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    5 Reviews
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      06.10.2010 18:31
      Very helpful



      ok product

      My partner actually won this computer at work so I wasn't holding out much hope for it as I assumed it would have been one of the cheaper laptops on the market. I have to say though I have been pleasantly surprised.

      Our laptop is used every day pretty much as our main computer as I can work on it whilst downstairs. We also have wireless connected which is great as I will look for a recipe on the internet then use it to cook from in the kitchen, no need to print it off. This makes it really useful and the wireless connection has never failed.

      I think the look of this laptop is great. Not heavy with nearly the whole top part made up of screen rather than frame. The stylish grey colour is also much nicer than black or shiny examples which may scratch.

      There have been just two issues with this laptop...

      1. The battery seems to have died completely so I cannot use it for more than 5 minutes without it being plugged in. I haven't had this problem checked out as yet as it doesnt cause me too much of a problem at the minute as I dont use the laptop far from a powerpoint.

      2. The U key has popped off and snapped so I only have a rubber button to press. I cannot get this problem fixed without replacing the whole keyboard. Something I can do without at the minute.

      Overall this is a good laptop but prehaps not too robust for our family! I would shop around online for the best price and stay away from reconditioned examples.


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        06.08.2010 13:27
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        I love my little laptop!

        After owning and using my HP550 laptop for the last six months or so, I thought it was about time I wrote a review of its performance. This will be strictly from a non-technical user's perspective with very little technical jargon because I'm not a computer technician and neither, presumably, are most of the people who will read this review.

        As I was away from home and with only an old and ailing Toshiba laptop with a Pentium 3 processor, I bit the bullet and bought a new notebook laptop from eBuyer. I chose the HP550 mainly based on the fact that HP is a reputable manufacturer, the specification was sufficient for my needs and the price was extremely competitive at £349.

        What did I get for my money?

        I got an HP Notebook that was small and lightweight with an Intel Core Duo processor and, although cheap, which performed to the standard of a much higher spec machine. I suspect the reason it was being sold at a lower price was because this machine was running Vista and my purchase coincided with the introduction of Windows 7.

        The laptop has ports for connecting a monitor and printer, earphones and microphone, as well as 3 USB ports. It also has a CD/DVD rewriter along with the necessary software preinstalled.

        Setting up

        The laptop was incredibly easy to set up and the instructions for doing so were detailed and precise, including the pictures. One disconcerting piece of information from HP which came with the laptop was the warning that HP displays can sometimes come with "cosmetic imperfections" by which they mean there could be a bright or dark spot on the screen. Fortunately, once I was up and running, I discovered that my particular laptop screen didn't have this.


        The first thing I noticed is that this machine boots up in record time.

        I use my laptop mainly for emails, surfing, and working from home from time to time. When working at home, I'm generally using MS Office (I have Office 2007 installed). I'm not a gamer so fantastic graphics aren't an issue for me but I do occasionally catch up on TV programmes via iPlayer.

        The HP550 has three power options: HP Optimised which provides average performance and battery life; PowerSaver which gives a much longer battery life but at a slightly reduced performance; and High Performance which gives the top performance the machine is capable of but a fairly short battery life.

        For the HP Optimised and PowerSaver options, the backlighting on the screen is dimmed but apart from that, I haven't noticed any major performance issues. The machine still responds quickly. The High Performance mode keeps the backlighting bright. When working on the lowest power setting, the battery life is approximately 4 hours, whereas High Performance mode only gives about half that time. The battery charges very quickly reaching 100% after an hour.

        I have quite a bit of software installed including Windows 7 and Dreamweaver, both of which are pretty memory hungry and on my previous machines slowed things down considerably. This little laptop, however, has 2.00 GB of memory and seems to have no problems coping. Admittedly, I don't save much to my hard disk preferring to store documentation on flash drives.

        The screen size is 15.6" which isn't huge but I've never found it much of a drawback. When watching anything on iPlayer etc, I tend to plug into a 19" monitor which overcomes any issues on screen size.

        Colour and definition are also pretty good although I guess it wouldn't cut the mustard with serious gamers. The sound, too, is good and doesn't sound at all tinny though, of course, it isn't designed for listening to grand opera.

        I think the least said about the mousepad the better. This isn't a fault of the manufacturer though, it's me; I simply cannot get on with those things and generally use a proper mouse instead unless I'm doing some gentle surfing.


        The most obvious drawback is that the machine came with Vista Home edition installed which meant I couldn't downgrade to XP and so I lost the ability to use some of my software and I can't blame the manufacturers for that because I was well aware of this when I bought it.

        Other than that, the only difficulty I've encountered is when using the keyboard. Being a smaller sized laptop, the keyboard is also smaller. I'm a touch typist and find that sometimes when pressing the tab key, I also knock the caps lock which can be a bit annoying but nothing I can't live with.


        I've been using this laptop every day for about six months now, often for hours at a stretch and have found it to be responsive and reliable. If you're looking for a machine which is small enough to fit on your lap, light enough to carry with ease and capable of dealing with normal, everyday computing needs, then this is the machine for you.

        I highly recommend it. It's definitely got 5 DooYoo stars from me.


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        28.07.2010 20:48
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        a great laptop for all peaple exept gamers .

        hp 550 : a great companion for daily activity.

        in July 2010 i completed a year & 3 months period in the company of this laptop , it offered a great capability of handling me as student & as an advanced user , so if you are thinking in buying it , take this tour with me as i explain my experience with this hp product .

        first ... hardware statistics :
        monitor 15.4 insh lcd hd
        hard disk drive : 250 gb wdc
        ram : 2gb upgraded to 4gb maximum
        vga : Intel GMA X3100 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 4.0.
        processor : intel core 2 due 1.80 gh 2m cashe
        blue-tooth : included built-in
        wireless : included , button above the keyboard
        usb : 3 ports in the left
        dvd rw : type(light scribe) , on the right side.

        OK , for me this specifications are really good & satisfying , it has the capability to run both 32/64 bit versions of any operating system,

        cpu 1.8 is one of the most successful cpu's in my country ,although there is much faster cpu's nowadays , but it is really powerful cpu , and it can do it all , now for the ram as for me i upgraded it to 4 gb , witch was a mistake , and i will tell you why in the operating systems section, so i really recommend to upgrade it to 3 gb not to 4gb.

        now for the video card (vga) ,as a student in college i use a simulation programs,graphic design programs and they ran perfectly ,but for gamers it is another whole story, do not get me wrong ,you can still play your favorite strategy games such as (generals, civilization ) with no problems but you do not expect to run (Assassin's Creed) smothly either,
        so i do not recommend this laptop for high profile games.

        hard disc drive's capacity is 250gb and it can be replaced with much more size later, it is not big deal.

        the monitor (hd) is very good but honestly i do not know if it can display a full hd resolution or not .

        buttery discharge slowly which is a good thing (note: remove the charged buttery when you ran on ac power) .

        software ... operating systems :
        OK now for the real deal , this laptop as i said it runs both of the operating systems versions 32bit/64bit with no difference but do not install windows xp 64 bit version because you will not find it's sound card driver, i first install xp 64 and when i didn't get it's sound card driver on the net , i send a message to the manufacturer (adi) , and they replay that they didn't have it, so i contacted hp but they didn't respond , so please do not install xp 64 bit version of windows . (since this website offers an original vista buisness already installed , i recommend that you keep it that way ).

        for xp 32 & unix open solaris & linux open suse 11.2 or ubuntu it all rans very well and without any problem , for the linux there is no problem with any version 32 or 64 bit it all runs perfectly.

        now if you remember i said to you that you should upgrade the ram to 3gb not to 4 gb ,well ,32bit operating systems can deal with a maximum ram of 3 gb and it will ignore the remaining 1 gigb ram so why you buy something you don't use? , OK some of you may install 64 bit operating systems so he will use all of the rams available & that is true, but you know most of people deals with xp & since it's 64bit version suffered from the not existence of sound driver , they will install 32bit version ;
        for the people whom familiar with Linux they will find no problem with the 64bit versions ,but i tried both 32/64 bit versions of ubuntu 9.04 and i did not notice any difference at all ; for all ubuntu fans i recommend to you to visit the download page of ubuntu 10.04 to see what ubuntu said about 32/64 bit versions.

        the last point i should mention is the burning speed of the the dvd rw.
        it can read & right cd's,dvd's & dvd9's ,as for all the laptops , if you intend to burn high amount of copies of dvd's daily it will be very painful time consuming process , but if you intend to use it personally then laptops including hp 550 will be fine with you.

        the design is good , simple & beautiful (but i think dv6 design is better ) , and it doesn't have a light for the keyboard , so use it carefully at night .

        the wight is light so it's good for every one (men,women or child) everybody can lift it with ease.

        finale word , it is a great laptop from hp, you can install any operating system you want , you can use it in daily bases for study or work (what ever work you do) , in calculation, simulation or any thing you want to use it for , it's my real trusted companion it never failed on me, it never froze (stock) , i should recommend it to everybody , for it's performance & cost, but i do not recommend it for gamers or high profile 3d designers due to it's an replaced vga .

        this is my first review on dooyoo.co.uk , i wish you like it , and peace be upon you all


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          31.08.2009 15:44
          Very helpful



          beauty for the price

          this laptop is a very light and is a easy to use laptop, it has good accesories inbuilt like the card reader, and the cd writer is very nice and easy to use.

          it is pretty fast for a laptop and it has a nice feel to it especially where your wrists go it is comfortable.

          its keypad is nice and easy to use and easy for those who type quickly

          it has wireless G but it is very stable and hasn't timed out on me yet.
          it has a very nice and easy to use wireless button for easy on off use.

          microphone/headset is at the front for easy to use, the disk drive is on the right hand side so you can easily change disks if you are right handed it would be even easyier.
          the card read is also on the fron but it is hidden under a slight curved overhang, so it doesn't brake.
          it has 3 usb's so that you can easily attach things, everything is hidden under a nice slight curved overhang, so that ti fits in with the laptops curves.
          what i like mostly is the battery life it would not fail on me, this could be because i know if you leave it on charge it ruins the battery, but the battery life is great and not like my old hp laptop, were the battery life was terrible, its great for browsing the internet and creating documents, i haven't tried top notch computer games on it because it doesn't require me to do it, but i'm sure it would stand up to the lower quality games but don't go trying call of duty on it because i'm not sure if it could cool quick enough. the cooling does get warm very quickly on your knee and has burnt me a few times so watch out, it heats up very quickly.


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          21.08.2009 15:20



          Good Relaible Budget Laptop

          This is a very good choice for a budget laptop, has all the usual things you would now expect on any laptop, built in wireless and decent amount of memory. Good quality manufacturer and very reliable, easy to set up and very well made, looks better than you would expect for the price, easily set up on home network, have to create own set up discs upon first boot but thats no problem as apart from placing the discs in the writer the machine does the rest, nice keypad and mouse, doesnt tend to have a life of its own unlike my dell machine, i would strongly recommend this as a first laptop for kids at school ar anyone looking for reliablilty at a reasonable price, i cant fault this so far, the only thing i think could potentially cause problems in teh future is the power adapter as these tend to go after a few months but can easily be replaced for around £30


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        Basic Elements. A comfortable fit for any budget, HP 550 Notebook PC helps keep you connected and productive so your office goes with you.