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HP Compaq Business Notebook 6530b

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2010 10:33
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      Before buying any laptop, think about what you want it for and research thourougly what you'll need

      This computer serves as both my primary work computer and my personal laptop for use when I am at home.

      My specs don't seem to quite match what's given by DooYoo in the description, but it's definitely the right model.

      Looking in my system settings it has a Intel Core Duo T9600 @2GHz with 1.92GB RAM (RAM is the memory used for running applications when your computer is on).

      There's also a DVD +/- RW, 4 USB 2 ports. There's also a slot for SD cards, very popular in cameras/ phones and a slot for firewire. Firewire is similar to USB, but it's not something I've ever used so can't really comment on it. Again, I've never directly tried to put a memory card into the computer, as I find it easier just to directly connect the camera or phone up.
      There's even a slot for a PCMCIA Card, which can have a variety of uses from an extra modem to extra memory or storage, although as above it's smply something I've never had a need for.

      At the back are various ports for an internet cable, the power lead (just off to the side), printer and S-video (for TV-PC connection). It has a 14" widescreen, which is easily big enough for work I find but is also big enough for me to enjoy watching my favourite movies on. However despite the 1400x900 32bit screen resolution and colour depth (that equates to over 16.7 million colours), which should give excellent resolution I find the screen a bit to dark and even when I adjust the brightness, I can't seem to get it right.

      The keyboard is easy enough to use, although it is a depressed keyboard style where the base is sank in and the keys come up the about the level of the mouse part at the front. This means that dirt can fall into the little depression and start to build up. Since the keys don't seem to be removable it is very very difficult to clean as you have to try and wipe in the narrow gaps between keys.

      The mouse/touch pad I've had no problems with and find pretty easy to use with no particular need for an external mouse. There is also a hany row of touch sensitive keys below the monitor for controlling wireless on/off, presentation settings, num lock, mute and volume (although this is quite hard to control, so whilst the mute button is handy, for actually adjusting the volume you are better using volume control on the computer).

      In terms of performance, that is reliant on what you run it on. Mine came with a choice of vista or XP, naturally I chose XP as I'm one of many who doesn't like vista. Typical things I would use are MS Office, firefox with a lot (sometimes 20+) of tabs, flash video like you tube or iplayer and DVDs.

      It copes with most of these things fine, but a lot of firefox tabs do slow it down quite a bit. This is more of my issue though as I probably open too many. However, it also insists of doing these automated virus scans which seem to use a lot of memory and this is very annoying. It also seems to take a long time to boot up, despite me tweaking MS Config to stop it loading some of it's useless initial start-ups.

      For streaming or watching media, the computer seems to cope fine even with HD videos although I still prefer to watch stuff on the TV as at times as I think the screen is a little dull.

      I'm not a massive gamer to be honest and what I do play I doubt would be very memory draining. The hardest thing graphically, would probably be the sega-emulator I sometimes play games on in full screen and it seems to cope OK with this, although I think the image could be a little sharper. Generally, you do get smooth movement and game play though unless the computer has been on a long time or has a lot else running.

      The machine itsself seems robust enough made form hard plastic and it's survived being carried around in my rucksack, my main problem really is the fact that dirt gets under the keyboard as I mentioned before.

      The other major concern - not a problem yet - is sometimes it's a bit noisy - say with a large session of Firefox, word, excel, outlook all running it drives the fan into ultra mode and it starts whirring quite loudly and I'm worried it might wear its self out and then the computer will overheat. If anyone else has come across this with another laptop please let me know!

      As for the software I came with, I can't really comment as because it came with my job there was quite a bit of software (e.g. MS Visio, MS Project) that I'm pretty sure aren't standard, but I'd be surprised if it didn't come with Microsoft Office core programmes (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook).

      Overall, would I recommend it? Probably, no. It's not bad but I would encourage you to think about what your main uses would be e.g. if it's gaming you'll need an excellent graphics card and lots of RAM and what specs you'd need for the activities you want to do on it. I believe there is no one size fits all for a laptop and due to this couldn't tell you to rush out and buy this one. I have seen it advertised online for £749, though I think the RRp is close to £1,000.


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