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Acer Aspire TimelineU M5-581TG-73516G12Mass

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2013 20:51
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      • Reliability


      I would recommend this to moderate gamers and intense internet roamers, not to students

      As far a style is concerned the this Acer laptop has got it all, with mac book style keys. I had the pleasure of borrowing this laptop from a friend of mine for 2 weeks. My view of this laptop varies. My first concern is to do with the keys, i my self am quite a fast typer, when the keys are close together my fingers are able to connect with any key easily with little thought, however with this laptop due to the gaps between each key it has slowed my typing down, so for those whom need to type long documents and essays, this is something to think about, you may need to get used to new style keys. Also if your looking for a cheap laptop then this is not it, as can be seen from dooyoos price comparison there are cheaper laptops for basic tasks, therefore this isn't recommended for younger students who just need a basic computer for word processing.

      For movie fanatics this laptop may also pose a problem, the screen is a very good size and has an attractive glossy screen and a very good resolution for crisp a display, however something to point out is the brightness of the screen, although the graphics on say a game or movie would be good, the brightness maybe a problem for those who want that little bit extra, especially if your using the laptop in a sunny background. This was noticeable, especially when watching sponge bob square pants in the garden and my nephew couldn't see.

      A positive feature i noticed about this laptop as appose to other smaller laptops is the wrist space available whilst using the mouse or keyboard, although this adds to computers size, it does help those of you who have problems straining your wrist whilst typing, this can in some severe cases lead to arthritis, the extra space prevents the wrists hanging over the edge or been elevated at an angle. In fact i know some people buy separate wrist support when using computers, so this extra space is quit useful.

      I myself am quit an avid internet roamer, this means i use multiple browsers and windows at the same time, i occasionally may run some music in the background to help pass the time whilst things load. this Acer crunched through any command i gave it, which was very satisfying for me as i can be impatient. Then again this isn't very surprising since it boast 6gb ram, which means it will run multiple programs with ease, and is more than most people need.

      As with any laptop the main point of it is to be able to work mobile. The battery life to any laptop is an important aspect to consider before buying. For me personally whilst casually using the laptop on average power usage, the laptop lasted about 7 hours. This is quite good considering the amount one does on a laptop, of course a point to remember is that over time the capacity of the battery will decrease and this will lead to a shorter battery life. A personal point from me would be to buy an extra battery.


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