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Averatec AV6360

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2011 21:43
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      When I was first introduced to Averatec AV6360 it was love at first sight, our eyes met across a crowded computer store and the rest was history (until Averatec died, that is). We'd been through thick and thin together, had good times and bad times but all in all it was a great relationship.

      This was my first and only laptop I've owned - it's since died on me but it did last a good five years and all the way through university - it's had tea accidently poured on it twicd, I've dropped it a few times and I think I've even sat on it (all of which didnt really aid it's longevity). After all that it succumbed to old day and died peacefully around a year ago after battling against a serious plug illness of whic I'll go into more detail later. RIP Averatec AV6360.

      Whilst hard to come by in most reputable computer shops (i.e. PC World etc) I truely recommend this as an affordable reliable laptop that won't let you down! I originally bought this for £800 approx with 2 years warranty so I imagine the price has gone down dramatically since then! Parts aren't too hard to come by (despite it being not the most popular brand) if you are after memory installations, updates etc.


      Hard drive 80GB
      Processor 1.6GHz Intel Pentium M 725
      OS Windows XP Home Edition
      Screen 15.4'' 1280 * 800
      Dimension 35 cm (W) x 27 cm (D) x 3.5 cm (H)
      RAM 512 MB DDR SDRAM - 333 MHz - PC2700
      Weight 3.1 kg
      Voltage AC 120/230 V

      --The good times--

      Set up was ridiculously easy, the instructions that came with it were straight forward and clear and once everything was installed we were up and running in no time!

      I found the screen of 15.4'' very suitable - not too big, not too small, just right. The general size of the laptop suited my surroundings also as, especially at uni, I have/had a very cluttered desk so it didn't really take up a lot of room.

      I don't know about the weight of other laptops but I didn't really consider Averatec that heavy, it was the optimum weight between too light (tacky) and too heavy (prehistoric). It wasn't the smallest of laptops but it could fit easily into bags and on the desk of course.

      The keyboard was brilliant in my opinion, the stuck out just the right amount for you to be able to tap on them speed typing or slow. They were well spaced and there were no unusual features as you find with a few laptops that take ages to get used to.

      I really hate touchpads, I find them too sensitive and can easily do what you don't want it to do as opposed to a mouse where you are very much in control of the cursor, however I must say I was very impressed with the touch pad, it could scroll when you wanted it to and additionally it was very good at being used as a general cursor. I was occasionally unfaithful and used a mouse but I used the touchpad most of the time without fail.

      --The bad times--

      Averatec and I hit a rocky patch every few months as do most laptops when it gathered a lot of dust in it's extractor fan located underneath the laptop. However, I found it quite easy (once I found a screwdriver!) to take apart and put back together again - a bit of compressed air in the right places and we were back on the road again.

      --The things we ignored--

      80GB on a laptop isn't too bad (it certainly wasn't at the time, I found myself getting an external hard drive of 250GB a year or so later but only because I keep a tonne of music / films on there. Generally I would say 80Gb tailors most needs for a laptop - it will certainly hold plenty of photos and documents, additionally it's only a laptop, they're not designed to hold a lot of data plus in the days where external hard drives are getting cheaper and bigger, I wouldn't really be worried by the 80Gb being offered.

      The Lithium Ion battery, mistreated as it was, on a good day could last for approximately 3.5 hours but on a bad day it could go through that very quickly - pending on the activity. Additionally it was also very easy to take out if needed - this is recommended if travelling and you don't want it turning on accidentally.

      Averatec only came with two USB connections however I soon solved that with a USB docker whic you can get in all good pound shops. Especially after getting speakers and an external hard drive I really needed more than two to be honest.

      --All good things must come to an end--

      Sadly Averatec AV6360 died after complications arose from it's plug adapter connection into the laptop, basically the metallic connector inside the laptop had broke into it thus rendering it pretty obsolete as I couldnt charge it any more. I have seen this problem on other laptops so I cannot really blame Averatec, especially after all the abuse she put up with from me!

      Whilst not having many amazing features like built in webcams that the latest laptops have it did what I asked and that was to last a few years to enable me to write dissertations and the like. This laptop did what it said on the tin.

      All in all I thoroughly recommend this beauty, it's a straight forward, aesthetic laptop that does the job and it's longevity proved it's usefulness and reliability to me - this is one tough cookie!


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