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HP Pavilion Dv7-3105ea Entertainment

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    5 Reviews
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      30.11.2011 20:11
      Not Helpful
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      Good for both performace and styles

      Hello again, this time i'm reviewing Pavilion DV7 from HP, configured as dvt-3105ea. Once again, my friend kindly lend his laptop to me (haha surprised how many good friends i have? it's easy : just let your friend copy your notes before exams haha)

      sorry if i broke the rules, just stating i use it more than 6 hours consecutive gaming ( battlefield BC2 and others) although i didn;t own it.

      this DV7 configured with i7 720 qm, 4 gigs of RAM, a large 500 gb hdd ( believe me, this is enough for accompplying you for your trip), and GT 230m ( enough for most game in mid settings. You won't want to maxxed everything in your trip anyway)

      it could took BF: BC 2 and crysis 2 in HD ( 1366 one), mid setting in playable minimum fps. my friend didn;t have fraps installed so i can;t tell you the exact fps

      my personal fave for this things is the style and multimedia. I mean, this is pavilion, a type of HP's created for your multimedia protables. a 17" HD screen wil do you lots of pleasure in watching movies, and LED display will save your battery. and by the way, it has quite "premium" aura, too. just in case you need some haha

      i mean seriously premium aura. When i bring it, it actually looks like multimedia notebook rather than som e "other" notebook ( if you understand what i means)


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        06.08.2011 09:46


        • Reliability


        Very good for price!

        The dv7-3105ea is a brilliant laptop for what is such a small price, with all the features its packs in, and its versatility, such as the graphics card not only being good for movies, (good on the 17 inch wide-screen) it is also very useful for more demanding games, while the processor isnt the best, it is more than enough for the average user, and its also good for a more gaming orientated user, having the 4gb ram is more than enough for current market games.
        Overall i would recommend this laptop to anyone looking for power and performance, but have a budget! The overall design of the laptop should be enough to sway anyone who is faced with the decision of which laptop to choose, if you want simple and efficient this really is the laptop for you.
        One bad point, is the battery, the battery on this laptop doesnt last the longest.


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        02.01.2011 16:20
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Sexy, sleek and fast!

        Some basic technical info:
        - Processor: AMD Turion(tm) II Dual core mobile M520 2.30 GHz
        - Installed memory (RAM): 4GB
        - System type: 64 Bit
        - Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium
        - Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 series (512mb dedicated graphics)
        - Screen size: 17.3 inches (Wide screen display - max res; 1600 x 900)
        - Integrated webcam and bluetooth capabilities
        - Sound: 3D Sound Blaster Pro compatible sound 16 bit integrated, Altec Lansing speakers with integrated sub-woofer
        - Software: Microsoft Works and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 60-Day Trial Version, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Windows Mail, Adobe Reader, HP MediaSmart Suite, Windows Media Player, Windows Photo Gallery, DVD Play, Windows Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker, Cyberlink DVD Suite, Windows Media Centre, HP Total Care Advisor and HP Games Console with hours of free game play.

        Prices vary on this particular model. I've seen it as expensive as £900 in places! Whereas mine was just under £700. So, if you're thinking of buying this, the best advice I can give you is to SHOP AROUND! Ebay offer cheaper models of this, as does Laptops Direct although this may be ay a cost of less memory and a lower quality graphics card.

        What I like about it:

        The design:
        The design is beautiful, sleek and black with a silver circular type pattern along the top. It's distinctive and unusual and the kind of laptop that you'd be proud to show off in public. The sleek, shiny surface does unfortunately have a tendency to attract fingerprint marks but I find this to be a common problem with most laptops these days. I didn't buy the laptop purely based on the stylish design but it's certainly a bonus and I recently found out this was a limited edition artists print which I didn't actually know when I brought it!

        With a 17.3 inch widescreen, it's a big laptop. But I watch a lot of movies and play a lot of games on my computer so this is a bonus for me. I know some people prefer the smaller netbook types but if your a movie or game buff, it's a lot more enjoyable and easier to play/watch in wide-screen, in my opinion. The maximum resolution for this laptop is a huge 1600 x 900.

        Gaming and films
        This will play The Sims 3! Many notebooks these days are not powerful enough to handle The Sims and it's expansion packs but this laptop does and does so in a very efficent manner. As long as you play the game on lower graphic settings...I also play Zoo Tycoon 2, The Harry Potter games and Sonic The Hedgehog on this laptop. The large amount of RAM and dedicated graphics make this a dream gaming system and at a lot more reasoably priced than an Alienware gaming laptop, which will set you back at least £1,000!

        The top of the laptop has dedicated media keys, including volume, start, stop, rewind and fast forward. It also comes with a separate remote control which also has these media keys on. This is useful for leaving the Laptop on a table and then watching a DVD whilst laying in bed or sitting on the sofa. It means you can control the DVD from where you sit, without having to get up and press play, stop etc on the laptop itself.

        Everything about this laptop is fast! It's quick to turn on and start up, you can literally be logged on in less than a minute. This is much better than my previous laptops, even my £500 Acer took about 5 minutes to load. The internet is super fast too and since browsing the net is one of my favourite things to do, this is a major advantage for me.
        I currently have several games, downloads, music and text files saved on my system yet there is still ample space for more, which is a good thing since I've just ordered yet more games in the January sales!

        What I dislike about it

        The laptop blows out a lot of hot air. You can feel it if its rested on your knee. This had me worried that one day, it would overheat and the fan would stop working. A quick Google search showed me that this was a common problem with this particular make of computer.
        So I decided to invest in a cooling mat. I brought the 'Zalman - 17'' Notebook Cooler - 220mm Fan - ZM-NC3000S - Black' from Amazon, which wasn't cheap but effectively solved this issue of overheating.

        Who I'd recommend it to
        Movie fans and computer game fans, this is the perfect laptop for you! The 17.3 Widescreen is perfect for playing games and watching movies in stunning clarity. It can also be brought for a reasonably cheap price, if you shop around a bit first. I'd also recommend it to those who want a stylish laptop to show off and uni students who may need sufficient memory to store essays, research and dissertations on.

        I haven't had a lot of luck with laptops but I've had this one since September and I've never had an issue with it. I love it. Perfect for gaming and movies, fast and reliable and stylishly designed and great value for money. I cannot fault it.


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        22.07.2010 02:18
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a beast of a laptop

        This Hp is one of the Artist limited Editon sets, with the smooth gloss finish.
        As soon as you swicth it on , you do start to realize just how fast the bloomin thing is. Straight from the box it'll literally boot up in about 10 seconds!
        The processor is not the only positive, though, with a huge 500 gig (half a terrabyte-no less!) on offer, not to mention a beautiful crisp LED backlit screen, making for the overall chasis to be as thin as possible whilst keeping overall power consumption to a minimum.

        With The Hp Dv7 coming with Windows 7 (premium) pre-loaded , it makes web browsing a cinch, and is no exageration to say (at least) 8-9 web browser tabs could be opened simulataneously , even on a slow internet connection, and the laptop would still not slow down-impressive?
        It comes as is standard , (as with most Hp laptops ) with Altec Lansing speakers, which are to my opinion some of the finest generic speakers seen on these shores!
        Movie play back through the dvd,cd-r-rw, is stable and image and detail levels seem, conisitently sharp throughout.
        With this having a i7, it does run effectively with a "quad-core" processor meaning this can and should be aimed at the more serious ethusiast, gamer, or video editor.
        That sad you may just want to show off , and this certainly would be the bit of kit to do just that!
        For the serious movie buff it is worth noting that is does come with a larger 17.3 inch widescreen display , by so doing maximises the overall cinema effect.


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        01.07.2010 16:32
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A fantastic laptop for any use

        Whilst at university, I was given a grant to purchase a new laptop for my studies. Now this was an outrageous amount of money to give a student for a new laptop. You would think with it being a grant it would be a couple of hundred pounds at most but no - this was for £1000! So with this amount of budget I had the world of laptops at my peril. Having done my research regarding what you could get for my budget, I stumbled across the HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop. I am always a bit suspicious of those laptops that have keywords such as 'Entertainment' in the title as it makes you assume that that is their key function. As I needed a laptop for university, I was unsure if an 'Entertainment' laptop would be suitable. Oh boy, was it suitable!

        I paid around £800 for my HP Pavilion and it was an absolute dream. It was quick to start up, had lots of free mini games such as bejeweled and solitaire which help to pass the time when you have writer's block! It is fantastic for internet use as it is so fast. It also has ample space for storing data. I had all of my university files and my 7000 word dissertation stored on the desktop along with loads of music files and it still ran as quickly as the day I got it.

        Having needed to raise some funds after university, I sold my laptop and it is the biggest regret I have. I now share my partner's slow, unreliable laptop and every day I long for my fast, HP Pavilion! I loved this laptop and would highly recommend it to anyone. One word of advice though, once you have it, don't let it go! Other laptops just don't compare!

        ** Product Features **

        * 17.3'' HD display
        * NVIDIA GForce graphics
        * HDMI port
        * 500 GB hard drive
        * 4 GB memory
        * Intel Core i7 processor
        * 5-in-1 memory card reader
        * Integrated webcam with microphone
        * LightScribe SuperMulti DVD drive
        * Wireless connectivity
        * Bluetooth
        * Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium

        ** Technical Details **

        Operating system: Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

        Processor: Intel Core i7 Processor i7-720QM, 1.6 GHz

        Memory: 4 GB DDR3 (2 x 2048 MB)

        Storage: 500 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive (7200 rpm), LightScribe SuperMulti DVD±RW with Double Layer Support, 5-in-1 memory card reader

        Communication: Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN, 802.11 b/g/n; Bluetooth wireless networking, HP Pavilion Webcam with Integrated Digital Microphone, HP Mobile Remote Control

        Display: 43.9 cm (17.3-inch) diagonal High Definition HP BrightView display, 1600 x 900 resolution

        Video: NVIDIA GForce GT 230M, up to 2815 MB total available graphics memory, 1 GB dedicated DDR3

        Sound: Altec Lansing speakers with integrated subwoofer, SRS Premium Sound

        Ports: 4 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI connector, 1 eSATA + USB connector, 1 VGA port, 1 RJ45 ethernet connector, expansion port, 2 headphones-out, 1 mic-in, 1 FireWire IEEE 1394 port, consumer IR

        Full size keyboard with integrated numeric keypad, Touch Pad with On/Off button and dedicated vertical Scroll Up/Down pad

        Software: HP MediaSmart Suite, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker, Cyberlink DVDSuite, EasyBits Magic Desktop, HP Games Console (with some free game play), Microsoft Works and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 (60-Day Trial Version), Microsoft Internet Explorer, Windows Mail, Windows Media Center, Symantec Norton Internet Security 2009 (60 days live update)

        Power: 120 W AC power adapter, 8-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery

        Weight: 3.52 kg

        Dimensions: 412.6 mm (L) x 277 mm (W) x 35 mm (min H) / 43.2 mm (max H)

        ** Price **

        The HP Pavilion is available to buy from the following retailers:

        Play.com - £909.99
        Ebay - £550-£700


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