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Dell Latitude D630

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    5 Reviews
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      09.12.2013 18:43



      If you get a deal, don't avoid it.

      Dell has offered over time very good portable solutions. From office to gaming and media laptops and notebooks, they got everything. In this article I will write my opinions about Latitude D630, a laptop that really created waves at it's time. First I will present you my specifications:

      Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 2 Ghz
      4 GB DDR2 RAM
      Intel GMA3100 Graphics
      640GB Toshiba HDD
      Windows 8 Pro 64Bits

      It looks ok. I don't really like some details in it's look like the multitude of shades or the texture, but I prefer performance over looks. It's fast enough for simple tasks and some gaming. It can handle Photoshop and Sony Vegas so it's good for me. I play just League of Legends and Sims 3 so it's ok. Overall this laptop got everything it needs. It could require some upgrades when necessary but in the end this is the way the modern tehnology works. I would recommend it for a good price.

      As an addition to my review about this laptop. I am currently working in AutoCAD 12. It's just flawless. It's very smooth and works way better than I ever excepted. I currently work in 2D but when I will go in the third dimension I believe I will encounter some problems. I will update if possible.

      Another thing, my DVD-R drive it's dying slowly. I makes a very loud noise when reading a DVD. CD's are ok, but DVDs just kills it. I hope to fix it or I will find my self in need to change my optical drive. Or completely remove and try to add a SSD.


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      16.07.2012 14:49



      Good All Rounder

      I've had a Dell D630 for over 3 years, and also work repairing these when out of warranty.

      The build quality i would have to say is excellent. for the fact that it is a plastic shelled unit, it has stood up to almost everything i could throw at it. The battery life is good when in power saving mode, and have had up to 8hrs when first bought, but this does take a bit a battering after a few years. i generally run it from a docking station now, but the battery will still go a good 4 hours if required. Never had a problem with the USB ports, wireless connectivity, RJ45, DVD drive. All have stood up to the task. The main downfall i've seen with these units is the screen. although quite bright and well lit, if there is the slightest bit of pressure on the back of the screen component, from something in your laptop bag, it does show a dark spot. The other problem i've seen throughout the years working with these is the screen component starting to flicker on the bottom 1cm. This does require a complete screen swapout.

      Other than that, it's a pleasant experience using the machine.


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      08.11.2011 16:30


      • Reliability


      Would highly recommend, great buy.

      I have had this laptop for 4 years and it has never let me down once.

      The dell latitude d630 is great, here are some pros:
      The appearance is stylish, its a metallic grey with curved edges.
      Super fast
      its not too heavy
      Overall the laptop is durable and reliable.
      The screen size is average and has a clear and bright screen
      Its available for cheap
      Good value for money
      Great for people who want to work at home as microsoft office works great on here with the fast speed.
      The keyboard is comfortable to use and the keys are well spaced out.
      The touch "mouse" is good, its got just the right sensitivity.

      And now the cons:
      The laptop takes around 45-60 mins for a full charge which is average but major disadvantage I find is that the battery life is not great at all, it lasts a poor 4 hours.
      Its not a entertainment laptop(videos and movies are poor both in sound and picture), although I mainly listen to music with my headphones plugged in so its not a problem.
      It does not physically look appealing.

      Now the pros outweigh the cons and I truly believe that this is a great laptop. This is easy to use and there are not many features to be honest. I need it for university work that I receive and I find it great for typing and working on tasks due to its brilliant proccesor. Although the laptop could be better if it was also an entertainment laptop. The screen size is very small for watching movies or videos at only 11.6 inches. For around £200-250 this is a brilliant laptop as I have seen other laptops that are slow and that have not many good features for around £500. This is a great buy and I hope this review has helped.


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      04.08.2011 11:36
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great laptop for personal and/or educational use.

      After years of faithful and reliable service my trusted desktop PC finally packed up. It had been on its way out for a while so I was simply playing the waiting game whilst doing a bit of window shopping and research into what my next computer would be.
      I don't really know why but I have always preferred desktops to laptops but it seemed logical for me to switch to a laptop this time. I was just about to start my uni course and, as I travel via train between Birmingham and Nottingham about two times a month I thought a laptop would be much more suited to me as I could get some work done during these quite long and boring train journeys.

      It was for this reason that I was first drawn to the Latitude D430, it's quite small (11.6 inches wide) and very light (apparently 3lb but I will admit it feels a little heavier than that to me). The size of this laptop did put me off a little bit, although I wanted something smaller than a full sized laptop I wasn't sure if I would ever get used to it being quite so small after all those years of working on a desktop. After six months of use, however, I've grown to prefer this size of laptop!

      I'm relatively good at working on computers but when it comes to specs and jargon, I'm no expert, or anywhere near it for that matter. I ended up telling my Dad what I needed it to do and having him checking over all the specs of the laptops I added to my 'maybe pile' to see if they would be of any use to me. And so, I apologise for the lack of the technical side to this review.

      I do find it connects to the internet very easily and quickly. It has a little switch on the right hand side of the base which allows to turn wifi on and off (good for saving battery life if you're not using the internet). I had to do the usual set up the first time I connected to my wireless internet at home but ever since then this laptop has connected straight away and stays connected for long periods of time.

      It has four USB ports which I feel is more than enough, I've never had a reason to use more than two at a time. You can also connect this laptop to a monitor if you wish. I tried it once just to see if it worked (it did) but I've never properly used it like this. But I suppose if you find the built in monitor a little too small to work with then this is a great feature for you. There are also ports to connect a set of headphones and a microphone and a box standard webcam sits on top of the laptop perfectly fine so, if video calling is your thing, this laptop will suit your needs just fine. An SD memory card reader is also built in. A feature I have found quite useful as I'm always misplacing my USB camera lead. This way I can simply take the memory card out of my camera and put it in my laptop, it's a lot easier in my opinion.

      This laptop originally runs on Windows XP however I upgraded mine to Windows 7 and have experienced no problems whatsoever. I'm able to store all of my music and uni work on this laptop without it having any negative effects on its performance. Unfortunately, this laptop does not have a CD drive which was a little disappointing however a USB drive is easily found. A simple CD drive can be brought from ebay for £10, £20 if you want a DVD drive. I have brought a USB DVD drive and found it works fine. I am able to run computer games (The Sims 3 mainly) and watch movies with ease on my laptop.

      I've only had this laptop for about six months so in terms of how long lasting it is I don't really feel I am in a position to say however it's so far still running like new and I've had no problems with it at all. The battery life on it isn't amazing though. Fully charged will get you between an hour and two hours depending on what you're doing when not pulled in and on charge. This has never really been a problem for me as I only use it at home and on trains, I always reserve a train seat with a mains socket thus my laptop is always plugged in.

      A fan is a high recommended product to use with this laptop. It does get painfully hot! I can only have this laptop touching bare skin for about ten minutes before it does actually burn me. Fans are easily brought, again I got mine from ebay for about £10 and it works a treat. As long as you're using this on a desk then it's fine.

      As for the price, if buying brand new this laptop is going to set you back at £330 which, even then I don't think is too badly priced. I'm pretty sure you can get a lot worse than for that type of money! However, like most on a budget, I brought mine refurbished, again from ebay, and paid about £200 for it. I don't remember the exact price unfortunately but it was around the £200 price mark. This is about standard price for a refurbished D430 for what I can tell by doing a little internet research and I think that price is excellent value for money. £200 in PC World wouldn't get you anything that was anywhere near as good as this. If you're looking for a laptop on a budget (regardless of what particular model) I would definitely recommended shopping around on ebay for refurbished models. They work just as well as brand new and cost a fraction of the price.

      All in all, I'm really pleased with this laptop. Of course there is room for some improvement but as a general rule I think this is a perfectly good laptop which does exactly what it is supposed to. I would highly recommended this laptop if you're just looking for something for personal or educational use.


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      05.01.2011 13:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      This is a great everyday and home user laptop providing everything they need in a stylish neat frame

      I have been using thi laptop from a couple of years now, although it is starting to show its age I have had very few problems. Although it is only a laptop I would suggest for the average user browsing the internet and using office products it is capable of more, as I have been using some quite demending things on it like Visual Studio and Photoshop.

      This laptop looks good with its silver and black colours and it is comfortable to as use the keyboard is large enough even for someone with larger fingers and the screen is clear and has a good contrast making it easy to use for many hours in a row.

      ----- Features ------

      -- Processor
      This Laptop is fitted with a Intel® CoreTM2 Duo Processor which is a powerful processor and can run day to day tasks with ease the the dual processors mean multi-tasking and intensive programs are possible.

      -- Graphics card
      The NVIDIA® Quadro NVS 135M Graphics Card is good allowing for a large second monitor which can be used if the 15Inch display is a bit too small, provides nice crisp images and the main laptop screen can be expanded to a respectable 1440 x 900 resolution, the intergrated graphics card is according to official specs capable of 1280 x 800 which is also enough for most users.

      -- Hard Drive
      As with most Dell laptops you can get a variety of laptops mine contains a 60Gb Sata hard drive which is quiet according to some stats this would be able to store 15,000 mp3s, 150 movies, 30 games. Although windows takes its chunk of this. I have never had too much issue with the reading writing speed apart from when I am overloading the system anyway.

      -- Memory
      My system has 3Gb of 667MHz DDR2 Memory which is enough to power the system and all my programs the DDR2 memory chip is still good and the 667MHz bus is fast enough.

      -- Connectivity
      This laptop comes with many different connections, this includes Wireless, Lan, and a 56k Modem which makes it a well connected machine. There is also a slot for a mobile simcard in it which I have not yet explored as to its features. There are 4 USB ports which and the standard audio output and inputs.

      -- Extras
      With a range of Operating Systems, CD/DVD Drives, Hard Drives, Grapics Cards, Memory, batteries and Optional Security like finger print scanner, this laptop is many things to many people.

      ----- Overview ------
      I am very happy with the machine and would recommend it to any day to day user and office professionals. It is not a gaming or software development machines although it will cope it is not quite up to that standard. It is robust, has enough power to run most things and the options mean this laptop can range from a basic to a good machine. The screen is good and the graphics card is suitable.


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