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Compaq Presario 732US

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  • the cooling fan hardly ever goes off
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    1 Review
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      22.01.2003 19:13



      • "the cooling fan hardly ever goes off"

      Update: Have got Compaq involved and apparently this is a major design flaw as the bottom and top of the case are prone to breaking. Apparently the early models had this flaw and this has now been fixed. However I havent got one of the new ones yet and I'll pass judgement when I've seen it and used it for a while. Update 2: The unit was returned to me on the 7th Feb, it is now 26th March and there are already cracks appearing in the same place as before and as this has been replaced before we have been taking it easy with the machine. I have had to phone Compaq again and they have told me to send it back for a replacement case again. Truly pathetic. This is supposed to be a laptop which can take a bit off rough and tumble, after all its deisgned to be carried from place to place. All this is machine get used for is my wife to send emails to friends and family, to write the occasional letter and to play solitaire on. This repair will be our Sixth.... And we've only had it since November 2002! I will be replacing this asap.... but not with a Compaq! Update 3: The laptop has been back to Compaq on no fewer than 5 occasions now to have the case replaced. The last time was in August 2003 and this case seems to be holding out. Original article: This has to be the worst laptop I have ever come across. The story is that I didnt buy it, thank god, it was a replacement from my insurance company as our old compaq laptop broke. The problem with this machine is the hinges for the screen. The case always cracks on the lid just above the hindges and in time reaches from side to side of the case. Surely Compaq would have tested the strength of the plastic before releasing it. On each of the three previous machines the same thing has happened. Little cracks around the hidges which spread right across. Its not like it gets loads of use either, my wife uses it twice a day on average to c
      heck her email and surf the web. I am on my fourth and its doing the same thing! Its only 2 months old.... Also as its an Athlon 1200 the processor fan is always on, and I mean always. If your sat with it on your lap you can feel the heat cooking you legs. If your thinking about this laptop then look elsewhere. ITS CRAP! Sorry about the lack of technical data, but I don't see the point as I don't recommend this even in the slightest.


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