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    3 Reviews
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      13.02.2013 11:48


      • Reliability


      All round good product that is excellent for all family computing needs

      I bought this laptop around 6 months ago for my home business and was particularly impressed by the speed of the processor and the memory size, i tend to save a lot to external drives for security and this fits the remit exactly. There were a lot to chose from at the time and although i wasn't too sure about the widescreen, I definitely made the right decision to go with this as its clear and picture quality excellent. I know Advent are usually the value range for laptops but this particular one has proven itself to be reliable, fast to boot and unlike my previous laptop, hasnt needed to be 'rolled back' to 'restore' for any reason at all. I needed good quality at an affordable price and I got just that without a doubt. This is a well used computer and is on all day and through the evening as the family tend to use it for its large monitor.

      The computer came with Windows 7 preinstalled and I was happy to use this, I had previously had XP and was a little daunted by the need to pick up on a new operating system, I shoudnt have worried though. The keyboard has a number pad on it to the right, which I know not all laptops possess and as this was really important to me, I was happy to consider this one when purchasing. Now i know its in the lower bracket price wise and to be fair, I think you can tell with the way the keys feel and sound on the keyboard itself, they are noisy and feel like they will break but so far have been fine, this makes it noisier to use than my last machine but something I wont dwell on.

      There is a DVD reader/writer which I have used a couple of times, the speed is fair but I believe writing to DVD can be a little slow anyway. There is some software to enable you to do the burning for CDs as well.
      This laptop come with preinstalled software for Antivirus but i changed it to AVG as im used to it and I know the preintalled will ask for payment to continue (AVG is free)

      With 100Gb hard disk I have no worries about storage and with having various user accounts for the family, this have proven to be great, I dont have to worry about itunes music files taking the space etc
      The 3 USB ports are ideally situated but i feel maybe we could have had 4, 2 on each sde as I use a wireless mouse and this need a constant port, as my work is often carried on various USB sticks I feel happier with them all in at the same time. Not to worry, 3 is acceptable and I guess mor that most people would use at any point.
      The 1.7 Ghz processor is quick off the mark and makes an ideal computer for fast work, Im not too sure if this is why the fan always seems to be working hard though as I can hear it clicking into action quite frequently, maybe its the usage and the fact the machine is working long hours. 1Gb RAM is also an advantage and I particularly looked for that as a minimum in the machine.

      I love the fact this laptop has a card reader, in the past I have had to physically link my camera to the laptop to take photos off, not anymore! Amazing, the SD card just slots into the card reader and away I go, saving and clearing the card for further use its fab, my husband also loads his music onto an SD card on it to play in his card reader in the car (technolgy is brilliant).

      Wifi was easy to set up and like most computers, the indicator bar shows you are accessing the internet or just connecting to the wifi, its quick and seems to connect as soon as the laptop has booted, my other machine took a little longer so this is a bonus.

      Battery life seems to be around 1.5hrs before I need to recharge but I tend to charge most of the day when im on it as the battery saver reduces the light on screen and makes it duller when working. The battery pack gets a little hot, as does the laptop underside if you have it on your legs whilst sitting.

      All in all, a lovely little machine for the price (£299), I would recommend this if you didnt have too much spare cash, solid and reliable with very few issues if any.


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        26.02.2010 22:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Nothing out of the ordinary, but a good and reliable laptop

        As with all incredibly organized people, we decided to buy a new laptop half way through our last year of uni. The stone-age desktop was making more noise then the music was!
        We looked high and low for an affordable, reliable laptop with that little extra for your money. PC World is where we ended up looking at their own brand of laptop, I mean if anybody knows about computers you would hope it was PC World!
        This laptop has pretty standard features;
        - 100 GB of hard drive
        - 1.73 gigahertz Intel Pentium Duo Core processor
        - 1 GB of Random Access Memory
        - Multi-drive DVD rewriter
        - 128 MB Graphics card
        - 17" Screen
        - Built in Wifi
        - Built in Card Reader

        The screen is that little bit bigger than average laptops so there is no more need to squint and the resolution is lovely and crisp, ideal for photo's and videos. The 1.73 processor means that the laptop boots up in a fairly quick time, when compared to most. The hard drive is of a fair size, though we have recently filled it and have had to buy a portable hard drive for it. The DVD drive is very good, loading DVD's and CD's very quickly, though it can be a bit noisy sometimes. The Wifi is very quick and it's very handy having it built in, as most places these days have local area networks.

        We transport the laptop all over the place and yes it's not as slim line as some of the modern net books, but it fits neatly into a beach bag and doesn't weight a vast amount.

        We have never had any problems with it, and it seems very sturdy and reliable, it has lasted longer than some of our friends' more 'well known' makes of laptop, despite it have been bashed around a lot while being transported to various places.

        There is only a couple of slight criticisms, these are that when you are typing on it, you can sometimes press the mouse pad which takes you back up into the middle of the text that you have just typed and this can get a bit frustrating sometimes. It can also get a bit warm on the bottom, and if you have it on your legs then this can actually burn them.

        Despite the few little bits of criticism, I would definitely recommend the laptop we have had many trouble free years of surfing the web!


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          24.01.2010 19:41
          Very helpful



          A decent laptop for the price.

          I bought this laptop over 2 years ago to use for my university degree. As I study photography I wanted something with a large screen which would be better for retouching photos on. I wanted a decent memory, but laptops are not known for memory capacity so this didn't bother me too much as I had every intention of buying an external hard drive to use in conjuction with it (I thoroughly recommend everyone do this to back up their data). I had a budget of no more than £500 and thus settled on this laptop as it came the closest to my requirements for the least money. Although Advent is probably known as being one of the cheaper brands this laptop has never broken down on me, although it has had a couple of problems.

          Useful features:
          - 3 USB ports (2 on the left and 1 on the right)
          - 17" screen
          - DVD rewriter
          - card reader

          - Easy to set up
          - Wide screen
          - Easy to use in conjuction with an external hard drive
          - Decent quality built in speakers
          - Built in wireless internet function

          - The numlock button is placed directly above the back button - I always find I accidentally hit the numb lock instead of or as aswell as. By pressing the numlock, half the keys on the keyboard do a different funtion eg. pressing 'u' will type out a '4'. The first time I did this I had no idea what I'd done as I didn't know what numlock did and didn't realise I'd pressed it, so I spent about half an hour trying to work out what had gone wrong.
          - If you remove the back of the laptop you will see that the manufacturers have placed stickers all over the inside, unfortunately they did not consider the fact that laptops get hot and when they do so the glue on the stickers melts and they end up floating around and getting stuck in things. I didn't realise this until I was using my laptop one day and all of a sudden there was a horrible grinding noise and the fan stopped. It turned out one of these stickers had come free and wrapped itself around the fan blades.
          - Not sure if it's just my laptop or the model in general but my screen hasn't been properly aligned - there is a gap on the right hand side about 2mm wide which is green.
          - Comes with vista (might not be a negative for some and if you want I suppose you could wipe vista and install xp or windows 7)
          - After a year I was having problems charging the battery. I was worried that this might be a problem with the laptop itself but when tested it turned out to be the charger (apparently this is quite a common problem). A replacement charger that's available in most stores costs around £70 but I got mine from Advents website for a more reasonable £35
          - Battery life could be better. When the screen is adjusted to a dimmer setting to save on battery life, the battery still seems to drain after about 2 hours of activity, such as surfing the internet.

          Overall I'd say I'm happy with my purchase over 2 years down the line. It's certainly not a fantastic quality laptop but it has lasted me well for over two years and has not presented me with any major problems.
          If you want a decent laptop with a good range of functions for a reasonable price then I would suggest looking into this one as a possibility.


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