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Asus X5DIJ SX247V

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2011 20:27
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      Very good if you want to store a lot of things would reccomend

      Me and my boyfriend bought this laptop as our other one stopped working we looked around different shops that sell laptops but found that this was one of the better ones at a reasonable price. I can't remember mu h of what we had to do to set it up but I remember that the battery was easy to insert into the back and that it was really easy I remember having to set the time and date and what language you use. I also remember that it take a bit to boot up as it had to apply settings but there is a guide that comes with it which tells you how to set it up which is really useful and will help you if you have any difficulties.

      This laptop has a 15.6 inch screen which was a bit smaller than our previous laptop I did find it quite small at first but I got used to it after about a week. It has a 500 GB hard drive which is really good as this means that it has a lot of memory which means you can store a lot of information on the laptop such as music, games, pictures etc. This is really good as I like to play the odd games which do take up a lot of room on laptops especially ones with expansion packs and it's good for university work. I also like to take lots of photos every time I go out whether it's a night out or just a trip out shopping away from home so I need a lot of space to store the photos this and it is really easy to connect your camera or mobile phone up to the laptop and you can have them both in at the same time as it has 4 USB ports which is ideal when you want to multi task.

      It has 4gb RAM which again is also really good as the higher the RAM the quicker the laptop will perform, I have found that this laptop is quick when using applications and games I definitely prefer it to a laptop which only has 2/3 RAM as I can tell the difference between the performance.

      The laptop has a few games on it which are just standard ones that you get on many laptops such as solitaire, minesweeper, FreeCell etc all which are good just to pass a bit of time. It is also easy to connect to the internet whether it is by cable or by wireless both work really well. I have also watched DVDs on here and I find that the picture quality is really good I also like the sound quality as I find it a bit louder than the previous laptop we had although odd times it can has a slight echo sound to it but I don't find that a problem as I have found sometimes the sound on mobile phones are like this.

      One problem with this laptop is that it only has 3hours battery life so when I want to use wireless downstairs for a few hours as I do go on the laptop a lot I have to bring the electric cable down, it could be a problem for others if they want to go on long journeys but there again you can always plug it in like I do, one good thing though is you do get a warning 15minutes before it shuts down so it gives you an opportunity to save your work or plug it in I have to admit on lazier occasions I have let it shut down but it just resumes windows the next time you come to use the laptop which is another thing I like. I find that the laptop is fairly light I don't find it heavy at all which is good when you want to take it downstairs or when taking back to university.

      Another thing about this laptop is that it stays 25% cooler than body temperature and I have noticed that it is cooler than the previous 3 laptops that I have used but I'm not so sure that it is 25% cooler as it does get fairly warm but I don't find it uncomfortable. Another thing I'm not as keen on is the keypad as it is touch screen its bumpy so sometimes I find it's a bit slow to scroll so I do prefer a smooth touch pad you just need to press a bit harder with this laptop.

      The price of this laptop was around £329 on offer at Curry's it had about £120 discounted I thought this was a really good price for a laptop for how bit the hard drive and RAM it has as some are in excess of £500 this is not something I would have wanted to pay out as with being a student every penny is needed.

      I would definitely give this laptop a 4 out of 5 as the only things letting it down is the keypad which could be easier to scroll on the pad, it claims it is 25% cooler than body temperature but I think it does get warmer than that and the slight echo when watching anything on the laptop.


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