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Dell Inspiron XPS M1710

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    3 Reviews
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      13.08.2010 17:19



      Exelant gaming laptop

      I bought this laptop because of its graphics card. At my £500 price point the 512 mb 7950 was the very best i could get. i purchased it refurbished at ndc.co.uk who gave me a one year return to base warranty , drivers cd, open office cd but no manual ,wifi N upgrade and an upgraded nine cell battery. The laptops 2.16 GHz Centrion duo core processer is faster than my main desktops processer. The laptop came with 3 GB of RAM (upgradable to 4 GB) and a 320 GB 5400 rpm hard drive. gaming performance is great crysis plays well on medium and all right on high cod4 is superb as you would expect of maximum settings and so is medieval 2 total war. The laptop looks great and has lots of different colors of lighting which flash to music when it is played with windows media player. You can also turn all the lights on or off using dell xps lights fx.
      overall i would thoughly reccomend this laptop or its updated versions to any casual gamer


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      15.05.2009 17:21
      Very helpful



      excellent machine, highly reccommended!

      I bought my dell XPS M1710 over 2 years ago now, when i changed from a desktop pc to a laptop. At the time this was an exceptionally powerful computer even compared to a high end desktop, i got the top specs available with a dual core 2.33Gb processor, 4gig RAM, and NIVIDIA GeForce Go 7950GTX gfx card. Windows Vista and a 3 year at home warranty.

      Anybody can check out the specs of these machines so i will not dwell on them too much, ,i just wanted to give my opinions as a user after some time, not when i have just bought it.

      The speed of the machine is very reasonable for a laptop, and has the ability to play many high end graphics games such as X3 terran conflict with relative ease. It should be mentioned that when running some games at high gfx levels the system is likely to overheat even when on a desk (do not play with on your lap as the air cannot circulate and you will get VERY hot). I did have to buy a small 2 fan cooling unit to sit the laptop on, and this put an end to crashes due to overheating for a very small cost.

      The hard drive is not the largest and can become full easily (150 Gb) especially since Dell partition off 10 Gb of this for backup leaving about 136Gb available inc the operating system.

      I find there are enough USB ports (6) for most people but a hub could be used if needed. The shortcut keys for the media player are extremely useful for both windows media player and winamp, and is one of my favourite features. I would love to find a plugin that allowed them to be used with VLC media player but have not found one yet.

      The screen is fantastic, with full 1080P resolition, makes films beautiful to watch, however the desktop in this resolution is a bit small for my eyes.

      some bad points i have noticed. The keyboard seems a little flimsy and my spacebar has been half hanging off for a long time. The lights that are scattered around the speakers and air vents are fun for about 2 days then i turned them off and never use them again. I found that the screen hinges get loose after 6 months or so, leaving an inch of play in them, still perfectly ok to use but a bit frustrating at times. There was a problem with the built in BlueTooth device, which after trying several drivers i could not get to work correctly, numerous posts in forums about this issue.

      The battery life is not that good, and the battery gets worse over time, but given that you can turn down the settings you gan get longer for light use. This system is not really meant for economical power use given the high specs, so i am not complaining, i still get nearly 2 hours will full power settings on the battery which is quite good.

      The wireless works very well with a next gen card, and the tv out can be very useful. It would have been nice to have had a built in HDMI port though.

      Overall i would highly reccommend this system. Though given the advances over the last few years it is not still able to compete as well, it more than holds its own.


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      04.02.2009 20:23
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Very good laptop for gaming not the best for internet etc

      Ive had the Dell xps m1710 ever since christmas and so far there ive liked it but there are disadvantages and are are advantages of the Dell XPS m1710. When i first got my laptop i got it with no Bluetooth and there was only a 2GB ram, Now i bought a Bluetooth module from the dell website for around £50 and i bought a 4GB ram of the dell website too. I have on my dell like any other new computers/laptops, Windows Vista mine is Windows Vista Ultimate which i think is very fast.
      The Advantages are...

      The screen is a 17" LCD monitor which is very good for watching movies and TV shows
      There is 7 music buttons on the front of the laptop which is very handy when you have your computer half closed and you dont want to flip it up and goto your media player to change the song or stop, play and pause or mute or just turn it up or down and it is handy when you are doing something else on your computer
      It has an 5 in 1 Memory card reader which supports....
      SD memory card, Memory Stick, Memory stick PRO, Multimedia card and XD Picture Card
      It as 2 USB slots on the side and 4 on the back of the laptop which means you can use up to 6 USB devices at a time.
      It has built in WIFI so you can conect your Laptop to your home network and Wireless LAN.
      It has LED lights at various places on the Laptop....
      The Touch pad has a XPS sign with a red light
      The front 2 speakers has LED lights
      The side 2 Fans has LED Lights
      The front side has two logos saying XPS which has LED lights in them
      You can change the colours of these lights at any time, Except of the Touch pad!
      The Back of the Laptop has a VGA, a DVI Digital and a S- Video output Ports, For to connect to a TV, or a Computer screen
      It has a Built in Subwoofer for Extra sound
      It has 1 network and 1 Modem ports, and has a Microphone input, Line out, Headphones ports and has 1 firewire port
      The battery is a 9 cell lithium ion, so y our battery life will last longer.
      It has a 80GB hard drive so you will have enough space for movies,documents,pictures and music etc.
      It is a very strong and hard computer i dropped mine and it works perfectly fine.

      The Disadvantages are...
      It is quite heavy.
      It is a very big size.
      The keyboard is quite small
      On other booting systems such as Windows Vista home premium the internet is quite slow.
      it doesnt come with a bluetooth moudle so you have to buy one seperatly.
      My Windows media Player when it comes to the end of the song it starts skipping.

      More Info about the Dell XPS M1710
      It comes in two colours Red and Black.
      There is a new verson out Dell XPS M1710 Blueray which has a Blueray DVD player built in.
      You can get your LED lights to flash different colours when you are playing music in Winamp, Windows Media Player and iTunes. With software calls XPS Lights. (The touch pad doesnt flash)
      You can change the colour of your LED Lights with Dell Quickset.
      The gaming on the Dell XPS M1710 is incredible its one of the best gaming computers on the Dell Market.

      I would recommend this computer to anyone that is buying a new computer. If they want a good Gaming and a fast computer and WIFI built in then you should get the Dell XPS M1710

      Originally Posted on Ciao


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