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HP Pavilion Dv6-2112sa Entertainment

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2 Reviews
  • Not bad specs
  • Old version
  • Battery
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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2014 20:00
      Very helpful


      • "Not bad specs"


      • "Old version"
      • Battery

      Too old to be considered a good option .

      For any devises like PCs, phones, tablets expiration date comes fast. We all remember that android, apple phones and tablets didn't exist 15 years ago. We all had that old Nokia 3310 and we were happy. The same scene applies with Laptops and desktops. Everyday a new laptop arrives with better specs than the previous one and technology doesn't look back.

      I bought this laptop on 2010 and I remember that I was so excited that I had one of the best laptops with some crazy specs( at least laptops that didn't cost over 1000 pounds). I remember spending around 600-700 euros for this laptop and it was worth it. Now I guess it is good enough for most purposes but not top class.

      The specs that this laptop has are great. Windows 7 are still viable for people who don't prefer windows 8, The processors are fast, memory disk's capacity is great, Ram is good, and much more.

      Although Hp is a well-known manufacturer I cannot say I didn't have some problems these past 4 years. The first problem I encountered was with the battery and charger. The battery got damaged early and the charger just stopped working. The other problem, was with the cooler. One day, The fan stopped and I was forced to send it for service, again.

      To conclude, I believe this is a good PC overall, especially if you consider that it is working after 4 years of hardcore gaming. However I don't recommend it because it is an old version and with the same money you can just buy a better one.


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      20.12.2011 18:32
      1 Comment



      I Would Love To Love This Laptop, But Unfortunately, I Have Had Lots Of Issues With It

      I bought this laptop about 2 years ago, for around the £450. At the time, it was a really good spec laptop, and I still think that it is. I have had a bit of trouble with it, but it still works okay.


      The lid is glossy black and has a nice pattern across part of it. In one corner, there is the HP logo which illuminates when you turn it on. The only problem with the lid is that, because it is glossy, it scratches very easily. This may not be a problem for most people, but I love to keep things in perfect condition, so it annoys me a little bit.

      Around the side, there is silver plastic running around most of the laptop. It seems to be quite strong, however, a small piece fell off once, but it was easily fixed with a bit of superglue. There are a few marks on the silver paint, but it isn't too bad.

      On one side of the laptop, you have the disk drive, 2 USB ports, and the charger input bit. On the other side, you get two different points to connect up an external screen (I'm not sure what they're called, sorry!) an HDMI output, another USB port, and an eSATA/USB port. At the front, you get the standard point to plug in two pairs of headphones and a microphone.

      ~Opening Up The Lid~

      When you open up the lid, the glossy black and the nice pattern continues. The track pad and two buttons are silver which matches the plastic around the laptop. It has a full qwerty keyboard with the numerical pad at the side. The keyboard is black with white, italic letters. It seems to have a continuing modern and funky theme throughout the laptop which I love.

      Above the keyboard, you have the power button and two touch sensitive buttons where you can turn the Wi-Fi on and off and put the volume on or off of mute. It also has a touch sensitive slider where you can alter the volume by sliding your finger up and down it.

      The screen is 15.6 inches big, which is very reasonable and makes it easy to see whats on the screen. Above the screen, it has a webcam, but I can't be sure of how many megapixels it has. The webcam isn't particularly good, but it's not like your going to ever want to take a professional photo with your laptop.

      ~Turning On The Laptop~

      The laptop comes preloaded with Windows 7 Starter Edition which I much prefer to any previous versions Windows, but I'm sure that was what they were aiming for when they created it. It has 4GB of memory built in (3.75GB are usable.) It also has a 320GB hard drive. It is 64-bit (I'm still utterly confused as to what that means) and has an AMD Athlon II Dual-Core 2.1GHz processor. The laptop turns on quite quickly, depending on how much memory you have used up. It takes just under a minute, which to some people may seem slow, but compared to previous laptops I've had, it is very quick for me. It runs very smoothly, and it hardly ever freezes up or plays up in someway. It occasionally runs slower than other times, but usually it returns to normal if you leave it for a couple of minutes to sort itself out. It is very quiet when it is on, and you can hardly hear the fan. Sometimes the fan speeds up a bit when you are using it a lot, but it still is relatively quiet.

      This laptop is supposedly an entertainment PC. I have to agree with this as the sound quality is great. It can be very loud and it is very clear. The picture quality is quite good compared to a lot of laptops, and the battery life is great. Well, was great. Over the 2 years I've had this, the battery life has slower worsened. Maybe it is a fault with just this battery, or maybe its because I've dropped the laptop so many times! It still lasts a good 2 hours, but it did used to last over 4 hours. Very occasionally, I have turned on the laptop to find it has no battery left at all, even though it had almost 100% battery the day before. Somehow, it still turns on to tell me it has 0% battery left ... Or not left, I suppose!

      ~Problems I've Had~

      As well as the battery trouble, I've also had a few other problems with this laptop. One being the hard drive breaking after a year and a half of buying it. I luckily had everything backed up, and managed to get it fixed for £80. Although earlier I implied that I'd dropped the laptop several times, in all honesty, Ive probably dropped it twice. I was quite disappointed about this because Christmas was just around the corner when the hard drive broke, and I didn't have much money to get it fixed after all of the Christmas shopping. Also, every now and again, I seem to get tiny electric shocks from this laptop. However, I read somewhere that it could be to do with the person using the laptop rather than the laptop itself. I don't understand how thats supposed to work, but I have had electric shocks from other laptops before. This laptop is definitely well used, and something I have found is that some of the buttons are very worn and slightly loose. Nothing has fallen apart yet though, so hopefully it will last me a few more years.


      They don't make this laptop anymore, but they do make a newer version of it. I would love to recommend this laptop, however, I am a bit concerned about the issues I've had. I must say though, in spite of the problems, I still think this is an amazing laptop that is simple to use, of good quality and spec, and looks fabulous. It is possible that it may just be my laptop in particular that is faulty. If that is the case, then I would definitely recommend the laptop.


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