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Apple MacBook Pro MA610B/A

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2010 17:48
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      An excellent laptop with great all round performance. Highly recommended by a non-techie!

      I have been putting off writing a review of my MacBook for a while now purely because I'm not at all technical. However, as I've thought about it I've realised that non-techie people need help when choosing a laptop and so I guess this review is aimed at those who just want a simple account of using the product. I hope all the computer experts out there will be able to tolerate this and find another review which is more tailored to their needs =)

      My husband and I bought our 17" MacBook Pro with some money we'd been given for our wedding three years ago. We chose this over the smaller MacBooks because it has a bigger screen which is better for watching DVDs and things online. There were probably some other technical reasons too, but I don't know what these were! The screen we chose was the matt one because it does not get reflections on it which can be a pain when you're trying to look at the screen and you see your face staring back at you.

      The MacBook Pro has a matt silver finish which seems to have worn well over the three years we've had it. I think it looks really smart even after having had it for some time and definitely using it a lot and taking it lots of places with us. It has the usual Apple logo on the lid which lights up when it's on which I think looks great (told you it wasn't going to be technical, didn't I!?). The keys are lit from behind which makes typing in the semi-darkness easy and it's amazing how often I find myself doing this!

      One thing that I really like about this laptop compared to other ones I've used is the touch pad. You can place two fingers on it and drag them down and this scrolls the page down without having to faff around trying to get a cursor onto a smaller scroll bar at the side of the page. I now find non-Apple laptops quite annoying as I can't navigate around as quickly as I can on our MacBook, but I guess you get used to whatever you use the most.

      One thing I found annoying at first is that Apple computers have their own versions of Office. Word is called 'Pages' and Excel is called 'Numbers' to name two examples. You can buy Office for Mac, but we haven't done this as we're always trying to save money, and as I said before, you do get used to the different ways of working really quickly. In fact, I prefer some of the Apple versions of programmes now. Importing and exporting documents is easy despite the different programmes. You just select how you want to export them or what programme you want to open them with and then you can read or edit them as necessary.

      We have been pleased with the reliability of the MacBook Pro. However, after we'd had it two and a half years a probelm came up with the graphics card. The Apple customer services people were really helpful and although they couldn't solve the problem they offered us lots of support over the phone. In the end, we took it into an Apple store and when they returned the MacBook, we were told it was a fault in several of these MacBooks and so weren't charged anything for the repair.

      I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a laptop for a variety of uses. We use ours for browsing the internet, watching DVDs, downloading programmes, uploading photos (mainly of Baby Frank!), powerpoint presentations, some photo editing and the occasional video edit and it does all of these well. It has the added bonus of looking great and being very easy to use once you've made the transition from PCs. Our has also proven to be quite robust as far as laptops go. I'm pleased we bought it although at around £1000 it was quite an outlay to start with.


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