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Compaq Presario CQ60-214EM

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    3 Reviews
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      22.10.2009 10:04
      Very helpful
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      so nice

      hello folks,

      i bought a refurbished compaq presario cq60 (to give it the full title) about 3 months ago, and i love it. it does everything i need it to do and a little bit more, bit reading between the lines will let the more astute readers realize i don't need it to do a hell of a lot.
      my basic usage includes: word processing, general internet use, playing movies/music, downloading movies/music and perhaps a little bit of photo shopping images (to give me the baywatch physique).

      the laptop comes with a 15.6 inch display, which is 0.2 inches bigger than a standard laptop. not a huge amount of difference you may think, but it is worth it. As the screen is that slight touch wider, watching widescreen movies is nicer, also the text size is a little bigger, making it easier on the eyes. You will, however, find that while it does still fit into normal carry cases for 15.4 inch laptops, it takes a significantly larger
      amount of persuasion :)
      the graphics are very clear and crisp while watching videos/movies, although i wouldn't recommend this for heavy gaming as the graphics card will not support it and you cannot upgrade it either. The computer has a line out for a HD ready screen, which is a welcome addition meaning you can literally use the computer as a monitor and use a larger screen with better quality.
      the keyboard is slightly oversized for a laptop, making typing much easier (i am using it right now) and also the verrrry handy full numerical keypad on the far right makes online shopping, use of the calculator etc a doddle compared to the awkward use of the standard numbers.

      As i said at the beginning, this computer isn't going to win awards. My particular model has the semperon processor, which i find perfect, and has 2GB of ram, which is sufficient for my needs. if you will be running memory intensive programs, get something with higher ram or a dual core processor, as you will find this tedious. My computer has never frozen, i have never had to wait an annoying amount of time for anything to occur, but that is because the most intensive program i run is Safari, which takes up a fraction of the 2GB ram. If you want the computer for the same uses as myself, then it is a more than comfortable speed.

      Perfection. Absolute perfection. The programs load very quickly and simply, the mousepad is a thing of genius, responding perfectly compared to other laptops i have owned (with the handy addition of a scroll line on the right hand side of the mousepad). the only complaint i would have is towards windows vista, which has nothing to do with the laptop! i personally find that the microsoft and windows programs are sub-standard, so i use others.

      ~internet explorer constantly comes up with errors on the script, so i instead use Safari (but mozilla firefox is a perfect substitute)
      ~Windows Media Player constantly refuses to play certain types of media, which is ridiculous, so i use VLC media player which has no frills or fancy skins, but plays everything!

      Battery life is poor - 2 hours ish when on balanced mode, but lets face it, how often do we use a laptop in the middle of a field, you will generally have access to a plug or won't be using it for 2hours. If you do need to use it off the battery, turn off the wifi if it isn't needed as it will sap the battery.
      as far as the wifi goes, i have only ever had once when it wouldnt connect, and that was in my kitchen... although i think that was more of a protest against my cooking rather than anything else! range is standard, about 10-15 meters or so, i can pick up about 5 different wireless networks at home, so i presume its about that distance.

      also comes with a 1.3mp webcam, which is a nice touch, but has yet to be used. if anyone knows of any irish relatives i may have in australia, be sure to recommend them to me and ill finally have an excuse to use skype :)
      All in all this is a great laptop, and i purchased mine for just under 300 nupes with postage to Belfast, N.Ireland, so you couldnt shake a big stick at it :)
      definitely get one of these laptops if you are looking for a general computer which ticks all the boxes

      it is posted on ciao.


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        01.08.2009 16:23
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great all-round laptop

        I bought my Compaq laptop at John Lewis for £379. It came with 2 years guarantee - the first year is the manufacturers guarantee and the second year is provided by John Lewis themselves.

        I bought the computer to replace my Toshiba laptop which had lasted over 3 years but died due to an unfortunate accident with a cup of tea.

        About the computer:
        It is about 38cms by 25.5cms by 4cms. It weighs 2.75kg. I find it is best used as a home laptop rather than one you would carry around on a regular basis.

        The screen feels like a widescreen but is 15.6inches. The screen quality is good. It makes finding things much easier on the computer screen.

        The keyboard is really nice to use with well spaced keys that only need a light tap. The main part of the laptop is wide enough to have a laptop and a numeric keypad to the left. This has been an excellent feature for me to use as I do quite a lot of spreadsheet work. If you are used to a laptop with just a standard keyboard the addition of the keypad is a little strange as you have to type 'off-centre'.

        This is one feature I really am unimpressed with. There are no mechanisms for adjusting the sound except using the on-screen system. This can be really hard when you are watching a film/iPlayer etc. I have also found the sound quality to be poor especially when I am loading tracks into itunes.

        Operating system
        The laptop came preloaded with Windows Vista along with a 60 day/20 use trial for Microsoft Office 2007. I won't talk about this in much detail except to say the transition from XP and Office 2003 has been a bit hard for me.

        The computer comes with 3GB of RAM and 250GB of memory. This is probably too much for my needs right now but I want a computer that can cope with future needs as I plan to keep the computer for at least three years.

        Other extras
        The laptop has a webcam; 5-in-1 card reader which is really useful for downloading photos etc; 3 USB ports; a Lightscribe DVD re-writer.

        Battery life
        The battery life is pretty good. I can usually use the laptop for a good 90 minutes before it is a problem.

        Overall this is a great everyday laptop. I use it most days and I never have to worry. It is fast enough to cope with my usage. The extra year of insurance provided by John Lewis has given me extra piece of mind.


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        30.07.2009 15:48
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Overall good laptop

        This is the first laptop i have purchased, so initially i was very pleased with it and excited to get on and use it.
        This laptop looks very sleek and i like the stylish, shiny outer shell. It is quite slimline and not heavy at all. The screen is a good size, which can show of the great graphics and media playing capabilities. The internal speakers are also very good.

        I like the scroller on the side of the touch pad, but can sometimes get in the way when it is not needed. My laptop came with a Lightscribe DVD writer, which i have yet to use, as special lightscribe Disks need to be used and are quite difficult to get hold of.

        It was very easy to set-up and install, however i feel that the instruction manual could have been more informative especially for people not familar with setting up a computer for the first time.

        The main negative for this laptop would be the battery life. The battery runs out very quickly, you can see the battery meter go down rapidily regardless of the power saving option you choose. So using the laptop whilst out and about would not be advisable as you could lose unsaved work.

        Another problem I've faced with this product is the sensitivity of the touch pad and mouse buttons. I often find that icons, hyperlinks etc. are selected without having pressed the button. This can be quite frustrating. However, if you prefer to use a seperate mouse, the touch pad can be disabled easily by the button just above it.

        Overall i am pleased with this laptop.


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