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Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook S7110

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    2 Reviews
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      23.06.2010 11:56
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good laptop for everyday use and will last you for the whole of that day

      I have been using this laptop for over a year now but has been in use for longer than that.
      We used to use about 10 of these at work for the engineers to record data so have been used a lot.
      The engineers would use them for recording data from their electrical testing. They would work in buildings such as schools and offices and have been put through their paces and me being the IT administrator, I know a lot about how this laptop works.

      The Fujitsu Life book series were designed to give the user the longest battery life possibly. So this laptop was ideal for us because the laptops weren't always in reaching distance of a power supply.
      You can buy a second battery for these laptops. The CD drives pops out and you can slot the new battery in. This will increase the battery life to about 11 hours, but a more realistic time would be about 8-9 hours.

      This laptop is very durable. Some of the laptops have been dropped many times and haven't always broken. A lot of the time, the engineers would rest them on the top of their ladders and they would sometimes fall off and not have a scratch on them. But on two occasions the screens have broken and are about £100 to have replaced.
      It has a built in function that retracts the hard drive when it feels a vibration, so when it is dropped it will protect the hard drive and keep the data secure.

      The speed of the laptops is also very good. They were only used to run basic Microsoft programs such as Excel. We upgraded to different laptops a little while ago so I decided to take one of these and use it for personal use and have used it for other programs, such as internet explorer, email and some games and all run fine but obviously you can't play games such as call of duty on them.

      The laptop has many different function keys on it which can be used for shortcuts, like locking the computer and starting the internet.

      There are one or 2 problems with the laptop but they aren't enough to put you off buying one.

      The first one is the little ball like thing in the middle of the keyboard. This is to act like a mouse. You put your finger on it and move your finger and it will move the mouse cursor. I personally don't see the point seeing as there is a touch pad and it is no where as easy to use, in fact it is almost impossible to use. It can sometimes get stuck and will stop you using the touchpad and there is no way of knowing that the ball is the problem, I only solved the problem by accident.

      The other small problem is the RAM. They only have 512MB of it which isn't enough to run operating systems such as vista but we only used XP so it wasn't a problem, I have upgraded one to 1GB since then and is a lot better.

      The only thing I would say that was enough to put you off buying one was the price. £900 for a laptop which has average specs doesn't seem like a good deal to me, but we needed the battery life, so if that is what you are after then it is going to cost you a lot of money.

      Everything else on the laptop is without problem. The keyboard is easy to use because the keys are light, the touch pad is nice and smooth and it had scroll buttons on it, it has a nice sized hard drive which is 80GB and it has a nice screen which works well in the sun light.


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      14.12.2008 10:42


      • Reliability


      very good for working and study

      I bought my Fujitsu LifeBook S7110 two years ago. it is my main notebook which does not give me trouble except two times about the sound problem. it did not give out any sound and I tried a few ways to solve but not successful. finally i reinstalled the OS and it works well until now. the performance is quite satisfying especially after I installed 2.5 Gb memory . The weight is light (1.75 kg) and easy to carry. The battery can last 3-4 hours. If there is independent graphic card, it will be better. The LCD surface sometimes seems too bright, though. the price of this product is reasonable. Besides, the white collor of the keyboard I feel not as good as black keyboard of thinkpad series. It is very easy to be contaminatedso I need to clean it frequently otherwise, it will look dirty!
      I would like to recommend this product especially to those looking for an affordable and high quality laptop. besides, the service of fujitsu can be trusted greatly. In a word, it is a top brand that I like very much and this model is a nice choice for ladies and gentlemen!
      *this review is also on ciao*


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  • Product Details

    The LIFEBOOK S Series is the best friend of a frequent traveler, leaving no compromises: the sturdy notebook keeps the balance between low weight, high-end performance and modularity. It features a brilliant 14.1-inch display for any demand. This high-portable notebook with latest technology offers maximum performance and extraordinary ergonomics, so the new LIFEBOOK S7110 continues to dominate this product segment. The combination of performance, modularity and flexibility gives you the functionality and ease of use of a full-sized PC. Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology delivers high performance and last a long time away from the power socket. This notebook is designed for highest quality with extensive testing and an extra-strong magnesium lid.