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Dell Latitude D410 Advanced

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    2 Reviews
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      11.02.2009 14:05
      Very helpful



      Good portable laptop.

      A Bit of background first :

      I am a regular user of Dell Latitude laptops and have used most iterations of the D series. They are brilliant corporate laptops!


      The Dell D410 is built for mobility and performance on the go. It is small and compact, just what you need for working on your project while sat on a train on the way to London. With 4 USB slots, headphone and microphone ports, ethernet port, Integrated WLAN and bluetooth this machine has everything you need.


      The only problem I have had with this machine is that the wireless stopped working after about 2 years. However Dell swiftly replaced the motherboard less than 24 hours after ringing to report the issue.

      Ease of use:

      The laptop is very portable and easy to use. The function keys allow you to switch on the WIFI and Bluetooth, change the volume, the brightness all sorts.

      Battery Life

      The battery life is not incredible but it is enough to do the jobs you need.


      At release the machine had all the mod cons ; wifi, bluetooth etc. Now it could do with maybe an E-Sata port , Mobile broadband etc but for it's age it is good.


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      03.02.2009 01:51
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      In my personal opinion, this is one of the primo of laptops and worth it's pricetag for what you get

      I normally don't wax poetic about something as geeky as a lappy (my slang for Laptop). But, prepare yourself for some major gushing about this Dell Notebook.

      Flashback to 2007. I was still living in the U.S. and worked as a Systems Administrator part-time at a German Automotive Company, while I was still in College. It really was a cushy job. I pretty much did next to nothing and told all the users to just "restart they're PC/Notebook" if they were having performance problems. In addition to the next to no work I had to do, there were also perks with buying slightly older Computers and Equipment once they were deemed obsolete or out of date. With this little perk, throw in the fact that our main companies I.T. director was a complete snob, and you have me buying this for around $300.00. This was after our company only had it for 6 months and spent over $2000.00 on it. Can we say "STEAL of the century!"

      When I first saw it I was only "so-so" impressed. Yeah, it's ultra lightweight at less than 4lbs. Yeah, it's incredibly easy to carry around. Yeah, it has a great memory and excellent Wi-Fi capibilities. Yeah, the touchpad is the best i've ever seen and/or used. Yeah........ok why was I only "So-So" impressed!???

      Suffice to say , I am overly impressed now. I've been using it for just over a year, and I've had not a SINGLE problem with it. Well, not a single problem that wasn't of my own making.I had to replace the keyboard b/c I spillt some coffee on it. How many times though have you had someone say they're laptop died because of spilling something on the keyboard? I was freaking out. I thought "Great, it's dead, i've killed the coolest laptop i've ever had". Instead, since it's built with this spill proof type layer under the keyboard, it only messes up the keyboard and NOT the laptop itself!

      Here is a little glimpse into all the ways I love this Lappy

      * It weighs as much as a "small" copy of War & Peace:

      I'm still amazed at how light it really is. I sit it on my lap and it feels like nothing is there but a book. You can't get any better than that!.

      * The fan works like a champion:

      There is nothing worse than an overheated laptop. If you've had or have one, you know what i'm talking about. My Dell Latitude D410 though, is hardly EVER even above slightly warm. It's mind-boggling.

      * The Wi-Fi can pull up a signal from Space:

      Ok maybe that's a slight exaggeration. Yet, when i've used this out in the middle of nowhere in Scotland, I was still able to pull a signal from some random free wi-fi god knows where. All of my friends that were with me that brought they're lappy's couldn't even get a signal let alone connect it.

      * The LCD screen is the perfect clarity, brightness, and size:

      I have no idea what the "perfect" LCD screen is, but this one has to be close. I never end up rubbing my eyes, or having a fuzzy screen when it's first turned on, etc..

      * The intragal system itself is stellar:

      I know that a 1.86 GHz, and a Ram of 512mb, with a 60gig Harddrive shouldn't be deemed as stellar, but this system is faster, and has more memory then my computer that has over double of the above specs. I think this thing was sprinkled with magic fairy dust or something.

      In Concusion:

      I really can't say enough about this machine. If it ever dies on me (heaven forbid!), I would most assuredly buy another exact one. It's perfect for the person always on the go, and who likes to cart they're laptop around without it being bulky and annoying. Yet it's more than that. I guess you would just have to use and buy one to understand what i'm completely in love with this Dell Notebook. =)


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