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Acer Aspire V3-571-53218G75Makk

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    2 Reviews
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      31.08.2013 14:19


      • Reliability


      Does the job admirably / Very happy with the product

      Acer laptops have come on leaps and bounds since they first started and this model is no exception. I'd been after a new laptop for a while and after a bit of research decided on the V3-571....and it hasn't let me down at all.

      Quick to start up, no waiting for AGES for its innards to do their thing, plenty of memory for personal use and a sightly bigger than average screen. I'd definitely suggest that you get a separate mouse though as the touch pad is VERY sensitive.

      One of my only gripes, and, to be fair, this applies to all newer laptops, is that it comes with windows 8 already installed. Whilst Windows 8 is great (once you get the hang of it) unless you have a touchscreen laptop, it can be a pain in the backside. Far too much clicking required for simple tasks and this, combined with a hyper-sensitive touchpad can be VERY frustrating.

      Aside from the above, this is a great laptop and does it's job just as well, if not better, than others in the same price range.

      Overall, a great computer and I'm happy with the purchase


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      12.02.2013 16:09
      Very helpful



      All in all great value for the price and outperforms many more fashionable brands

      was needing a new laptop prior to Christmas as my Sony Vaios screen was occasionally having problems with lines on it. So I decided to look around for a laptop, after comparing processor scores, hard drive capacity and memory I decided to go with the Acer Aspire V3-571 G as it had the best balance between all features with the second fastest i5 processor inside it but also boasting a healthy 8gb of ram and unique at this price point (of just sub 500 pounds), was that it contained a dedicated 2GB VRAM graphics card, it also has quite a large screen for a laptop (15.6 inch screen) so all in all I decided this would be the one that would give me the best chance of being able to have many software instruments loaded in a music app whilst still keeping the buffer size and hence latency (delay between pressing a key and hearing it) below 256 samples and thus not detectable to the human ear.
      I bought the laptop from simplyacer.com, on the strength of online reviews, and that also seems to have been a good decision as the delivery was prompt and it was delivered when they promised.


      So having given a bit of background to my thought process behind picking it I Will now describe how it actually performs, and that is actually pretty amazing, I can have a youtube video playing music in one tab, I can have multiple tabs open on paid to click websites just letting their timer run down, I can be downloading something from youtube and playing a game all at the same time with very little lag on my computer, and this is just unreal, I can even have some music app open and get performance better than on my old sony vaio computer when it was set up specificially for music (i.e wirless/Bluetooth drivers off, internet security off). What is amazing is that my security (Bullgaurd) is quite bulky and would slow most computers down but not this, I know this because windows told me Bull Guard was slowing start up times, yet when the computer is loaded this bulky program seems not to make to much difference

      ===Digital Audio Workstation Performance===

      Provided I have no internet on I can mostly get a sample rate of 112 samples (thus very low latency) even with multiple synths and effects loaded up, however the computer can struggle with badly behaving synths and I have to really bump the buffer rate up to 600 samples or so, but this appears to be caused by badly behaving synths more than anything else, so far I have not needed to disable bullgaurd, switch of my wifi driver or Bluetooth driver but these are always options along with further reducing the paging file or using a flash drive instead of the hard drive for caching. Some apps themselves give poorer performance, magix is a big one, which seems to, as a product, have never got back to its early days of being a product that could run on modest computers, these days magix products seem to always want i7 or whatever is the top end processor of the day, whereas far more professional daws can get buy on i5 processors or less. I'd say it at present I am exstatic with the performance of my computer and the sound card is stronger than the Sony Vaio and the speaker is quite impressive for a laptop and produces decent and clear volume althoug you would still want to hook up ur laptop to powered speakers for more power, one slight negative is that in order to accomodate the the thin long speaker on this laptop, they had to remove the lights that tell u if caps locks are on and off etc so now the indication comes on screen which means you can forget if you are currently using CAPS OR NOT!

      ==Graphics Performance==

      The first thing about this computer that blew me away was the resolution of the graphics on the acer games portal, just beautiful clear and deep. I have not tested any pc games like crisis yet as I am not one for spending much on video games but the free beta of the game "kings road" was pretty impressive with a high quality graphic (by web based games standards) being played with zero lag and also with lots of other program windows open in the background, and this was with my computer set to prefer "background services" rather than programs. Again it seems very strong, well with 2 gb dedicated graphics it should be (hence the G in the name).


      My computer came with a HD web cam (much better than the only acceptable VGA resolution of my Sony Vaio) and also 1TB of hard drive estate instead of the 750GB listed here, this was a simply acer exclusive. I have not used the webcam yet, however when I figure out how to remove backgrounds and faces from pictures I may use this to upload video reviews synced to text 2 speech programs, but I will only learn this when I get time as I spend my life dipping into and out of different hobbies. It also has 3 USB ports, 2 are standard USB2 but one is USB 3 making this laptop quite future proof, but as with any laptop the biggest thing that is not future proof is the processor, although the i5 processor in this computer should not be much below average in 4 or 5 years time, instead of the above average power it posses just now. The optical disk drive spins very fast and makes a lot of noise which I guess could be a problem when watching a dvd but is great when burning a disk or accesing data from cd/dvd-rom.

      Finally there is a multi card reader and this is a lovely little feature that makes transfering to and from SD cards very easy and saves money and space on external accessories for this task


      A thoroughly good value computer than has higher average stats than of most laptops several hundred pounds dearer, sure it might not have an i7 processor but i5 seems sufficient and those i7 processors won't have 8g of ram or 2g dedicated graphics unless your rich and can spend 1.5 k on a computer! Only serious negative is the sensitivity of the keys and track pad which seem to jump a lot when typing as they respond to the slightest preasure.


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