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Apple MacBook MB062B/A

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    4 Reviews
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      24.10.2013 01:35


      • Reliability


      A true gem in the many generations of MacBooks, and my favourite to date!

      I wish Apple made more laptops like this, these were the golden days!!
      I can't even count how many years I've had this laptop, it's so light and it's still stayed white thought my usage! The downside is the fact I have two small oils marks on it which just won't budge but these are very faint!

      This laptop is perfect for moving around my house, and to take on long train commutes. I also had the ipad mini but I also take this laptop with me as it's so compact!

      My previous experiences with macbooks is that these can get very hot after about 1-2 years usage. So far I am yet to find this problem with the macbook and it's quite nice when it's slightly warm!

      What I also love about this macbook is the fact it doesn't feel cold when you touch it. Many other laptops have a horrid cold metal feel which I had! Similar to the iphone actually. The design is sleek and the white really stands out!

      So far I haven't felt the need to buy a cover for this and I only have about 3 small chips!

      I was also able to change my operating system to Lion and the navigation on the laptop is amazing! I find browsing only easy and also fun to do! I love flicking through lots of different screens!

      In fact i'm actually writing my review right now on this laptop! It will be a very sad day whenever this laptop dies on me because I really do love it!


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      26.07.2012 10:47
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      leader in the field of computing devices, Apple products are incredibly stylish and efficient

      A stunning 21st example of streamlined, high tech, smooth technology, Apple is the largest company in the world for a reason! Applications included are Apple's standard programs such as iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, Garageband and more. I have to admit that I don't use the laptop to it's full potential as I am not proficient in the more technical programs, though I would think that should you be so inclined to have a play, they would be quite accessible to the creative person.

      Macs boot very fast compared to Windows machines and this makes use a whole lot smoother which is a notable difference from my previous Toshiba laptop.

      Benefits and features of Macs include...

      - Ease of use. They are incredibly user intuitive and you don't have to be a "genius" to use them.

      - The "sleep" feature. You don't have to turn the computer off and on everytime you use it, simply put the lid down and the Macbook will automatically switch to "sleep" mode.

      - Seamless transferring of music and photos between devices using iTunes and iPhoto. If you have an iPod or an iPhone this is a fantastic feature, as it uploads and syncs according to your preferences.

      - Clarity of screen. The screen is very bright and can be adjusted accordingly with the brightness keys on the keyboard (clearly labelled).

      - Volume control on the keyboard, music keys for play, pause and change tracks on the keyboard. These are very convenient and are compatible with frontrow, iTunes and the DVD player whether you're playing a DVD or music.

      - Safari internet browser (one of my most used applications). This is an average browser, but works with the Apple laptop design as it is designed with Macs in mind. I prefer Firefox if I am not on a Mac, as it has a clearer interface.

      - Internal disc drive which will play DVDs and CDs. This is prone to malfunction, as the design is internal and quite delicate - they need to work on this in future models. However, I like that you get an internal disk drive as opposed to the Macbook Air where you have to purchase one separately.

      - 2 USB ports. These are useful for many things including USB memory sticks and printer connections.

      - Easy to use trackpad. You can get a USB mouse if you prefer but then one USB port is used. You can also buy wireless apple mice (?).

      - Solid design, sturdy. Unlike the Air, the Macbook has a slightly more solid design, which can make it quite heavy but also less prone to wear and tear.

      - In built webcam. This can be used to Skype or video chat online and to make use of the app "snapbooth" which takes pics of you and your friends with various effects. Hours of fun!!

      - Notepad - this is a word processor program like the Windows version. This is a basic word processor, so it is to be noted that Microsoft office is not inbuilt and you will need to pay separately for this package if you need powerpoint, excel and all the rest for work. This comes to approximately £100 for the lot.

      - It is worth noting that there are a lack of games compatible with Macs. For Windows there is a lot more choice, so this is one of the drawbacks of an apple mac. If you own all your games in Windows format, you have to buy them all again.

      - iTunes. iTunes works at its best with Macs as this is what it is designed for. This is the best piece of music software I have seen hands down. It incorporates your music library with all your mp3 tracks, video library and an iTunes store for buying tracks when you are connected to the internet. More modern versions include your downloaded TV series and movies and the Genius feature which will compile playlists based on preferences of all users.


      The only drawbacks to this laptop I would say are the weight as it is not as portable as alternative Apple laptops and non-Apple notebooks. The other major drawback is the design of the keyboard, as it makes it very easy to break through accidental liquid spillage (which happens more often than you might think) and the expensive Apple repair service outside warranty.

      The third drawback I will mention here is that sometimes the disc drive is prone to "sticking", and on my first Apple Macbook I remember a CD jamming in the drive.

      The charger has broken twice already for me, this is to do with flimsy cables. This set me back £70 the first time I replaced it at the Apple store, but the second time I got it for £16 off eBay though I wasn't aware of this the first time it broke! You can get replacements for many parts on eBay at a fraction of the price you would pay in Apple.

      To summarise, this is an elegant laptop with a range of professional quality editing tools for amateurs and professionals. It's included software is fantastic with iPhoto helping you create photo albums and iTunes showcasing your albums in "Frontrow", the interface for music and videos.

      Great laptop with a range of features, the style and design of Apple laptops are second to none. It has a few drawbacks but the positives far outweigh the negatives for me. Fashionable and functional, this laptop gets five stars from me.

      You can't actually buy these new anymore, but you can buy Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, though some models will be available on eBay.


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        16.08.2010 19:18



        Very good laptop, if a little expensive

        I got this laptop nearly three years ago before coming to University. It's served me very well, although admittedly it has broken down twice during this period! What stopped this being a major disaster is the fact that I bought the AppleCare protection plan when I bought my laptop (it was only £59 at the student price which is a bargain considering how much I've used it). When it broke I was able to take it into an Apple Shop and they fixed it for me for free - crisis averted!

        It's more than capable of doing everything that I've asked of it so far - browsing on the internet, Word documents, Excel etc. - and is still running as fast as it was when I first got it.

        It starts up very quickly compared to some other, non-Macbook, laptops I've seen and can be up and running in less than a minute. It's very easy to use once you get used to it if you've switched from a Windows PC, too.

        The battery lasts around 5 hours, but the power cable can be folded up nice and neatly and easily carried around if you need to use it for a longer period of time.

        Overall, a very good purchase.


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        19.02.2009 21:13
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        An okay laptop but I personally cannot get used to Apple!:(

        Hello everyone and welcome to this review.
        I bought this lovely laptop around 7 months ago. I bought it from Apple at the rather hefty price of £930! Ahhhh, allot I know but I still cannot decide if its been worth the money.

        When My lovely Apple Macbook dropped on the doormat I was over the moon. It was in a stunning white very classy looking box with a picture of my dream machine on the front:)
        Inside the box everything was extremely well wrapped, it was all in different sections.
        Inside was:

        The laptop
        A charger
        An ethernet cable
        And all of the instructions:)
        I couldn't help but notice the smell inside the box! Weird I know but I loved it..... It was like one of those new catalogue smells but in an Apple sort of way. Lovely! If you do buy one of these do be sure to smell the inside of the box.

        Anyway back to the laptop.
        I opened it slowly trying not to mark the lovely shiny Macbook. It is white in colour.... All white, every single part of it is white, a nice touch if you ask me, looks very clean and modern. When I opened it up I couldnt help but notice how simple it looked. For the price I was expecting a big thing covered in stickers showing off its features but nope! Just a plain white laptop.

        Before using the laptop I had to charge it. The way this thing charges is amazing. The end of the charger is a flat piece of plastic. You do not have to push the charger into a little hole to start the charging like all other chargable products. The charger port on the laptop is a small magnet on the side, it just attatches with a strong magnet built of the end of the charging cable and can be easily removed. If someone in the room was to trip over the cable it would not damage your laptop at all. The magnet would just simply detatch and your cable and laptop charging port are fine! Yay, great design.
        Once charged I turned it on and went through the start up process which was easy... Such as enter your name, internet options etc! The screen is very nice. Its a thin screen with a matt finish rather than the glossy like a lot of other laptops. The good thing with these matt screens is that they do not reflect in the sunlight! really handy for using the laptop in the car or outside. All colurs are great on the screen and it is fully adjustable.

        The speakers built into the laptop are fantastic. The Macbook uses the apple software OSX 10.5.5 which I had some trouble getting used to but I will talk about that in a second. Anyway back to the speakers. All music is easily downloaded into the iTunes software. Most songs are 99p to download which is an okay price I suppose. I bought a 5 Pound voucher from Tesco to give it a try. Just choose the song you want, enter your voucher number and then your song downloads into your Itunes or iPod. When I pressed the play button I was so suprised by the quality of sound coming out of the Macbook. It was also very quick to load the song unlike my Windows laptop.
        Now onto the specifications of the Macbook:
        2.4 GHZ
        Intel Core 2 Duo processor
        2 GB ram
        160 GB HDD ( Hardrive)

        Now those specs are pretty good! It runs really fast and everything loads in an instant. I must say that the system loads applications and the web a lot faster that any Computer or Laptop I have had on Windows, they seem to freeze a lot but Apple does not! Honestly it never freezes. Its such a stable operating system.
        Now onto the Apple Operating system
        The operating system is okay when you get used to it. When I first started on this Macbook I really did not know where I was as it is so different to Windows. The menu's and options are all totally different. When you get used to the layout it really is okay to use. Everything on the Mac is of use, Windows seem to enjoy filling their systems up with a pile of rubbish programs and trial software before selling to its customers which really is a bad thing. That is one of the main reasons that windows is so slow ( So I have been told )

        The menu system is nothing like windows at all. At the bottom of your home screen is your menu. It looks a bit childish and simple at first. There is a line at the bottom such as "Safari" - This is Apples Web Browser In the world of Apple
        Although the menu does look a bit childish it really does do everything that you need it to do. It is so simple when you get used to it but it will take time if you have never used a Mac before.

        I just sat there...... How the heck do I use this?? repeated that all evening lol
        Battery Life

        The battery life on this laptop is absolutely amazing, the Macbook comes with a 6 Cell battery. This provides a good run time of about 5 hours!! Which is pretty huge compared to all of the laptops and notebooks I have used. Spare batteries are great. I picked a fake copy of a battery up for £24.99 and it works really good. It is easy to switch batteries by clicking a little button underneath and out pops your battery.
        Now the most annoying thing I have found with this Macbook is that it is not compatable with most of the software and hardware that I use in my day to day life. Its not like a Windows where nearly everything is ready to use just by popping a disk in... No no no, not with a mac. You will have to search the web for hours and hours to find programs to run your hardware etc Its a real pain. That is why I am using Windows as my main operating system at the moment,

        BUT! I have just learned that you can actually put windows onto your Apple Mac. Apparently its very easy to do but as I paid so much for a Macbook I think I will keep it a mac. Otherwise I might aswell have gone to comet and bought a 400 pound laptop with the sam - If not better specs.
        The keyboard of this laptop is lovely. It is inset into the actual laptop so there is a flat plat of white strong plastic and the buttons pop out through this. Great for cleaning..... Nothing ever get stuck in between my keys. All of the keys are well spaced out and very nice to press. They also do not make loud clicks when typing unlike other laptops I have used.

        The laptop has a nice 13.3 inch screen. This makes the laptop very portable compared to some and really makes a difference when travelling. The screen may be smaller than most but it is big enough. Text is displayed large for comfort and ease of use. The laptop is also very lightweight, light enough to easily carry around with you.
        The Macbooks Looks:
        The Macbook is a real stunner. It looks so nice and elegant. I have already mentioned that it is all white.... But this looks lovely! However it does bring problems. The top cover really does show up the dirt terribly. Its very easy to clean though as it is so smoothly crafted. On the back plate of the laptop there is the rather traditional light up apple with a bit taken out of it. This seems to be the Apple company's symbol and if you ask me it makes the laptop look lovely..

        Now something I have not mentioned yet is the touch pad. The touchpad on an Apple is lovely. Its a huge flat off white colour and is very smooth so its easy to run your fingers accross. There is one button on the bottom of the pad which is the click. Unfortunately on this model you cannot click using the pad itself. You have to click using the button. And no no no!! It only has one click unlike windows. I really miss having just one click as I miss the right click and copy function. But this can still be done by holding down ctrl and c.
        A few more features of this laptop before I end this review.
        There is a great built in webcam. It really is of good quality. I believe it is 1.3 MP which is okay for a webcam. I have used this on Msn and it worked well. But believe me..... Getting MSN on a mac is hard work! As it is windows software afterall

        There is also a built in microphone which is very responsive. I have used this for video calls and it worked well ( So I was told:) )
        The laptop has 2 USB ports Built in - Not a lot compared to other laptops I've owed but they will do.

        Overall this laptop is greatly designed. It runs super fast and overall the value side of things..... I don't think I would pay that price again. Its good but im sure you could get better. But I think thats just me... I just cannot leave windows:) I have tried but I cannot pull myself away.
        I hope this has been helpful
        Thank You for reading


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