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    3 Reviews
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      10.03.2014 16:05


      • Reliability


      Great laptop, would recommend to someone using for daily use

      I got this laptop when I was starting college, first laptop and I have to say it is a very good laptop and did not fail me whatsoever until recently but after 5 years what do you expect.

      Good points:
      -I was able to upgrade to windows 8 qWhen purchasing a new laptop I think I will buy another advent model as it seems to quite easily, as obviously it wasnt out then which has seemed to make it run a lot faster and smoother.
      -the screen is pretty big which is great for doing work, playing games and surfing the internet.
      -Dual core processor and 2gb of ram are great for me one time like researching, typing and listening to music and dont download overly much
      -not to expensive compared to other laptops

      It has a couple of bad points:
      -the fan can get pretty noisey when on for too long as it is trying to cool down, to not much avail
      -It has integrated graphics card, I liked to download games and still do which was great to start but as software techonology gets better, the laptop gets worse. The graphics card can't be upgraded or replaced.
      -I can get hot pretty quick when using it a lot which i do for work, while its sits on your lap it can heat up your legs quickly.

      When purchasing a new laptop I think I will buy another advent model as it lasts pretty long and is a great laptop, i will just have to look closer at the specs to determine which model is best for me.


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      29.09.2011 17:25



      An OK laptop if you don't play games or require a lot of space

      I got this laptop three years ago and it has served me well. It has a good size screen and the Vista system has been easy to use. Updates are easy and reinstalling Vista was fairly easy also. This laptop is good in that it has lasted me three years so far, as on two occasions I have got viruses and the whole thing has crashed. They were fixed and the laptop is still running fine.
      Bad points for me about this laptop are:
      - Integrated graphics card. I like to play a lot of games online and downloadable ones and when I got the laptop it was fine, but as new games come out and software gets better in quality this laptop has let me down. My choice of games that I can play on my laptop now is extremely limited because my graphics card can't be upgraded or replaced. A lot of games now require a pixel shader and my laptop can't do that. Also, my laptop is very slow and games can be laggy.I have nothing stored on my computer as I use a hard drive for everything, and playing games on my laptop still makes it slow.
      - It gets very hot. I tend to use my laptop a lot, to work, to surf or to play games. The laptop gets very hot very fast and consequently the "lap" part is very difficult, even with the fan button on.
      - It is very loud. Even when I am not doing anything taxing with my laptop it is very loud, so when I am doing something like running a video or playing a game it is even louder!
      - Tinny sound from the speakers. I rarely use my laptop's speakers because of the tinny, quiet sound. I always plug better speakers into the headphone jack to listen to music or videos.
      - The grooved plastic case is very hard to clean. It obviously gets dirty easily as hands are always on it and the grooves are so small that is makes it very difficult to clean.
      - Short battery life. When I first got the laptop the battery life wasn't amazing, but now after 3 years it has about 15 minutes on it from fully charged so it has to be plugged in all the time. I understand that laptops deteriorate somehwat after 3 years but 15 minutes is a bit pathetic!

      Apart from that long list of bad points (which are mostly applicable to me because of what I like to do with my laptop), my laptop is still in fine working order after such a long time which IS good. I am not sure that I trust it to last me very much longer, but I intend to use it until it decides to die.


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      18.08.2010 18:47
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A brilliant laptop for those on a low budget. Extremely reliable!!

      Advent 9115

      Having previously reviewed my Fujitsu-Siemens laptop, I thought it would be good to share my experiences with the laptop that replaced it!

      This laptop was released in November 2007, and I purchased it in around February 2008 - I still kept my old laptop but gave it to my brother who also lives in the household.

      Advent computers are aimed towards the cheaper end of the market and this computer was no exception. If I remember correctly, I paid just under £400 from PC World for this laptop. You should now be able to pick this laptop up for around £120 if you're looking to purchase second hand.

      Oh, and remember, you get an amazing variety of colours...oh, I meant black.

      So, you're wondering what you get for your money?
      Well, as standard, the computer comes equipped with 2GB RAM, a large 120GB hard drive, DVD re-writer drive and a shiny 15.4" TFT screen. The processor on the laptop is an Intel Pentium Dual Core, which, in theory, should allow it to run smoothly.

      Setting up the laptop is easy and efficient; it only takes a matter of minutes. You do have to input a few details too but once you've done that, you're ready to explore. As standard, it comes with Windows Vista Home Premium operating system. I didn't have that many problems with it, although the general consensus was that many would prefer to stick with a more reliable version of Windows: XP. Having Vista installed meant you could customise and tweak more than you can on XP. It also took up more memory than XP, meaning the laptop ran a little slower. Now that I've reverted back to XP on my latest laptop, I can tell you that it also freezes more often and in comparison, I'd rather stick to XP. However, I did get on with Vista and I feel it's good, but they could have made the laptop more appealing with XP

      2 gigabytes of RAM is plenty for your everyday tasks, such as word processing, surfing the internet and (if you feel the need to) it will run Microsoft Live Messenger, which is more commonly known as MSN, with ease. I also managed to play my Football Manager game on it competently and it processed things quickly. As a side note, I managed to run Macromedia Suite 8 on it, which is a fairly large program and takes up a considerable amount of memory. It did it with ease, although I did have to select it to "run as Windows XP", since it didn't want to load very well with Vista.

      The large 120 GB hard drive never gave up on me and I got nowhere near to filling it up! The hard drive is partitioned for the Operating System and then your everyday storage needs. On the hard drive is also "The Tech Guys" help program pre-installed, so should you encounter any problems you can fix them yourself without having to pay out for fees etc. Obviously these days you can get a lot of help on the internet too if you're not sure on what to do or if more serious problems develop

      The laptop wasn't tacky or weak by no means, however it isn't the strongest I've seen. The screen (for my liking), has too much play, as when you put it in to place it's still slightly flimsy. It had a matt black out shell, although on the bottom of the back of the screen there is a slight design pattern which adds a neat touch. I kept mine in a case when not in use, however it didn't stop it getting the odd scratch on the top, which happened quite easily due to the plastic outer casing.

      The 15.4" widescreen is clear and crisp, although try not to get any finger prints on these as they're hard to get off. Anti-glare would have been nicer but this is a low end laptop and therefore I wouldn't expect it as standard. Using a button on the keyboard, you can adjust the brightness. It goes quite bright which is nice if you need to see when you're outside but if one is in a darker room, then you have the ability to tone it down a little.
      The trackpad and buttons are situated in the middle of the laptop, not towards the side like on some laptops. I prefer the layout like this rather than to the side. The keys on the keyboard aren't too far apart and are firm to the touch. Should one come off, they're extremely easy to pop back on and replacements aren't too costly.

      On the laptop there are 4 USB slots; two to the side, two to the back which are easily accessible and are the standardised and most used 2.0 configuration. There's also a 4-in-1 card reader on the side - this is suitable for SD cards. I found it extremely useful when taking photos of my eBay items, as I didn't need to fiddle around with cable and camera, I could just pop in the memory cards and all my photos were there to view in seconds. Wireless, as you'd expect, is built in (RaLink Wireless Card), however there is a major flaw with it (in my eyes anyway). Every time you turn on the machine, you have to activate it by pressing FN and F10. This is really annoying as you should expect it to already be turned on when using it. There isn't a way of solving this, it's how the card operates.

      The battery lasted for more than 3 hours when I first purchased it, but struggled to last 2 hours come September 2009, just over 18 months. That said, I felt this was good, since I use my laptop on a daily basis for in excess of 3 hours a day. The power cable wasn't thin and was very strong, I didn't have to replace it in all the time I owned the laptop.

      Watching DVDs on the screen was a breeze due to the clear screen and the fact it has a DVD reader-type drive. I would recommend keeping the laptop on a flat surface in a well ventilated area, since it can get quite warm inside and cause internal components to malfunction or even be rendered unusable.

      I never had any problems with my Advent, Vista updates downloaded regularly and it was a good servant to me. I would recommend this to anyone as it is a powerful laptop for a good price and it's extremely reliable.

      I give it 5 stars. Brilliant computer.


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