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3 Reviews
  • Light weight
  • Good battery life
  • Weak power cable
  • Can't change parts
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    3 Reviews
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      04.08.2015 01:14
      Very helpful


      • "Light weight"
      • "Good battery life"
      • "Good size screen"


      • "Weak power cable"
      • "Can't change parts"
      • "Shiny finish"

      A good size laptop great for writing essays

      Want a good laptop? Sick and tired or being held down by all the cables? then this is the laptop for you. The laptop i have is fully shiny black which is not great as it attracts hand prints and you touch it all the time. It is light weight so great for carrying around and great for using to type on word and other writing programs. The keyboard is really flat to the surface but is easy to type with. The touch pad has a lot of settings that you need to change otherwise is keeps going back to the homescreen all the time. It has a built in webcam which is great for skypeing on the go or at home. It has 2 usb ports, headphone and mic port, SD card reader, ethernet port, HDMI out and a VGA out. The cable for the power on the laptop i have is damaged near the plug in section from constantly pulling and general use but i still think it has broken a little too easy. The power adaptor is lightweight and easy to pack for journeys. The sound from the speakers is alright but if you want it loud then you will need added headphones or speakers. The laptop gets warm underneath as all laptops do but not usually to hot. The laptop has four rubber feet underneath so it protect the bottom of the case. In conclusion this laptop was brought to complete a teaching assistant course on and it has more than managed that and is still really handy to have around the house after i have finished my course.


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      14.01.2014 11:44
      Very helpful



      For everyday internet use and moderate WP this laptop performs well.

      I recently purchased this laptop as to me the price seemed very reasonable for the amount of laptop you were getting, I purchased it in white and in my opinion it looks very stylish.

      First of all I would comment on the size of this laptop. Before I purchased it I would look at my friends and families laptops and think that their screens looked big, however on opening this laptop and switching it on for the first time I was very surprised to see how big the screen is. For me this is a great thing as I do enjoy watching videos and films on my laptop, so if you are similar to me then you will be very impressed with the size.

      The laptop switches on in seconds and being installed with windows 8 has a great layout for you to find all the programmes you may require. Mine was only installed with a trial version of windows applications and you needed to purchase after the trial, however this is entirely down to you as it will depend how much you use windows and what sort of programmes you run. I have chosen to purchase the full windows after the trial as I can pay monthly in instalments and it seems to work out better value for money purchasing the whole of windows 8 instead of just buying the programmes you use individually.

      The keyboard keys are fairly well spaced out so if you are used to say a pc's keyboard then this may take a little getting used to. I also found that to begin with some of the keys were a little sticky and a couple took a few seconds to pop up again, for this I was considering taking it back, however I found that the more I used the keys the better they got and soon this problem went away after using the keys for a few days.

      Battery life is pretty good, when the laptop is fully charged I seem to get approx 4 1/2 hours out of it before I need to think about plugging it back in. It is also pretty slim, and considering the size of the laptop it is not heavy at all. It also has a built in camera for your skyping etc.

      I am no computer expert and I would describe myself as just a normal user who surfs the internet daily, watches videos and movies, buys goods online, does light word processing, and stores and modifies pictures and videos on my laptop - but for all this I would describe this laptop as perfect for the job and I am very happy with it.

      In summary if you are looking for a good everyday laptop that caters for all your online needs and also allows you to do an average amount of word processing then this is a good option for you. It is also very good indeed for watching movies due the size of the screen, so perhaps if you travel a lot and want a bigger screen than a tablet for watching your movies then this is one for you.


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      22.11.2013 10:35
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Very pleased with this purchase,

      Approximately a month ago, my husband's trusty laptop decided it that enough was enough - and fair enough too, it was a bit of a "Trig's broom" with new batteries, new charger, new keys having been replaced over the years - so the quandary of deciding what to replace it with started.

      The most wonderful answer emerged - he would have mine! And I could have a new one! I obviously don't get out much, as this decision was possibly the best conversation I had been involved in for months and to describe myself as excited was possibly an understatement!

      There was a valid reason for this decision however, and that is the uses that my husband has for a laptop are considerably different than what I use mine for, and frankly even though my laptop was only 9 months old, running Windows 8, it wasn't fast enough for me and I needed an upgrade.

      We didn't have an infinite budget for this new laptop, Ideally no more than £300 - so this particular weekend we shopped around for online deals and in-store ones.

      It hadn't occurred to me that it would be difficult to buy a laptop, I had lined up two or three models, from different stores, but both the deals in the local supermarkets were out of stock, what was pointed out to me and I suppose made sense when you think about it, is that we live in a small city, which has a university and halls of residence - I was shopping for this laptop in early-mid September, which is the same time as all the students have just received their university finance - and stock levels locally were low, something that happens most years I am told.

      I decided to buy my laptop, which was in stock fortunately, from Argos. I have to say, that you do need to be aware when shopping in Argos, that you are being sold items by general sales assistants, and not computer experts - obviously as a bonus you may well end up being served by an utter genius when it comes to technology, but you should not expect it. Please do not think I am being rude and unpleasant to the staff in Argos, absolutely far from it - but the young lady that served me, and indeed her manager who was nearby when I was paying for the laptop were not able to answer any specific questions regarding the laptop, as they simply did not know - they were however very helpful and did open the box of the laptop to answer the questions I had, which I am not overly sure that they should have done, as it is factory sealed - however I went on to buy the product, so that was not an issue to me.

      This new laptop totally has my seal of approval. I am not very technical, and can only tell you what I know from my own experience - but as far as I am concerned this lappy is absolutely brilliant.
      Firstly, when I unpacked it I was amazed at how light it actually is only 2kg, and so thin too - even when the lid is closed.

      The casing is lightly glossy, which in my opinion is attractive, but not so glossy as it shows every finger print and mark. Top marks definitely for this laptops appearance.
      The screen size is 15.6 inches, which is a decent size in my opinion, you can get lappies with larger screens, but this one is perfectly good enough for me.

      The laptop feels well-made, particularly in comparison to my last one (that my wonderful hubby now has) I was aware that the last one was a model from a budget range, and although I would say that at £320.00 (now on offer in Argos at £299.99) this model is probably also a budget-type model for its size and spec, it has a feel of considerably more quality than the previous one I was used to.

      The keyboard feels perfect - now I am a full time secretary - and spend a great deal of my day working with computers, and a sticky keyboard or one that does not feel right can be highly irritating, this keyboard however (to me) feels perfect, I am a touch typist and can type very quickly when I need to, and I do find that the keys are not too light, nor too heavy and they are accurate (this may seem a strange thing to say, but I have used laptops in the past where I am merrily typing away, to find I am typing in the wrong place of the document or email, something I can only put down to the keypad being highly sensitive and placing the cursor elsewhere without me realising that I have done so.

      So, once more, top marks for the apparent quality and ease of use with the keyboard.
      I am not a fan, in the slightest, of Windows 8. However if you wish to buy a new laptop you would be hard pushed to find one brand new with a previous version of Windows on it. I am sure I am not the only one who doesn't like change! However this is not a negative comment towards the laptop. I must admit though that setting it up was exceptionally easy.

      I plugged the laptop into the charger, turned it on - and followed the step by step instructions on-screen and within ten minutes I was online and ready to go.

      There are a great many apps pre-installed on this machine, which I have not used really - and there is a link to the store where you can download more.

      Microsoft Office is pre-installed on the laptop, I haven't used this myself, but it is only a free, limited trial - you still have to purchase the code to continue using it. However it is on the machine, something that shouldn't be dismissed.

      The specifications for this machine are as follows:
      * Intel Celeron dual core.
      * 4GB RAM.
      * 500GB hard drive.
      * Intel UMA.
      * 2 USB 2.0 ports.
      * 1 USB 3.0 port.
      * 1 Ethernet port.

      It does not have a CD/DVD drive though, which is a shame. I could add an external drive to it if I want.
      There are higher spec's on the market, but for a more expensive price tag. I personally found that this laptop was a very competitive price and it certainly does everything I need it to, without struggling.

      My hobby involves, sometimes, me having around ten internet, web pages up and a word type document at any given time, as well as my email account running in the background, I often have a USB stick in the port, ready to save any documents. Previously my laptop would not cope with such use, but this one does and with ease. Rarely do I even need to re-start it, I can have a busy evening doing all the things I like to do online, close the lid and not re-open it until the morning - then I usually find that everything is running as quickly as it should, and as it was.

      I would have liked a CD/DVD drive with this laptop, but that is the only negative thing I can find to say about. All in all this is a superb laptop that I would recommend to anyone, available in Argos, both in store and online - but I imagine you would be able to find it in other stores.

      I've tried to resist being "girly" about this, as I honestly did not realise until I opened the box, although it does say in the Argos catalogue - but how wrong am I to admit that this laptop makes me smile every time I pick it up - as it is PURPLE !!! so there you are, I have spent ages telling you about how well it works and how good it is, and now every male that reads this will no longer be interested. One would assume that Asus have equivalent models in more neutral colours, but this is not something I have looked into.


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