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HP G72-b01SA

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2011 17:26
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Love it, esp the after sales, they really do care

      I bought this laptop at xmas, and to be honest I originally wanted the HP G72 B20 SA, which thanks to comet who took the order and the cash, finally told me after new year ( despite putting the order in about 6 weeks before ) that they could not get it in, to their credit I had no trouble at all getting all of my money back, but it did stop me from getting the xmas deals for this product, aaaaaaaaaanyway I got this one.

      The diff in the 2 ( G72 B01sa and G72 B20 sa ),
      I have a P6100 processor and not the I3, it came with 3 gig ram not the 4, and the hard drive is 320 gig and not the 500 gig in the other one
      having said that I have a 500 gig external hard drive making my total 820 gig
      and have upgraded to a 4 gig ram the max the machine will allow, which to be honest is all I need

      My previous computer was and still is an advent 5421 which I still use, and to be honest apart from the useless battery life has been a very good computer and remains so, ( only 2 gig ram max upgraded from 1 gig ), it is as quick as you would expect a computer of this spec to be.

      The Hp G72 B01sa, ok lets get the horrid stuff out of the way, because there are so few bad things to say about this computer

      1 .. The touchpad is left of centre and on such a big laptop it really is awkward and more suited to some one who is left handed, if it was not going to be centre then right of centre would have been better, I have taken to using external mice and keyboard to save ware and tare
      2 .. The small plastic pads that keep the keyboard from scratching the VDU tend to fall out, 2/4 remain.
      3 .. The SD holder tends to swallow up too much of the card and makes it difficult to get it out again ( not the case in the advent one )
      4 .. The button to eject the dvd is also buried and awkward to use

      And honestly that is it, so what do I love about this Laptop ( I do mean love it )
      The support from the HP people has been totally impressive, with online chat from their own people saving the cost of expensive calls, and waiting for a reply from emails

      It is very quick ( the p6100 is the one that came out 3-4 months before the I3/5/7 )

      The vdu is nothing short of spectacular, and I do love it, slight downside is that it does tend to reflect the light, so unlike the vdu on advent one, you have no hope of taking it in bright sunlight as you wont be able to see the screen

      I like the keyboard, esp the quick controls above the number keys

      I love the style and quiet elegance of the laptop itself, both when it is open and being used and when it is closed and not in use, it looks equally as good and if a car can be handsome then this laptop is def brad Pitt, or angelina whats her name.

      It is apart from the 4 things I mentioned above just perfect, well done HP

      As for windows 7, well with Vista on one computer and Windows 7 on the other I really dont see the difference, in my humble opinion I think it was launched for 1 reason only, to sell to people who didnt like Vista, in that context I think they are the same thing which has just been repackaged, I have always been able to work with vista and to be honest, it is only my opinion that the only thing they did wrong was credit the user with too much knowledge and should have maybe given less control to the user.

      The other problem people had with vista was that some software just didnt work, but is that not the fault of the programmer, I mean if you get a Ps1/2 or 3 game and it does not work on the console, you would not blame the console if all your other games work on it would you ?


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