to remove this. Processor is covered by its heatsink leading to a fan in the back corner - this is the most problematic part, as the fan will get clogged and this can cause big issues - I had a temp sensor on the processor and it gets up to 94C regularly now as the fan just cant cope any more.

      I havent tried to focus on the OS that you get with this laptop, as it is the one thing that you are most likely to change, I've had this one on Win XP, Vista, 7, ubuntu and a fair few other linux distros over the time and it manages to cope will with all of them. The laptop is really well built together and as a whole a solid piece of kit. It has lasted me a good 4 years of service with no real problems at all and there is virtually nothing wrong with it. The only bad points that do exist are the USB port that stops you using the DVD drive and the amount of heat that the thing can produce.


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      21.07.2011 04:50


      • Reliability


      A cracking laptop at a reasonable price

      Having never had a laptop before I was apprehensive and confused about what machine to purchase when I went away to university. Having recently graduated with my laptop still in one piece, I can only say that my Acer has been a success in durability and reliability. Although not the lightest or as aesthetically pleasing as a Mac, the spec on the Acer is excellent value for money. For all functional tasks the machine holds up really well, although it can sometimes become really hot if you are running multiple programmes, which can lead to the laptop shutting itself down, although the occasions this has happened have been quite rare. It is also good for running graphics programmes, although not high end such as Crysis which is the benchmark for graphics capabilities, which I tested on the laptop and ran on the low setting. If you raised the setting to medium it became unplayable.
      However, most serious gamers wont be looking for a laptop to play high end games on, so a laptop such as this is aimed at those who are seeking a portable machine which is reliable for carrying out tasks such as internet browsing and using office. For these tasks the Acer is extremely good and a machine that is highly recommended.


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      29.11.2010 23:39
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A very good and reliable all round laptop, I really could not live without mine!

      I have been using the Acer Aspire 5920 for over 2 years now and have found it to be a very reliable and versatile machine.

      Aesthetically it may not be to everyone's taste and I do believe that when it came out the stylish shiny black outer shell with the cream inner shell was slated, however I love the look!

      Technically the laptop has lots of whistles and bells the write about including a Intel Centrino Duel Core Processor, 250 GB hard drive, separate NVIDIA Graphics card, Virtual Surround Sound, built in mic and web cam and a crystal bright screen. When I purchased this laptop 2 years ago for about £460 it was the heighest spec for the lowest price on the market and was actually better than the next Acer model up!

      I have used this laptop for digital artwork, photo editing, word processing, gaming and surfing the net and have found that it performs well at all of these tasks.
      It handles large art files with ease and runs programs such as Photoshop with no problems at all. I do have an issue with the monitor which can washout colour unless you position it just right however I have found that this is a problem that I can work around.
      I've found that when word processing it allows me to work on many spreadsheets and word document without losing performance.
      I've also found that although this isn't a gaming laptop the independent 256mb Geforce graphics card does give it the ability to play most games. I've mostly played Sims 3 and Oblivion and although the performance may not be as good as a gaming PC I have found it perfectly adequate for my needs.
      As is common these days this laptop is fitted with a DVD player and I have found that when travelling this is an excellent feature, although the virtual surround sound looks cooler on the description than it is. In reality the speakers are a little flat and the sound is capped to prevent damage to them meaning that everything is a bit dull. My suggestion is plug a good pair of earphones in for a excellent sound experience.

      Other features that I would like the mention is the abundance of USB ports. There are 4, 3 to the left and 1 to the right. As well as all the other ports you would expect to see on a modern laptop. There is also a slot for the most common memory cards which is brilliant if like me you need to upload lots of photos but don't want to keep plugging your camera in.

      At a glance Pro's
      - A very capable all rounder.
      - Bright screen that works well in all light conditions.
      - Separate Geforce graphics card which makes running games far easier.
      - Built in webcam.
      - Lot's of ports to hook up all your peripherals to.
      - SD card slot to make transferring photos quick and easy.
      - Large wide screen monitor perfect for movies and games.

      At a glance Con's
      - This is not a light laptop, I ended up with shoulder strain last time I took it abroad!
      - The battery life leaves a lot to be desired, you'll be lucky to get 2 hours out of it.
      - The speakers are dull and volume capped so you won't see much of the virtual surround sound advantage.
      - The screen can look washed out unless you are positioned perfectly in front of it.
      - The shortcut keys at the right of the keyboard are irritatingly easy to hit while typing.
      - The cooling vent is on the underside of the laptop so placing it strait on your lap is not an option. Also if you are playing graphic rich games you will want to use a rest which lifts the base of the laptop so that it doesn't overheat.
      - The screen often goes into power save mode when watching iPlayer, I have yet to find a way to prevent this happening.

      Despite its failings this is a fantastic little laptop which has served me well and never let me down. Its reliability more than makes up for its short comings and for the price I could not have found a better all round laptop.


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      15.07.2009 17:55



      Good laptop for people who need a lot of graphic power

      As there are several available specs. on this laptop, I will tell you mine's spec.: Core 2 due T7500 (2.2ghz, 800 mhz fsb 4 mb l2 cache), 15.4' screen, Nvidia geforce 8600m GT (512 mb), 3gb ddr2 ram, 250gb hdd.

      I got this laptop, as a teenager, as it had a high enough specification to play games and watch videos in high quality. It was also fast.

      I was not disappointed in this laptop, as it does indeed play all the games that previously wouldn't play or were agonizingly slow, and it crashes much less often than my old pc did. In fact, it never crashes, even on very demanding games. Vista is also very easy to use, although it does take a while to load at startup.
      To stop this, I stopped certain programs e.g. sidebar from automatically starting.

      The laptop is also very stylish and slip, although it is quite heavy due to all the technology e.g. graphics card. It also gets very hot, so don't leave it on the sofa when it's on - put it to sleep first.


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      03.12.2008 20:50



      pretty good for its price

      Acer are now the biggest selling laptop company in England and have even over taken the previous well known laptop manufacturer Dell for its laptop sales.
      The main reason for this is simply because acer knows what the public need, they make great laptops designed for the publics needs but best of all they cater for everyone's costs. =you just simply cant get a dell with anywhere near as good specification as an acer for the same price, or even close to that price. Now I'm not saying that dell laptops aren't good quality, in fact they are and a lot of them are far better than any of acers laptops but acer is cheaper for good quality too which make them a fantastic computing company.

      The design of this laptop is one that some people hate and some people love, I quite like it, its called acers gemstone in that it kind of looks gem shaped as its curved and its also a nice white shape like a gem.
      Its cream/white in colour with a nice white glossy shell which makes it look ultra modern when the lids closed. Its base is black which gives it a two tone colour and makes it look a lot sleeker.
      These aren't really designed for portability, and if you do want one for that then look at there acer travel mate range. These ones are really made for a smaller desktop replacement, and what a replacement as is will probably run as fast as your old desktop and in most cases run a lot faster if its an old one.
      It weighs 3 kg which is quite a lot and would be just too much for most people who needed to carry it around all day, its battery life disagrees with its lack of portability though as it can last a pretty good 3 hours or more. This is a time you would expect on a portable boasting specification of a laptop.

      Its screen size is a reasonable 15.4 inches which is really the average nowadays. It is however an active matrix screen, which is something that is being used by almost every laptop and notebook manufacturer nowadays, and there's not an acer laptop being made at then moment that isn't active matrix. Basically it makes the screen lighter, therefore making the whole laptop a bit lighter and therefore more portable as its easier to carry around. It also makes the screen brighter, images sharper and just all-round better images and better quality in everything you do on your laptop.
      There are a few good extra features thrown In for good measure, and this is something that acer seem to do with almost all of their laptops. They seem to throw in some great extra features for free without it really effecting the price of there laptops.
      This one has a built in 5 in 1 memory card reader which always comes in handy if you take a lot of pictures on digital cameras or on your phone and you need an easy way to put the pictures on your laptop. This can read any of SD Memory Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, MultiMediaCard, xD-Picture Cards.
      There's also a built in webcam which is In the usual place at the top of the screen, iv got to say though it does seem to stick out s little as the webcams black and the rest of the laptops white, it doesn't stick out from the actual surface though so it doesn't look ugly its just quite noticeable. Its not great quality either and doesn't do well in hardy any conditions, but none the less it's a webcam, even if it is only something you'd expect to get in a phone made about 5 years ago with its 0.3 megapixels.

      As I was saying earlier this could easily be a replacement desktop and still run a lot faster than one. This is because of its large 2 gb of built in ram. Not only is this a lot of ram, and makes the laptop very efficient in running everything but the laptop also has a Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 / 2 Ghz processor which runs at 2 Ghzs, which makes this laptops performance really good.
      Its hard drive doesn't disappoint either offering an 120 gb of storage space for you to store anything you need on there. It transfers data at 5400 rpm which is about the best you get in laptops at the moment and is really fast too.

      This laptop runs fast and has good extra features too, it looks really cool however don't get this if you need something portable because that just isn't what it was made for. It is a really nice laptop to use though so if your looking for something small to replace that old desktop and don't want to compromise on performance then this might be the one for you.


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      31.05.2008 21:35
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      a nice little laptop

      I am in love, with a laptop. The sad thing is that it's not even mine. I am, however, allowed to play with it whenever my sister's back is turned which I suppose is better than nothing.
      My sister paid £490 for her Acer Aspire 5920 about a month ago and it is really really beautiful, and an awful lot better than any laptop that I've ever had.

      The Acer Aspire 5920's processor is Intel Core 2 Duo T5550. Memory is 2 GB RAM [which from my experience is fine for general use. If you are programming or gaming then you may want more].
      It comes with a 250GB Hard drive and the graphics card is Mobile Intel GM965 Express chipset with with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100.

      Additional Software is Acer Empowering Technology, Acer Arcade Deluxe, Norton Internet Security Trial, Adobe Reader, and NTI CD Maker.

      The display Size is 15.4" and it has a built in 0.3MP webcam. I found the display size to be perfectly adequate for mine and my sister's needs.

      The audio system on the Acer Aspire 5920 is Dolby Home Theatre surround sound and the operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium, which I know that some people have a problem with. To be honest though I can't really tell much of a difference in quality between Vista and XP.

      This laptop has wireless connectivity capabilities and works well with my sister's BT Broadband hub.

      We have had Acer laptops before and have been very happy with their quality. We were a little dubious when buying our first as we hadn't heard of the name before but we took a chance as we seemed to get a lot more for our money than if we were buying from a company which we had heard of. They have proved to be reliable and very strong [one was chucked down the stairs and still worked fine!].


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