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HP Pavilion Dv7-4035sa Entertainment

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    3 Reviews
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      08.02.2011 22:05
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Absolutely fantastic - love it to pieces, though I would prefer it in one!

      ==HP Pavilion Dv7==


      During the Christmas sales one can usually pick up a nice pair of three year old shoes that have been collecting dust for the past months as they were a dingy colour no one in their right mind wanted. Last Christmas I bought no such products that disappoint you after the first six minutes of usage - I bought the HP Pavilion DV7.

      ==First Impressions==

      First impressions of the product were positive; it was from a reputable brand - Hewlett-Packard- that has years of experience in the I.T world, the price was attractive for the technology that was on offer (important to note that similar to other models this laptop also has the Beats Audio system - which provides top class audio performance with videos, music and most importantly for me games) and finally most probably my favourite aspect; the aesthetics. It looks sleek, slim-line and luscious - It would quite easily suit a dashing red two piece; it is gorgeous.

      I personally believe it would look exceptional in any environment at work, on the train or at home. The screen is also of fantastic quality offering HD graphics, that can be streamed through and even high resolution TV. The graphics are further improved by the ATI Mobility Radeon Premium Graphics card; providing crisp powerful graphics.


      The actual hardware and mechanics of the HP Pavilion DV7 are to a standard one would expect from HP. The triple core processor provides sufficient speed and performance for handling even the most data thirsty programmes such as Microsoft Word, Apple ITunes and Internet Explorer. Windows seven is also an added bonus (I will be releasing a review for Windows 7 imminently).

      The DV7 features HP true vision webcam which is of course an added bonus, it produces decent quality stills as well as enabling full length video conversations - it is a very welcomed bonus!

      ==The keypad==

      The keyboard is massive, not only does this improve functionality I personally think it looks brilliant too. The large keyboard takes some time to get used to as similar to tiny key pads the spacing is slightly different and one needs to adapt before fully appreciating the quality of the feature. The keyboard seems well made and feels secure under touch which is and additional bonus when typing - it makes typing fun once more.

      ==HDMI capabilities==

      This laptop features one HDMI port on the right of the chassis, which in simple terms allows you to use a HDMI cable (which would need to be bought separately) to connect your laptop to a larger display such as a 42 inch HD television, which is absolutely awesome. It turns out that in size 72 the letters are larger than a baby - like I said Awesome!

      ==The screen==

      17 inches or LCD, High definition, glossy widescreen display - is it necessary to elaborate. It is an absolute pleasure to work on, use and watch, it really was the main reason why I bought this laptop in the first place, and remains one of my favourite bits about the product. Now I have become accustomed to the oversized screen I cannot imagine using anything smaller, I cannot stress enough - it's a pleasure, a dream a God send, it'sFANTASTIC!


      The laptop only has one problem. When the laptop is not plugged in you will notice that the colour differentiation due to the energy saving options means that whites can merge into greys - but do not worry as this is easily solved by readjusting the colour and brightness settings found in the control panel.


      The HP Pavilion DV7 is a superb laptop especially considering the price of £599 (from PC World or Curry's) which is actually rather cheap compared to its competitors. The screen quality is unmatchable for a laptop under six hundred pounds especially with the 17 Inch model. It runs succinctly and smartly - it is a top class machine and I would recommend this to anyone!

      This review is also on my ciao page under the same name (feel free to have a look and tell me what you think of those reviews :) )


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      09.01.2011 18:55


      • Reliability


      I would buy this once more!

      I needed a computer laptop for both home and work use, and when a girlfriend of mine recommended this model from HP, I decided to give it a try, having yet to regret it. I was given one year warranty upon purchasing this laptop, and I haven`t experienced any difficulty or problems with the laptop yet. This is a stylish and modern looking laptop that looks a lot more expensive than its real cost. It weighs 3.7 kg, so it`s not a big problem carrying it around in a laptop carrier, and with a width of 41.5 cm, you will easily fit it in most carrier bags.

      When I wandered home with this laptop, I had paid 679 pounds for it, a fair and more than ok cost for me! I was given good quality and a lot of free software, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader, Windows Live, Norton Trial, Microsoft Office Trial and HP quickweb. All in all, I am very content with the audio and picture quality, the sound and screen is absolutely good enough for you to view movies and dvd`s, as well as listen to music and enjoy clips on youtube. For writing and working, this machine is very reliable and trust worthy, the battery life is very good and the screen is easy to read from.

      There`s a integrated web camera in this laptop, and all though I haven`t used this much, my brother says it`s of really good quality, so I believe him! :)

      To sum up, I would really recommend this laptop from HP, as it looks very nice, gives me good quality and is easy to use!


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      06.01.2011 13:59
      Very helpful



      Worth a look at if you're in the market for one

      We have a desktop computer at home which we both use and other than that I use the computer at work. I've never thought I had a need for a laptop at home. Maybe if I was in a different job that required travelling or something like that. The last time I had a laptop was when I was living at home and that was so that I could tuck myself away in my room and surf in peace.

      My other half and I discussed buying a laptop as he'd seen one advertised that he liked. We went over all the reasons that we had not to spend nearly £700 but then he bought it anyway. He did the same thing when we talked about buying the Nintendo Wii! Not that I am ungrateful as I really like our Wii so it all worked out for the best really.

      Walking in with a boyish "but I really wanted it" look he placed the box down on the table. At this point I was about 5 months pregnant and incapable of being nice so you can imagine the look I was giving him.

      Like any brand new laptop this one was shiny and clean. I had thought the lid was a solid colour but on closer inspection it actually has some twirling design in a slightly different shade. Unlike a lot of the mini laptops this one is a good size without overwhelming our coffee table. The allure of sitting on the sofa, watching television, eating dinner and surfing the internet all at one time was too strong and I found myself using the laptop quite frequently.

      Call me a loser if you like but I LOVE Quake so whether a computer is worthy of being called good all depends on how the latest Quake game plays on it. I got Quake III Arena going on it and was quite impressed with the quality of the picture. The computer keeps up with game play so I was satisfied.

      Now for this fingerprint reader bit. To be honest I rolled my eyes and thought what on earth do we need that for but my other half is terrible at remembering passwords so for someone like him it's a help. He can store away all his passwords and know that he'll always have the password or finger to find them with.

      I was quite used to using the mouse pad on my old laptop but after doing work from home when I was off sick for a week I found it easier to have a mouse attached to it. Doing things like copying long sentences or moving quickly between internet pages was a lot easier with a mouse.

      Having a mouse comstanly plugged in on my old laptop would have caused a problem as there's always a need for USB slots but thankfully there are enough and they are placed around the laptop so it something works better plugged in on my left I haven't got a problem.

      It's very easy to get my photos onto the laptop to send to friends and family around the world as there is a 5 in 1 card reader. I just slot my memory card from my camera straight into the laptop, open the folder and ta da my photos are ready to be used.

      I thought at first that there was an enormous lot of memory on this laptop but after quite some time of putting the childrens photos on it and saving work stuff the memory file is showing red! Eek! I've moved the photographs onto BT Vault thus creating some space.

      I'm not entirely sure how this bit has happened but to the right of the mouse pad is a black mark. It's almost as if my hands or arms have rubbed on it so much that the silver finish has worn away. Previously I thought it was a dirt mark and tried to clean it off but as you can imagine that didn't do much.

      I didn't know much about lightscribe before having this laptop but its sooooo cool! On my eldest sons birthday I put all the party photos onto a CD for his dad with my favourite picture from the day printed on the front. He thought it was really cute and I made one for my mother too. This way if the CD is ever separated from its jewel no one needs to put the disc in to find out what's on it.

      Although I didn't give this laptop the most hospitable of welcomes I have grown to love it. Especially when my other half is dominating the desk top computer catching up on football results and possible transfers.

      We finally used Skype for the first time over Christmas. I was so excited to see some family members that we don't normally see every year. Everything worked fine which was good because I was convinced being our first time using it that something wouldn't go to plan. The only thing I thought could have been a bit better was the speakers. On a low volume everything was fine but I needed things a bit louder and when putting the volume up you lose some of the quality but not tremendously so don't worry too much. I had just assumed that this laptop being advertised as an entertainment one it would have had a better speaker system. I thought the picture from the built-in camera was really good but at one point in the conversation my uncle asked what spec our camera was as it wasn't as good as his. What a cheeky comment to make but as he has some super expensive camera I guess it's just not to his standard. It was on the next conversation when a different person asked if our camera was built-in that we thought maybe people are right. Maybe they are seeing a fuzzy picture being sent from our camera. In our picture-in-picture it looked ok but now my other half has started researching external cameras so guess what will probably be brought home soon!

      My old laptop sadly didn't live very long as it wasn't well looked after and so with this laptop I am quick to clean it, charge it up, unplug it and keep the children off of it. The battery life is something I find rather irritating. I would like every so often to leave the laptop unplugged so that I first of all don't have a cord across the coffee table and secondly I want to plug other things in. Sadly the laptop does not abide by its 2 hour battery life. I can charge it all the way up and even then I will only get 30 minutes before the battery low warning pops up. I thought maybe it was the battery so I purchased a new one. At first this new battery seemed brilliant. It gave me an hour and a half of unplugged work and play. As I had been working on the laptop non-stop for all that time I thought that was really good but it only lasted a week or so before the battery was working like the one before.

      I'm starting to see green! Wish I could say it was the green of loads of money but disappointingly it's the green on the screen. I sat using the laptop months ago and the black background turned a neon green. I adjusted the screen and it went away so I ignored it. It slowly started happening more and more to a point where the whole screen would go green and no number of screen adjustments would help. The screen then decided it didn't want to work at all so I plugged it up to the desk top screen to see what was going on. The laptop used the desk top screen perfectly so it's not a problem with the motherboard and more a problem with the screen or its connections. Thankfully screens aren't overly expensive. I'll be leaving my partner to this job as I've not replaced a screen before and he has. Only wish it was still under warranty and then we wouldn't have to spend a penny fixing it but oh well.

      A good laptop that has served us well and worth a look at if you're in the market for one.

      © oioiyou 2011


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