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Acer Extensa 5635Z-432G25MN

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2011 16:05
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Very useful laptop, reliable and a good little runner.

      I bought this laptop about 2 years ago, which is usually the biggest lifespan of laptops from previous I have owned. My Acer Aspire One (laptop previous to this one), all of a sudden died on me, when I had an assignment due in the next week for University. My other half is very good with computers and he picked this one out for me, it was £400 from overclockers when I bought it almost 2 years ago, and the delivery was very quick, much to my relief!

      Initially, I found the laptop very easy to use, and I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect. I personally think this is the best laptop I have used, and would definitely by this product again.
      I found the startup time of the laptop very quick when I first bought it, and I still believe that now it is just as quick as when it was first booted up.

      The battery life on the laptop is a very good one, even now, 2 years down the line, it still has around 4hours when unplugged, and I do keep the laptop plugged in a majority of the time.

      My laptop has had MUCH wear and tear in the past, my dog has knocked it out of my hands a fair few times, and my parents dog has even got a bit boisterous with it, ripping off the keys. But popping them back on was as easy as 1,2,3 and they still work as perfectly as the day I got them!

      I find that although the inbuilt webcam and the inbuilt microphone are good, the microphone could have mass improvements. When using Skype to contact my best friend over in America, the sound is sometimes distorted, and if you put it too high, she can't hear a word I say. I feel that the placement of the microphone could be part of the distortion, mainly because it is right by the keypad (although on a laptop, really where else is there to put it?), but this is only a minor flaw, which I guess doesn't affect the overall workings of the laptop!

      It comes standardly with Windows 7, and this was the first laptop I had owned with Windows 7 (all previous were Windows XP), I think this feature on the laptop does make it alot easier to work things out, and it gives you the chance to actually review installations before actually going ahead with them!

      For all those gamers out there, this isn't an awful gaming laptop, I was able to play the Sims 3 base game on this, and it worked perfectly, unfortunately after the expansions had been installed, it did begin to lag a bit, but it is a laptop, and isn't a gamers choice!

      The running of the laptop is almost silent, even when the fan kicks in, it isn't really that loud, and doesn't last that long at all! I have noticed as well, unlike other laptops, I've actually never noticed it to get unreasonably hot, even when I have it on all day (most of the time on my lap) I have never noticed it, so that is always a huge plus sign!
      I find that the screen (although not the crystal screen types you get) can get very dirty but can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth, but I prefer these types of screens over the crystal types as there is virtually no sun glare!
      I quite often carry this laptop to University with me, and I must admit, it could be a little lighter, but it's not exceptionally heavy, it's probably because I walk to University, and it's a 20minute uphill walk which could be part of it.

      The laptop is quite aesthetically pleasing, yet a tad on the plain side. It is just plain black, but I guess you don't really want your laptop to look too flashy. I've customised mine with stickers.

      With previous laptops I have had to reformat my laptops a few times, mainly because I've had problems with them, but 'touch wood' this laptop has given me no problems whatsoever, and I actually haven't had to format it at all! Which is a sigh of relief for me, I was forever losing files!

      I'm not sure if it is the way my laptop is set up, or if it is because I have a 'dodgy' laptop, but I have noticed that the 'Esc' key and the 'F' keys do not work, although this isn't a deal breaking factor for me, it can sometimes get very frustrating! I guess if it bothered me that much I could always contact Acer, but I rarely use these buttons, so it's not as bigger issue as it could be for some!

      The touchpad on the laptop is very reliable, and I have never had any problems, although I have noticed that if you have something resting on it (usually my dogs head), it tends to not work! But I guess that's a downfall with any touch product.
      The left and right click buttons are placed very well, and are in such a convenient place, with previous laptops I have had the problem with the buttons 'sticking', but with this laptop, there is still no problem.

      Overall, this laptop is great. I would definitely recommend it, there are more plus sides to it than flaws, but I guess the flaws that I find could be different for others.


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