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Apple MacBook Pro MB604B/A

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2009 10:23
      Very helpful


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      You certainly get what you pay for

      If you look at my other reviews, you will see I have owned quite a bit of Apple kit. Just to confirm, I have actually owned each and every one (with a few exceptions, where they were loaned to me).

      Anyway, this 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro is my latest machine. I took a long time deliberating if I should opt for the matte screen version and pay and extra £30. After a few days I decided that the stock gloss screen would be fine. I must say that I made the right decision. With the matte screen it seems like you lose some of the picture definition. Plus the matte is recessed and thus there is extra nooks where dust can gather. This gloss screen is flush to the edges, looks the part, colours pop, and the backlighting is very even. Yes, you do get reflections, but adjust the screen angle and maybe turn a little and they are easily dealt with.

      I ordered mine on the 9th September and it came with the latest Snow Leopard OS installed, plus the latest restore disk in the box, so all good there. The software is very stable and fast, a real joy to use.

      You can no longer swap the battery out on this version. Apple integrated it into the design. They claim 7 hours of use on a single charge. They are not far off. I managed 7hrs 15mins on one occasion, all other times I have got between 5 and 7 hours, so pretty darn good.

      The processor is nice and fast, zipping through all my tasks, including some video editing. This is helped along by the fact that you get 4GB of memory pre-installed. At last you get a decent amount as standard, so you needn't worry about upgrading this. Though if you need to, the latest range of MacBook Pros now take upto 8GB of RAM. The graphics cards are cool too. You can choose between the NVidia GForce 9400M integrated card, which will give you good performance and better batter life. You also get a second choice, as this laptop also has a 9600M GT card with dedicated video memory on it. To make the switch you have to log out of your session and back in again, but then you get better graphics performance, which is offset against slightly shorter battery life.
      The idea behind this is, to use the 9400M when out-and-about, then switch to the 9600M GT when you are back in the office or at home and plugged into the mains power... well at least, that it what I do.

      The size of the laptop is nice and compact, very slim and it is not that heavy. If you need something smaller, then there is always the 13-inch version. This 15-inch MacBook Pro has a nice compromise between size and power, plus the bigger screen gets you a nice 1440x900 resolution. All-in-all this is a very nice laptop. You certainly get what you pay for.


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