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HP Compaq Business Notebook Nx9030

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2013 12:38
      Very helpful



      robust reliable laptop available at a great used price

      The Product:

      HP Compaq nx9030 Netbook

      About HP:

      In order to accurately review this printer, I have today visited the HP website, I found it easy to navigate and search, but it is not as slick as Dell's site.

      Those greenies or wannabe greenies (like me) will be interested to know that in 2012 HP were number 5 in the Green Company list; "The world's largest technology company, HP holds the #5 spot in the Best Global Green Brands ranking. This year HP announced the installation of an EcoPOD next-generation data center in Georgia." Those of you more interested in performance will be interested to know that HP's future vision is one of improvement and innovation. To visit their site and find out more about either of these achievements here is the link: http://www8.hp.com/uk/en/hp-information/index.html


      Measures 33 cm long by 21 cm wide and folds to just 33mm depth. The screen is an ideal 38cm (15") and has 24 bit colour support. Styled in black and silver the controls have a nice reassuring robust feel to them and all the interface inlets are easily identified and strong to use. The laptop weighs in at 3Kg.


      Mine was originally my work laptop and I used it mostly for college work, some business use and watching DVD's on. About 18 months ago a whole new batch of laptops was purchased for staff and as mine was one of the oldest, I was asked if I wanted to keep it? Well, I did not hesitate, I had waited a few months to obtain a work laptop and was always reluctant to return it for updates and so-on, because you don't always get the same one back. As I had grown attached to this little buddy, how could I not offer him a permanent home?!
      The operating system is Microsoft XP Professional which now despite being very outdated, still works well and does most of what we want. Initially this laptop was excellent for on-line use, but now it struggles a bit with some websites, I think because technology has moved on so much, and the problem with buying a used laptop is I have not registered it with HP as it became mine long after the 1 year warranty was out, so I don't get the updates.

      Today, the laptop is used mainly by my husband, because both of us sharing one PC is not ideal for internet banking and email accounts, due to the hassle of changing passwords. I have installed the wireless printer onto the HP and it works a treat if he needs to print off an invoice or anything.

      I use the HP Laptop a lot for watching DVD's from different zones as it runs all Zones unlike my Dell PC, which I cannot change having changed twice before. I also use it for home Yoga and Dirty Dancing Fitness DVD's as I can move it to where I want to work out, rather than being restricted.

      The sound card is good quality, but although stereo the inbuilt speakers are far from perfect, however I have plugged in other speakers and headphones into the jack and that greatly improves the sound. The screen is easy and pleasant to use. The keyboard and mouse facilities are straightforward and easy to navigate. Although I do prefer a "normal" mouse to the laptop touch box, so I have plugged in a Dell mouse.


      I do find it to be much slower than the PC, but it has a much smaller memory and the internet may be slower due to the wireless use or old OS?


      There is a full technical breakdown available on the DOOYOO site, just close this review (after you have selected "very useful"!) There is a technical information link that you can click for further details, but the basics are:

      RAM 512 MB
      Max Supported RAM 2GB
      CPU Intel Pentium M 725 / 1.6 GHz


      Initially, a major reason for the laptop was so that I could work on the train, however the battery or power charging has just about failed on this Laptop and it drops the charge very quickly, so that only about 15 minutes of word processing is all I can get before the battery goes down. The Laptop was about 2 years old when I first started using it and as it was an older Laptop that had had a lot of use the technical guys at work were not interested in replacing the battery. I am surprised as I have checked on line and a replacement can be obtained for just £8.00 plus p&p, so I am sure they could have bought one cheaper. However, that was partly how I came by the HP, so not complaining, but there is a battery languishing in my eBay basket.

      Generally, we get around the battery issue by using it plugged in. I run an extension lead outside if I want to sit in the garden to watch a DVD or to do some Yoga. It just gets plugged in all the time and we have got into the habit now!

      I do find the smaller memory annoying if I want to stream on-line as it struggles a bit. However, it always copes brilliantly with DVD's.


      Sometimes the Wireless will work when the Broadband won't. So it is very useful as a back- up strategy.

      So why did I choose the HP nx 9030?

      Well, let's be honest it chose me! At work, I could have been issued with a Compaq or a Pavillion, I was issued with the Compaq and when offered the chance to buy him, I gladly did so. There was no research or comparing on my part, it was a marriage of convenience!


      If the laptop had been horrid and tricky, I would never have paid to keep it. So it must be fairly good. I guess we have just got used to its quirks and work around them.

      I really like the robustness of the laptop, I find the size perfect, neither too big to carry about or too small to work on and view movies, so for my use the HP Compaq nx 9030 is almost the perfect laptop.

      I will update this review when I get around to buying a new battery!

      When new this was an advanced piece of kit and this is still reflected in the build quality and tidy styling of the laptop.

      Stars? 4/5 just, because it is a nice quality machine, I'm sure the OS could be upgraded and the
      Battery charging sorted. However, I am sure there are better laptops out there.


      To be honest, these have come down so much in price used, I think they are for anyone who cannot afford or justify the latest technology. The HP Compaq is a robust reliable laptop available at a great used price. Possibly as a back up or kids mess about laptop.

      At the used price compared to the new price of a similar item, you bet I recommend them!

      It's a case of weighing up the pros and cons.

      Price and Availability:

      No longer available new from HP, but all over the net at places like Amazon or eBay at around £50-60 used.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope you found it useful.


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