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ASUS A52F EX911v

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2011 11:12
      Very helpful


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      Overall its a top spec laptop for the price you pay and it does perform well even with issues.

      I find laptop reviews sometimes go on far too much so I will try to get the main points in and give you a fair review of this product without the need for over talking it.

      I have been after a new laptop for a while. My old Dell laptop had seen better days as it was 5 years old now, so it was time for a change. Coincidentally my parents wanted a laptop as well so I thought if I buy a new one they can have my old one for free and same them some cash.

      After many shop visits to numerous stores around my area I decided upon buying he ASUS 52f ex911v laptop.
      I paid £399 for it and so far have been pleased with the laptop but there are a few annoying things about it.

      The Laptop
      Manufactured by ASUS this laptop comes with a 15.6" WXGA HD screen. Windows 7 Home Premium as standard and is powered by the very good I3-330M CORE I3 Intel dual core processor at 2130mhz. It comes with 4 gig of RAM and a 320gig HD.

      It has 3 USB ports, WIFI and an integrated webcam (although its pretty basic webcam) . It doesn't have bluetooth or firewire but it does come with a 4in1 card reader and a dvd writer / bluray combo drive.

      So overall not a bad spec especially for the price. (p.s I bought the dark red one which I think looks the best)

      In Use
      Straight out the box the laptop feels comfortable to hold as it weighs about 2.6kgs so its doesnt squash your legs if its on your lap. After many hours use it also doesnt heat your legs up to a crazy temperature which some laptops do so the fan cooling system seems to work really well. It powers up quite quickly to be honest with it being Windows 7 and new, there wasnt any of my junk on there yet to slow it down so to date its startup performance is really good.

      It comes packaged with loads of ASUS software as well as many others like Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Player 10, Adobe Reader 9.1, ASUS AI Recovery, ASUS AP Bank, ASUS CopyProtect, ASUS Data Security Manager, ASUS FancyStart, ASUS LiveFrame3, ASUS LiveUpdate, ASUS Multiframe, ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid, ASUS SmartLogon, ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology, ASUS Virtual Camera, ASUS WebStorage, Boingo WiFi, Bookworm Deluxe, CyberLink LabelPrint, CyberLink Power2Go, Game Park Console, Google Chrome, Microsoft Silverlight, syncables desktop SE, Windows Live Essentials and many more.

      One thing I loved about the laptop is the size of the mouse trackpad, however this is both a blessing and a curse and is one of my slight issues with the laptop. ASUS still havent solved the annoying issue when your typing on the keyboard, the trackpad decides to track your wrist as you are typing and thus moves around the screen at time and it does get annoying even though it says it has wrist recognition or something to help stop this from happening. However the trackpad itself when you actually want to use it is very good, it's a nice size and responds very well and is positions pretty centrally to the laptop which I like.

      The keyboard is ok, its not the best i've used but at the same time it does its job. The keys are fine but it does look cheap to be honest a far cry from other laptops and netbooks like Apple's Macbook etc but at the same time it is a budget laptop at half the price of a Macbook.

      The Performance is really good. The dual core I3 processor is as quick as Usain Bolt (when he doesnt get disqualified that is.:) Powered along with the 4 gig of RAM and Windows 7 it's a tidy performer.

      The sound is a bit of an issue though. I dont know what type of built on sound card it has but its not the best. Don't get me wrong though it does sound ok for normal things and for general use its fine but it's not that loud and it really hasnt got any power to it, but the worst thing of all is simply the controls to turn it up and down. After 6 months of ownership I still havent a clue how to control the sound. Most laptops have simple media buttons but the ASUS you have to control it via the keyboard 3rd level shortcuts or something which I havent found out how to do yet so my sound is always on and I control it via the Windows 7 sound bar on the OS instead.

      The WIFI is good and I havent had any issues with the connections yet to my wireless broadband. The graphics are really good. with an HD screen and bluray player player built in you can imagine how good it is but it flows well and I havent had any graphical problems.

      It also looks really good, most laptops nowadays appart from Apple are really ugly to be honest, but the ASUS is actually quite a nice looking laptop.

      The battery life is the usual 3 hours the same as most laptops but again it does depend on what you are doing with the laptop that dictates the slight fluctuations in battery life, but it does charge quite quickly once plugged in.

      The screen is really clear and has a decent range of viewing angles which is nice and the webcam although a poor 1.3meg one seems to work fine but if your serious about having a web cam then you'll probably need to buy a better one.

      Overall its a top spec laptop for the price you pay and it does perform well even though the trackpad is annoying and the sound isnt the best and is hard to control. Other than that it's all good and as a general household laptop for the family you really cant go wrong.


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