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    4 Reviews
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      24.10.2011 17:02


      • Reliability


      Overall, it's a decent laptop

      I purchased an Advent 6552 about a year ago, as my mother has an Advent laptop and it always seem quick and reliable. The computer is fast to load up and is too reliable. To only real issue I have with it is the battery life, which only lasts about an hour, despite the fast it says much longer. The case of the laptop tends it get hot if it's placed on your knee or something, but never over heats, which is good as my last laptop was a pain for overheating and switching itself off. Personally, it's one of the best laptops I've bought and believe me, I've bought a lot. It doesn't shut down suddenly, over heat or do any of that crazy stuff that other laptops tend to do. I tend to take my laptop with me when travelling home and I find it isn't too heavy to carry and slips nicely into a laptop bag.


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        12.03.2010 02:15
        Very helpful



        Make up your own mind.

        ADVENT 6552 LAPTOP.

        It had been a long time since the CoolsterTM had written a DooYoo Review. He'd several topics for consideration: his camera, (yes he'd bought ANOTHER one) His MP3 player (yes he was on his 5th), Cavity wall insulation (not as boring as you might think, and Callan's job for 2 and a half years), or his Laptop (on his 2nd). As you're no doubt aware, he's a bit of a bargain hunter, even a haggler - in 2009 he got £30 off two laptops and a free case thrown in, from a major UK High Street office supplies retailer because he haggled. So what was the product to be? ......

        After a lot of careful consideration, (well it was no contest really) the result of the viewers phone in was ready to be announced. In the 'Write Off' Zone were the Camera and MP3 player. Dermot O'Dreary was supposed to be announcing the winner, but, as his boss Wyman Powell wouldn't let him do it unless the result was fixed and the review was about Susan Doyle's new C.D. (it was Cal's wife who bought Susie's C.D., honest), we have to make do with that chirpy Snotty Mash Comedian Den Codd and his Kiddyman sidekick Mickie Skint doing the honours (well they are local and were only charging Callan a years subscription to the 'Liverpool Echo').

        Den enthusiastically announced "How Pickled I am..." (Well Den does like a good single malt whisky or seven as does the real Ken) "To announce that the winner is......" There was the usual pregnant pause before Mickie Skint quipped "Callan's Advent 6552 17 inch Laptop!" Den was fuming, but Mickie unrepentantly sneered back"You're too P****d to it, and besides, you 'aven't paid me for the past three months you tight Scouse Scally!" So there you have it, Callan's writing a review on his Advent Laptop, which really is a double entendre as he is using the laptop to write the review as well as it being the subject of it.

        Why Advent?
        Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with the Christian meaning of Advent (even though the Coolster tm's a Born Again Christian), but everything to do with the Mr Kipling (exceedingly good) price he bought it for. Although it's a refurbished machine, it came with a full 12 months warranty, and at a Katie (price) he couldn't refuse.

        Gotta Keep Searchin!
        Browsing loads of websites was a bit of a chore for our Cal. He'd noticed early on that all the DSGI websites(Curry's, Dixons & P.C. World) except Lasky's (SpecialistTV/DVD Video site) were offering refurbished products with a 12 month Guarantee at fantastic prices. (He later bought a 19" Toshiba Telly for his daughter for just 99 smackers from curry's online). It quickly became obvious that no one could match the specs and prices anywhere. Laptops could be bought from £230 (not netbooks), though these may be slightly older models up to 12 months old with Celeron processors and 120 Gigabyte Hard drives. Not all the models listed were in stock, some were deliberately left on so people can see the kind of bargains they've missed out on. The specs and price made his heart bounce out from his chest like it does in the cartoons. It was Lurve at first sight. It must be said that you have to get in quick as these bargains go fast. Callan originally left it too late, and mised out, but more stock came online, so he decided to take the plunge (even though he can't swim) and order one. The moths came flying out of his wallet when he opened bit as they'd never seen daylight before. There were gasps of shock all round, and Cal's wife fainted, when he pulled out a debit card to pay for it. The CoolsterTM had at last joined the electronic banking age. All the laptops were listed on all three sites so stock must be group stock for the three companies.

        Making a Spectacle of the Specs.
        The specs that tempted Callan to open his wallet were mouth watreringly delicious.

        Intel Pentium Dual Core T3400 Processor @ 2.16 GHZ
        17 Clear View Widescreen
        3 GB DDR Ram d
        667 MHZ FSB
        250 GB Toshiba Hard Drive
        Multi Format DVD Writer
        5 in 1 card reader
        Intergrated Webcam
        2 USB
        1 E-sata/Usb port.
        Windows Vista Home Premium.

        The Price Is Right.
        The most important factor , according to Leslie Crowther, Brucie Forsythe and poor old Joe Pasquale (Man, Callan hates Joe Pasquale's squeak - its cack!) is the price. The Coolster tm had found a great laptop at a bargain price. There were plenty of of refurbished laptops on the P.C. World site. For example, a refurbished Advent Verona laptop (250 GB HDD & 3 GB ram) with 12 mths warranty was only £279.99 against a new price of £329.98, whilst an e-machines 525903 refurbished laptop with 3 GB Memory and a Whopping 500GB Hard Drive was £309.99 on 08/02 2010. Callan's 17 inch beauty set him back just £339.98 back in November 09. Delivery on laptops from other websies can add an extra £20-30 to the cost, but another plus point was that delivery was free, which meant the price on screen was the price he paid.

        Order, Order!
        Ordering was easy enough, the website had signed up with Callan's bank to offer additional pasword protection for his card, so he created a password. This added extra security for Cal. All DSGI websites are secure sites, so the CoolsterTM was quite happy to give his card details. One thing he noted though was that DSGI are known to use every trick they can to get you to spend more. Indeed, if you go to buy a laptop or computer, they'll automatically add Norton Security to your basket, and if you don't uncheck it before you checkout they'll charge you for it and send it to you. Cal was already aware of this sharp practice, but amazingly, Norton hadn't been added to his basket. Immediately after placing the order, an e-mail was sent to the Coolstertm thanking him for his order, and saying it would be confirmed soon. This worried our Cal, as he'd previously noted refurbished products selling fast. Would he get his laptop? The next day, he eagerly checked his email for the confirmation. It arrived, and gave him a link to track it online with DHL. This told him the laptop was on it's way and had been picked up from the DSGI warehouse at Hemel Hempstead and was now at a DHL depot. Delivery would take 3 working days. It was due on the following Tuesday.

        Stand & Deliver.
        Callan checked the shipment's progress each day. On the Monday it was at the DHL Preston depot, and the next morning the website said it was 'Out For Delivery' or on the van. It arrived at 4pm, delivdred by a solo courier, not the big red and yellow DHL van our Callan had been expecting. Indeed, he did quiz the driver about it, only to be told that this was the norm nowadays.

        Packing It In.
        The laptop came in a plain brown box. There was in no polystyrene padding, just cardboard folded to make a tight fit. A label stuck to the side of the box outlined the specs of the machine. The laptop came in a clear polythene bag with a thin sheet of foam between the keyboard and screen. There was no protective film over the screen or lid, unlike he'd got with his first laptop which was brand new. As he was aware, there were no printed manuals or discs in the box. Also in the box were the power adapter and battery as well as a printed safety guide. It was reasonably well packaged. No complaints there.

        The Way You Look Tonight.
        Although it was a refurbished machine, you'd never tell just by looking at it. It looked immaculate. The CoolsterTM had expected to find so me scratches on the casing, but however hard he looked, there wasn't a single blemish in sight. The shiny black lid had Advent written on it, and thin circular lines all over it. Inside the casing was perfect too, no blemishes there either. The outside edge of the inside casing was silver, looking like spray painted plastic, whilst the rest of the case was matte black, and indented with circular grooves. It didn't look anywhere near as classy as the lid. The silver looked as if it would wear off, and the overall impression was that it looked a little cheap. However the plastic didn't feel flimsy. Other laptops looked and felt sturdier but this didn't look or feel as if it would break at the slightest touch. Overall, the design looked as if it was made on a budget.

        Socket To Me Baby.
        The Advent had several ports (sockets) in it's case. Two USB, one E-sata, a 5 in one card reader, a PC card slot, mouse port, ethernet, and DVI (monitor) out. Surprisingly there was no SVHS TV out socket. 'The lack of a firewire port might be a problem for those wanting to edit DV camcorder footage' thought the CoolsterTM .

        Screen Test.
        The 17.0'' screen was very bright and gave a sharp image. Photo's looked really bright and full of colour. It wasn't quite as big as some as the 17.3'' screens, but the missing 0.3'' was noticeable, compared to his wifes' Acer. The images looked really good on screen, sharp and clear, thanks to the excellent screen. A 1.3 megapixel webcam was embedded into the lid casing which was more than adequate, though our Cal didn't use it.

        Thanks For The Memory
        3 Gigabytes of Ram was very genorous, and the computer ran very smoothly indeed. In fact Callan had only ever had 2 crashes in four months usage, which was much better than any of his other computers.

        Driving Me Crazy.
        The computer came with a 250 GB Toshiba Hard Drive, which Callan thought was more than ample, especially as a lot of laptops only come with 160 Gb drives. The optical drive was a TSST super multi DVD rewritable drive, which is pretty much standard in all new laptops.

        Tinklin' The Ivories.
        The keyboard wasn't up to much in our Cal's opinion. There wasn't anything wrong with it, it just felt cheap. There was no 'Caps Lock' and Scroll Lock' lights on the laptop. Instead a large Icon appeared on screen when they were pressed. Also, when pressed, the icons on the silver keys came onscreen. It was comfortable to use. An added bonus was that with the laptop being 17'' it boasted a full size keyboard, with full sized keys. It was much easier to use than , say, a cramped netbook keyboard.

        Read 'Em & Weep.
        The card reader was easy to use, and consisted of a single slot. It took SD/MMC/XD and MS/MS Duo. Windows recognised Callan's SD card immediately.

        Sounds Incorporated.
        The onboard speakers were driven by a Microsoft High Definition Audio Device as reported by Device manager. The sound from the built in speakers, as with most laptops, was terrible, but though headphones sounded reasonably good, though nothing an audiophile would rave about.

        Wi-F' aye Man.
        The built in Wireless B/G/N wi-fi adapter had no problems logging onto Callans Wireless Network. However sometimes it refused to connect to certain sites, whilst his wife's Acer had no problems even when they were sitting next to each other.It became so frequent call resorted to a reboot of the router, which solved the problem, though it occaisionally happens now. Wether it's the Wireless card or the router at fault is anyone's guess.

        Faulty Towers.
        The laptop was faulty from day one. The cursor kept jumping all over the screen and inserting itself in the text at random. Thus Cal might be typing a Ciao! Review and the cursor would jump all over the place and insert itself elsewhere several times, rather likinserting texte anywhere in the document. This cproveould very annoying. (the gobbledegook you've just read should say 'rather like inserting text' and 'Could prove very annoying' and is eactly what happens when typing). It was booked in for repair,but the engineers could find no fault. On it's return it was doing it even more often. Pickup had been quick and free. The laptop was returned four working days later. Another fault with the silver buttons was not fixed, the icons weren't coming onscreen, and the media player button didn't work , the technicians reply being they didn't work properly in Win 7, when they'd been working in Win 7 before. Callan was not impressed at all. The Coollster tm will update Ciaoers as to his progress.

        Win 7 Upgrade.
        The laptop qualified for a 'Free' Win 7 upgrade. The hidden catch (there's a hidden catch with everything except the grants for Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation our Cal sells) was the £9.99 fee for shipping and handling of the upgrade media. Although the charge was the lowest of any major UK manufacturer (except Mesh & Chilliblast who didn't charge) the Coolstertm felt ripped off as it came through the post in a small Jiffy bag with 52p postage on it. £1 would have been a fair charge Jiffy's's cost about 40p. If it had been delivered by courier (like Dell did), the charge would have been justified.

        If you like a lot of laptop for your money, then on paper this is the laptop for you. The price of £339 is significantly cheaper than most brand new 17" laptops by at least £60 and you can't tell they're refurbished, build quality, whilst being acceptable, is only just so.The lack of firewire could be a problem for people with a mini DV camcorder. The faults that have happened should have been rectified, but weren't. Trading standards, and a local engineer for a report will be Callan's next port of call. He would like to know if any other Ciaoer has had issues with PC world/Curry's/Dixons refurbished products. As for reccomending the laptop, Cal is unable to do so at this time, though if the issues he will raise again with DSGI are resolved he will amend this review. All I can say is 'Watch This Space' for the CoolsterTM's update.

        Update: Well the laptop went back in for repair to The Tech Guys, and guess how long it was away for this time? 6 weeks. Of the original faults, only the sticky 9 key had been fixed first time round. After 3 weeks, a phone call to the Tech Guys ascertained that they'd had to send away for a new motherboard & Trackpad. These were on order from the far east. Two weeks later and Callan was told he'd get a call within 24 hrs.

        Roughly 24 hrs later the call came. The parts had arrived and were dead on arrival. New parts had been ordered (including a new CPU! Why a CPU?) and were in stock (confusing, when they'd had to order parts in from abroad before). The Coolster had the option of requesting a replacement or waiting. That was on the Teusday. On the Wednesday Our Cal rang to request a replacement for a nice Dell Refurbished laptop he'd seen on the P.C. World website. He was told he'd get a call over it. However, on the Thursday, guess what? The Laptop arrived.
        Callan was getting ready for work, which meant it was 10pm before it could be tested. Less than a minute of typing had elapsed before.... You've guessed it..... the cursor jumped. 30 seconds later it jumped again. Callan tried the media buttons above the keyboard. Guess what? That's right, not a Dickie Bird. They hadn't been fixed. Mrs Cool was given the laptop to type on. She fared a little better than Cal, but it did jump twice for her. Her verdict was a sensitive touch pad that was easy to brush, causing the jumping cursor. Callan was almost angry, and his wife said he'd have to put up with the faulty laptop.

        Salvation arrived unexpectedly the next morning. Before he had a chance to ring and complain, Helen from the P.C. World online department rang him to say the nice Dell he wanted was no longer in stock. He explained his frustration to Helen, who was unware his laptop had been returned. He asked for an exchange, and surprisingly, she agreed. She offered a Dell 1545, but it only had a 160 Gig hard drive and a 15.6" screen. Cal said he'd check the website and get back to helen ASAP. Like lightening his desktop fired up,
        After 5 pages of Refurbished laptops all being 15.6 and having small hard drives with lower memories, he saw another Advent 6551 and a 6552, but if they suffered from faulty trackpads they'd be no good. On the next page was another nice Dell, an Inspiron 1720, 17", 250 Gig HDD, 3 Gig RAM, and as a bonus, a firewire port which would suit Callan's DVD Camcorder down to a tee. But there was a fly in the ointment, it was £20 dearer. Well, Cal could but ask. Just in case he was turned down there was an Acer with 15.6" screen, 4 Gig RAM & £320 Gig HDD for £299. He'd been told on the Wednesday if a replacement his card would be refunded the difference.

        He needen't have worried, Helen was as good as her word. He asked for the Inspiron 1720 and was told 'No problem'. She'd send him some returns labels by e-mail and booked a pickup of the advent for Monday. Once it back at the depot the Dell would be sent out. That afternoon a message was lefton his ansafone statingthat due to no one at the depot being able to use a reach fork lift, it would be dispatched on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.
        Monday came and nearly went. Pickup was scheduled betweem 9.00am & 5.00pm. DHL came at 4.30. Tuesday came, and this time went. Wednesday neccessitated a phone call, and Cal was told the phone call had been in error. It would be later that day, or Thursday that the Advent would be booked in. The customer service team assured the Coolster he'd get a phone call and an e-mail giving him the tracking number so he'd know which day it would arrive. Wednesday night: No e-mail, Thursday: No e-mail, Friday: No e-mail by work time. The Coolster goes off to work. Fri 5pm: Cal Texts the wife to see if the business cards he was waiting for had arrived.Txt from Mrs. Cool. 'No, but a Laptop has!.'

        The Bottom Line.
        Well that's the end of the Advent affair. As a laptop it's reasonably specified, though it does have a serious flaw with the touchpad making it completely unuseable for typing. Customer sevice is practically a joke, 6 weeks away for an item only to return unrepaired beggars belief. And for a new Motherboard, Trackpad and CPU to be fitted seems extravagant. Having said that, two computer technicians told me that if the cause of a fault cannot be traced, the main parts are changed in the hope it cures them. apparantly it's more cost effective, than having an engineer spend hours tracking down the cause of a fault. Unfortunately, it's such a serious fault that the advent cannot be recomended by the Coolster.


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          17.12.2009 12:07



          great laptop for everyday use.

          After my old highgrade laptop blew up, i needed a laptop fast as i (hate to admit it) but couldnt live without a laptop, my friend had this particular laptop and i saw that it was the one for me, its got a large screen, easy type buttons, stylish black and silver appearence. the battery life isn't good, i use it with the charger plugged in because the battery only lasts about an hour. it has great games on the decktop already, the original like solitaire and mine sweep, but it also has new ones such as purble place and mojohng titans and inkball, the oly problem i would say is that after about 3 months when i write sometimes it misses some of the letters out and obviously thats not good. other than that this is a quality laptop, loads of memory, cam built in and easy to understand and get the hang of it if your computer illiterate lol :)

          it also has 2 USB ports and a disc bit, I spend nearly all my day on the laptop and it doesnt give me headaches.

          i know i dont know any big or fancy words but i hope this helps you make your mind up :)


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            01.10.2009 22:13
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A great replacement for a desktop pc

            When my trusty old desktop PC decided to die on me earlier this year, it was a bit of a mixed blessing. I'd been toying with the idea of treating myself to a laptop and becoming more mobile with my internet hobbies but I was reluctant to shell out a lot of money when I had a perfectly good PC at home. When my PC was not quite so 'perfect' I had the ideal excuse to go laptop shopping but I still didn't want to pay out a lot of money, if I could help it.

            **Deciding on the purchase**
            Prior to buying this (in April 2009) we went to PC World to look at the options within our price bracket. I wanted to spend around £400, including software. I had also decided that I wanted a larger 17" widescreen, having been used to a much larger TFT monitor on my desktop. I didn't want to be squinting at a tiny little screen, thanks! The Advent 6552 model was one of a few that the salesman recommended, based on the price range and screen size. He suggested that this particular laptop was the best value for money at the time. Bearing this in mind, I did a bit more research online and, eventually, came to the conclusion that this model was reasonably priced and seemed to be good value, considering some of the technical features and size of memory etc. (All of the technical specifications are listed at the end of this review.)

            I purchased the laptop from PC World online (purely to take advantage of some cashback.) I paid £478.65, including the cost of Word and an internet security package (neither of which was included in the basic cost but which is fairly standard for laptops.) Delivery was prompt and trouble free and I'd happily use PC World again.

            Had money been no object I would have loved one of those vibrant Dell or Vaio laptops with their gorgeous candy pink exteriors and other funky colours! My laptop is a much more sombre black-lidded affair but it does look like a solid and good quality model. The lid is extremely shiny which attracts fingerprints like a magnet. It's sadly not a scratchproof surface, judging by a couple of scratches that have appeared on there. That said, this laptop has seen daily use since it was purchased and does live in a household with two kids so it seems fairly resilient.

            Opening the laptop, the screen is bright and attractive. I'm so pleased that I opted for a 17" screen as it seems well worth paying the extra. The graphics are very clear and sharp and there is an extensive range of wallpapers and designs available.

            In all, the laptop feels sturdy and well-made. It is a pretty heavy model (at 3.4kg), so not an ideal choice to be lugged about regularly but great as a replacement to a desktop as it is reassuringly solid. It seems pretty slimline, housing all of the requisite features (two USB ports, DVD drive, card reader) without making the laptop feel cluttered or bulky.

            **Ease of Use**
            I am a bit of a technophobic, if truth be told and I wasn't looking forward to setting up my new laptop and installing wireless broadband on it. I won't bore you with the details, needless to say it was exceptionally easy to set up with the laptop itself giving idiot-proof (believe me!) step by step instructions. I was surprised by just how quick the whole process was! Likewise, setting up my 02 wireless broadband on to the laptop was also pain free. The laptop doesn't come with any back-up disks, however, but the on-screen instructions help to establish two back-up copies just in case, although you will need to provide the blank DVD-Rs.

            Once set up, the laptop operates using Windows Vista which was new to me, having been used to Windows XP. I've found Vista to be very straightforward to use and haven't had any issues or difficulties to date. The only potential drawback for somebody totally new to laptops/computers in general is that there is no printed manual provided with the laptop, it is simply available as a pdf file on the computer, so you need to be computer savvy enough to at least be able to switch the laptop on and access the manual via the computer to try and resolve any issues!

            I find the keyboard itself easy to use. It did take a few weeks to adapt to the layout, having been used to a much sturdier feeling 'ergonomically designed' desktop keyboard. I'm now totally used to it. The keyboard makes good use of the Function keys with the entire top row given functions. This, incidentally, is how to switch the wireless signal on (Fn key and F10) and off - the only thing that did stump me for a little while as the manual was pretty vague in that respect.

            This is obviously my first laptop so I don't really have anything to compare this to but I find the battery life of this laptop to be really poor! The laptop offers three different power plans - balanced, power saver or high performance. I tend to use balanced which should give me two hours of battery life. That is a total exaggeration - I find that this laptop lasts much less than an hour if unplugged, whilst I'm surfing the net. This means that I have to leave the laptop charging constantly while I'm online so not quite as mobile as I'd anticipated. The other issue that I find is that the base and back of the laptop get incredibly (burning) hot whilst charging, not great as it has to be permanently plugged in.

            I tend to use the laptop just for going online for some casual browsing and I find that it performs more than adequately for that purpose. It has been very reliable to date and I haven't had any problems at all, thankfully. The large wide screen and clear graphics would lend this laptop easily to gaming (although that's not an interest of mine.) The built-in speakers aren't particularly loud but adequate for my needs. It also has a built-in webcam but, after the initial novelty wore off, I haven't made much use of that.

            **Overall Verdict**
            Having given this laptop pretty much daily use since purchasing this in April 2009, I have to say that I am very impressed with my choice. For the price paid, I feel this is a great and extremely user-friendly laptop with the only real issue being the poor battery life and subsequent heating.

            **The technical stuff**
            Processor Type Intel Pentium Processor T3400
            Processor speed 2.16 GHz, 667 MHz FSB, 1MB Cache
            Memory Type 3GB memory
            Hard Drive Capacity 250 GB
            Optical Drives DVD SuperMulti Drive
            Floppy Disk Drive NO
            Screen Size/Type 17" Widescreen
            TV-out NO
            Wireless Enabled YES
            No. of USB Connections 2
            Infrared Port Included NO
            Weight 3.4 kg


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