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HP Pavilion g6-113sa

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10 Reviews

Available in a range of fun, unique colours and with a high resolution, crisp screen. Not attractive looking as the tablet version and performance can be quite slow over time.

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    10 Reviews
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      14.10.2013 13:44
      Not Helpful


      • Reliability


      Really good laptop, worth trying it out!

      My husband bought this laptop as a second laptop for our home and we both use it quite a lot, because it's a newer model than our other laptop we find it faster, easier to use and just fun to use!
      It's a very efficient laptop - helps me do what I need to do quickly and efficiently eg. surf the web, play games, do tasks for work.
      Great processing speed, no more slow computers for me!
      Innovative different from other computers.
      Good memory space, I've used quite a lot and still have loads left! I can store lots of things without having to delete things, which is a bonus for me as I like to keep a record of lots of things I've done or seen, including my work.
      The display screen is very modern and futuristic, great for people who like the newest things and keeping ahead of the trends.
      I would recommend it to anyone!


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      25.06.2013 21:47
      Very helpful



      good quality, good price, not so good battery!

      Strange review title you might think! But living in the not so sunny midlands, going to University in the South with a boyfriend somewhere up North, not to mention various holidays, and million of trips to the University library this laptop had been my constant companion. It's quite light, and can easily fit into a roomy bag, although its certainly not compact. As to its functions, I do like this computer. Whilst I am no technophobe, I know very little about what makes a computer great on the technical side of things. I do no that it runs Windows 32-bit and has a decent size RAM and CPU speed, running Windows 7 efficiently, and whilst some reviewers may try to blind you with technological specifications, they are not entirely necessary when looking for a new comp-buddy. This laptop was recommended to me by the guys in PC World as one of the most popular of the moment, and it has served me well. As a first year student, this is my one stop shop! My TV, essay writing machine, web browsing doo-bi-dingle, facebook and twitter haven. It gets easily 5-6 hours use every single day and has done for almost 13 months now. It runs very smoothly and completes all these functions without too much hiccup, as long as all updates are updated and there are no useless programs running in the background. I'm no gamer, and this computer simply does not have the specs for it, though sims 3 works fine and it just about runs oblivion! When looking at laptops it is easy to be overwhelmed by choice, but this, along with the rest of the series is a solid, well priced all rounder I'd recommend to anyone except the keen gamer! Battery life is good, but has decreased significantly over the year I've had it from about 7 hours to 4. Yet despite this, it did me a good few hours of revision a day when i lived in the library during the last exam period, before it needed charging.


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      15.05.2013 17:41



      A good value laptop for general use.

      This is a great little laptop for general everyday use.

      I had bought my previous laptop back in 2003, and clung on to it for dear life, despite its failing health. In the end, the D key fell off the keypad and I had no choice but to buy a new one, or spend my life searching for D free synonyms.

      I started looking around online to see what was around in the laptop line and I was initially quite overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice out there. Since my requirements are quite basic (typing essays and other documents, internet use and the occasional game of internet backgammon) I decided to go for a mid range machine. I was drawn to the G6 because of the smart design and range of colours. I went with the purple version but it also comes in red, turquoise, blue and black for the more conservative laptopper.

      I purchased an additional bundle with it containing an up to date Windows Office suite and Norton antivirus software.

      On getting the laptop home it was very easy to set up, in fact it was up and running in minutes. It is noticeably speedier and more powerful than my last computer. The built in wifi is a nice improvement on my old protruding wifi stick. The keys are softer and more streamlined so easier to touchtype with, although one major drawback is that the keyboard is not backlit, so you will have to turn on a light to type at night. I have found that the battery life is good, although I am the sort of person who generally leaves their laptop on a desk, plugged in. If you are more the type of person who carries their laptop everywhere then you will probably have to carry the plug too, just in case.

      Overall I am glad that I finally purchased a new machine and I am getting lots of use out of that delightful new D key!


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      14.09.2012 03:03
      Very helpful



      very nice slick piece of technology

      I bought this laptop brand new around 5 months ago at a pc world store at just under £400. I chose the colour blue because its such a bright coral blue and because i live with my partner and have a little girl, i thought my partner would benefit from SOME blue in the house.
      The hp pavilion is of a very good sized screen and is also light in weight, not to mention how thin it is!
      i would suggest that this would make a very nice new laptop for a university student or any other typr of student as those of a similar age group. I recomend this because this type of audience would appreciate how modern it looks and the features on the laptop scream out to the younger generation.
      When you first purchase the laptop you will find that the background image is a colourful graphical image which shows just how well the laptop picks out every colour.
      When you look through all the programs you will see all the normal windows programs, (apart from the student package which you will have to buy seperatelty). You will also find a range of easy to use music , game and video applications to keep you intertained. These apps are very good for people who wish to listen to music play a big range of ready to use games, and lastly (quite importantly), good for someone who enjoys making, editing, and sharing videos. My partner does this as a hobby and it has never let him down before.
      It has also got a hp webcam which is fun to use as it has a few good features on the sides like masks and scenery.
      One useful thing is that for interactive people is has built in skypeso you dont have to download it when needed.

      The memory is also really good, and because of the dual core processor it has the speed is doubled because like having two brains it can do more at once!

      As i have said i would largely recomend this to students (especially majoring in the arts), young people, but also business people who like to pass their time and boredom with some fun applications on breaks.
      Overall this is a very good buy and stays in good condition for a long time because it can withstand alot as its material is very strong

      Thank you for reading, i hope you enjoy you brand new hp laptop, have fun with it.



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      05.07.2012 18:11
      1 Comment



      Overall I think this computer is great value for money

      I started Uni last year, and choosing a laptop was essential for me as I had only previously had desktops. This laptop stood out straight away as it was a lovely blue/turquiose colour. It was on offer for £349 and I couldn't find another laptop (with the same specifications) to rival it at the same price, so it seemed like a bargain!

      Main specifications:

      500 GB hard drive
      4 GB of RAM
      1.6 GHz dual core AMD processor
      15.6 inche LED with HD capabilities screen
      Windows 7 Home Premium pre installed
      built in wifi adaptor
      3 USB sockets
      1 HDMI socket
      SD card reader
      DVD-RW drive
      built in webcam and microphone

      I have now had this laptop for nearly a year and it has not disappointed me yet!

      Lovely colour!
      large screen- good for watching DVD's
      Built in webcam- good quality for a webcam and useful for skyping my firnds whilst at uni also the sound quality of the microphone can't be faulted.
      Speed- Only takes a few seconds to load, and I never have a problem whilst using it, even when I have Multiple tabs open (most of the time!)
      I have thousands of photos saved and a lot of Uni assignments etc. and I still have loads of room left, also I havent noticed that it has slowed it down at all
      Battery life- last about 3 or more hours, which is plenty of time for me
      Super easy to use (I don't know that much about computers)

      Can get very hot (usually when I have a lot of tabs open) This doesn't happen regularly though.

      Overall I think this computer is great value for money and I wouldn;t hesitate in recommending it to pretty much anyone! For me, using it for University assignments, watching films and storing (a lot) of photos it is perfect


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        01.07.2012 18:38
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Great product to buy

        I bought the Pavilion G6 as my medion Akoya had just set on fire, now been in the IT industry and working on computers I was very picky on the build that I was going to choose. In honesty none on the market are as good as they used to be. The first thing I liked about this machine was the price £350, the second was the looks of the machine to which looks stylish.

        I got the machine home and it booted like a dream, the battery life is around 3 hours which my last used todo max 1 1/2 hours.

        I had to create restore disks for the machine, to which I don't really like this idea as they should really come with them. The actual software is on a second partition, so if you have a hard drive of say 500gb, the only working space is 250gb.

        It was very fast to setup, and getting online was really easy. Im currently beta testing windows 8 on it, and it runs like a dream. The only two niggles for me is the plastic case, its not the best quality and the trackpad zoom can be annoying.


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          26.04.2012 02:01


          • Reliability


          A bargain laptop that caters for every day needs and entertainment essentials

          I previously owned a HP laptop with similar specifications to this one, however it was double the price and I wasn't in the position to be spending an extortionate amount of money on a laptop especially when I was able to find this newer model at the same speed and amount of storage on offer.

          I have had the laptop since February 2012 and so far there have been no problems whatsoever. I have found that it is fast, reliable and easy to use - as you'd expect. You can find these laptops starting at £300 which varies on what you're looking for. For example if you're wanting 4GB storage you're probably going to be nearer the 300 mark, however if you want more, let's say 6GB you'll be closer too the £400 margin.

          I use this laptop for watching films both downloaded and on-line streaming, listening to music, storing work and photos and playing games. It has a built in graphics card and works well with on line and CD gaming, ideal for teenagers and young adults as they're available in a variety of colours such as blue, pink, red, purple and green and can be found in most electrical retail stores or on the internet such as PC world and amazon.

          I bought mine from PC world and it came with 1 years guarantee with HP and gives you a 60-90 day subscription of Norton internet security just to get you started if yoou haven't already bought yourself internet protection, which of course you can choose to renew this for a fee if you wish as it acts as insurance in case anything goes wrong with it. There are also free alternatives out there and cheaper security providers so you are not tied down to having Norton internet security and it is easy to un-install if you wish to use another program (however make the most of a couple of months of free internet and pc security, saves you money and time!)

          With my previous HP laptop similar to this particular one I noticed a dramatic difference in weight, this particular model seems to be a lot more manageable in mobility and is not extremely heavy for average users. The keys are also quiet to type with in comparison to a number of laptops out on the market and are encased in a black block type area that gives it a sleek and modern look.

          The mouse touch pad also blends in with the colour and design to a degree and can be seen finely by the numerous little bumps on the touch pad area - in short, it doesn't look like your average touch pad and in my personal experience it requires a lot less pressure and has the right amount of sensitivity to control and use it with complete ease. There is also a somewhat larger engraved bump that you can double tap (like double clicking but tapping with your finger on that particular area) and you can de-activate and re-activate your mouse pad if need be - say if you're using an external USB mouse or graphics tablet and do not wish for interference with the touch pad.

          The charger is also pretty lightweight but isn't that long, my previous laptop came with a 5 metre cable which was perfect for moving around the room with the laptop plugged in, however I have noticed with this one it is almost half the size, so ideally it is best to find a suitable and reachable area where you can use your laptop comfortably and freely and have ease of access to a power source and not put any strain on the charger or the laptop charger port.

          This model is a minimum of windows 7 specification and has a dual core processor and radeon graphics card suitable for all kinds of gaming and entertainment purposes. There is also a built in webcam, which unfortunately is not of superb quality but does the job and provides a sufficient display of image and video. There is also added software on the computer called cyberlink YouCam for it where you have a range of effects, borders and frames and recording and snap shot options to use. There are also settings shortcuts and a quick upload button to youtube for video bloggers.


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          29.03.2012 01:56



          Ok if you're on a budget, but worth leaving if there are better options available.

          The HP Pavillion G6, on the face of it, appears like a good deal. Resonably high specifications for a reasonably low price. However, the old saying, "you get what you pay for", holds true in the case of the G6.
          Initially the G6 was a dream- good looks, good specifications and came well within my £500 budget for a laptop. When I took it to university, it worked fine and delivered upon its promised ease of computing. Around 5 months after purchasing my G6, incidentally the one on which I am writing this review, it began to internally, chronically overheat. The overheating then led to semi-frequent processor crashes, even to date if too many tabs are opened on Internet Explorer the processor fails. I must make one thing clear, I only ever use my G6 on flat, dry surfaces with enough fan clearance- I don't go plonking on my bed covering all the vents on the side and underside.
          The case of overheating was not an isolated incident, coincidentally my flatmate at university has a G6 (I have the AMD Vision processor and he has the I3 processor I believe) and suffers with semi-frequent processor failures too.
          The HP Pavillion G6 is, all things taken into account, a good laptop and if your on a tight budget, one of the best options around. It will be suitable for home computing, work computing, studying or whatever you fancy but if I would have heeded numerous warnings from my fellow students about the overheating problem, I would not have invested circa £500 on a G6.


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          06.01.2012 21:37
          Very helpful



          A decent good-looking laptop for the price

          After my Advent Roma 1000 died a slow death, having always been pretty rubbish, I was overjoyed to be able to finally get a new laptop. I'm a postgraduate student, so use my laptop for a lot of writing, reading articles, and skiving off (this usually takes the form of Facebook, Youtube, the usual).

          I will confess to being attracted by the look of the laptop. It's available in pink, purple, blue and red. I initially took a shine to the blue, but after a lot of trouble with PC World and Currys not having blue in stock I went for the red. The rounded corners, unusual colouring around the keyboard and small unobtrusive logo on the lid all attracted me. And in my view, if you're going to own it, you might as well like the look of it.

          The battery came half-charged, so I was able to play with my new toy straight away. Setting it up was extremely easy, I was up and running in no time. Unfortunately it came with quite a bit of software that I didn't need or want, including lots of trial versions of games and shortcuts already on the desktop. While it's expected now I do resent that before I can start setting up my laptop I have to go through uninstalling and deleting things that the manufacturer has been paid to put on there. If I want Skype I'll install it, and if I want a shortcut to Snapfish I'll put it there. I paid for the laptop, I don't then want this advertising on it.

          Anyway, that's just a little issue of mine. While deleting the rubbish I noticed that it came preloaded with a couple of games that I did enjoy, namely Cake Mania and Farm Frenzy, so it's not all bad.

          In the two weeks I've been using it I've found the laptop fast enough for my needs. It boots up quickly, shuts down quickly, and works quickly. I'm used to a laptop slower than a funeral march, so in comparison any new laptop would be fast, but I have been impressed anyway. I'm also impressed with the number of wireless connections it's able to detect. Where my old laptop often wasn't able to connect to the wireless in a particular building at my university this one picks it up strongly.

          A couple of other little things have been making my life easier, one of them being the textured touchpad. This means it's easy to find without having to take your eyes off the screen. It also supports gestures, so I can zoom in and out of pages by pinching and flicking. This has been a mixed blessing: it's handy when I actually want to zoom in or out, but it's very easy to do it accidentally, which is annoying. The keyboard is nicely designed, the only problem I've had is with the arrow keys. The up/down keys are half the size of normal keys, both occupying one space. As I'm not used to this I do keep hitting the wrong key, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. I also like that there's no catch or button clicking needed to open the lid of the laptop, you just pull it straight open.

          I'm finding the battery life acceptable, though other reviewers (on Dooyoo and elsewhere) disagree. I can eke out over five hours when not connected to the internet, which is much better than the one hour I was getting with the Advent Roma 1000, and is exactly what HP promise. When connected to the internet it's more like two and a half hours, which to me is still a luxury.

          My only complaint is that it seems to attract fluff. I've also encountered an odd thing just twice: at the top of the screen one line of pixels flashes black. Restarting has solved the problem each time, and as long as this doesn't happen too often I'm not going to do anything about it. In other words, I'm incredibly happy with my new laptop. While it wouldn't suit a serious gamer, or someone who prefers a plainer look for their technology, I'm happy with the look and performance of my HP Pavilion G6.

          Processor AMD Dual-Core E2-3000M (1.8 GHz, 1 MB L2 cache)
          Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64
          RAM 4 GB DDR3
          Graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6380G Dual GPU 1 GB DDR3 dedicated, up to 1.98 GB total
          Screen type High-Definition LED BrightView Display widescreen
          Screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
          Screen size 15.6"
          Screen features LED BrightView
          Hard drive 500 GB SATA 5400 rpm
          Optical disk drive SuperMulti DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support
          Memory card reader Multi-Format Digital Media Card Reader for Secure Digital cards and Multimedia cards
          Modem/Ethernet Integrated 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet LAN
          WiFi WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
          Sound Altec Lansing speakers
          Webcam 0.3mp
          Battery Lithium-Ion 6 cells Up to 5 hours battery life
          Size 374 x 245 x 36 mm
          Weight 2.55kg


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            02.11.2011 10:00
            Very helpful



            A cheap, cheerful and colourful laptop from HP

            When my daughter's Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop suffered its second hard drive failure in as many years earlier this year, I decided enough was enough. I had already mooted the idea of a new laptop for my daughter's Christmas present and when my daughter saw a TV advert from PC World showing pink HP laptops for £349, she got rather excited. Pink, you see, is my daughter's favourite colour and she always lamented the fact her old Dell was black with a dark blue lid which was, she moaned, "boring".

            I did a little research into laptops and certainly when it came to value for money the HP seemed hard to beat. My main concern was the fact I haven't had any experience of an HP computer for many years - not since the mid 90s when my husband had an HP desktop computer which cost a small fortune and when considered from a 2011 perspective had no power whatsoever, never mind much in the way of a hard drive.

            I have, up until fairly recently, been brand loyal to HP for printers and it was my rather bad experience with three HP printers in the space of just over a year which was my biggest stumbling block but at the end of the day this laptop was on budget, was available and most importantly of all, was available in pink - so I bought it.


            In an era where sexy tablets are overtaking the traditional laptop, the HP Pavilion is quite a clunky looking thing in comparison. The outer casing which in our machine is bright pink but is also available in red and blue, is made of plastic which has been given a metallic effect. Despite the clunky look the laptop has rounded edges to give it a more contemporary feel and on the basis of looks alone it's perfect for a teenager.

            The keyboard is black which looks rather nice against the pink surround and the whole thing weighs 2.6 kilos.


            Main specifications are:-

            * 500 GB hard drive
            * 4 GB of RAM
            * 1.6 GHz dual core AMD processor
            * 15.6 inche LED with HD capabilities screen
            * Windows 7 Home Premium pre installed
            * built in wifi adaptor
            * 3 USB sockets
            * 1 HDMI socket
            * SD card reader
            * DVD-RW drive
            * built in webcam and microphone


            Although this is my daughter's laptop I have extensive experience of using it both in setting it up as my daughter lacks the patience to set up any computer and in general use too.

            Setting up was very straightforward - just power up and follow the prompts. HP do not provide any software discs with this laptop so the box only contains the laptop, a set up leaflet and the power cable. Very little additional software is included - only a trial version of MacAfee and some links to Snapfish, eBay and Skype. The only other software included is HP related but none of it includes a user manual - you have to go online for that.

            Getting online was wonderfully intuitive and I have to say I really like how intuitive Windows 7 is. I had to activate the wifi adaptor to get it to pick up the signal but this is easy to spot - it's the F12 key on the keyboard and illuminates when the wifi adaptor is activated. Once I had typed in my network security key we were good to go. I then installed AVG, Office 2010, iTunes and Google Chrome, and we were ready to get down to business. My daughter is music daft so my first job was to transfer over her large collection of music and video files and I was pleased with the transfer speeds from her external hard drive.

            One of the first things to strike me about this laptop was how much better the screen is in comparison to my daughter's old Dell Inspiron 1545. This screen which has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, offers much better picture quality and it's obvious rather quickly that this is capable of handling HD images. The improvement in the picture quality was particularly noticeable when playing video content or a DVD. It's just a shame this machine doesn't have a BluRay drive but I guess at £349 you can't expect the world.

            My only criticism of the screen is you do have to be sitting directly in front of it to see it clearly - on the occasions I share the laptop with my daughter it can be tricky for us both to see the entire screen clearly.

            The laptop can be quite slow booting up which is a bit of a disappointment to my rather impatient daughter. It can, however, cope with several programs all running at the same time without much in the way of problems and this is very important as my daughter never has less than four programs running at once and hates for her computer to freeze.

            One thing I really like about the laptop is the mousepad. My daughter's old Dell was piano black once opened and the mousepad was a dust magnet and also prone to smearing. On the HP Pavilion the mousepad is much larger and is textured with the control buttons underneath. I really find this much easier to use and more importantly, much easier to keep clean, and it's also incredibly responsive.

            The laptop contains Altec Lansing speakers and I have to say I have been very impressed with them. The speakers are located around the bottom rim of the laptop so the sound can be a bit muffled if you have the computer sitting on your lap but if you use it at a desk the sound is excellent. I have to say I was genuinely surprised at how good music sounds on this laptop and my daughter is in no rush to buy external speakers for this, which mama is very pleased about as it saves her money.

            The battery life on this is significantly better than the old Dell but the 4 hours listed by HP is rather optimistic - shave an hour off that for a more realistic figure if you want to have a screen that isn't dimmed to such an extent it's hard to see. Even using the power saving devices HP suggest when you run this laptop on the battery I don't see much of an extension in battery life at all. Finally, although the laptop does heat up it is well ventilated and doesn't get anything like as hot as the old Dell got which makes it far more comfortable to have sitting on your lap.


            The specs on this HP laptop are perhaps a little too low for someone who wants really high end graphics and power but for a teenage girl who wants a laptop to do homework, surf the net and manage her iPod this is perfect and more to the point it won't break the bank either.

            It looks good, isn't too heavy to carry around, has a battery life which is a vast improvement on her old laptop and thanks to the HDMI slot can be connected to her TV to enable HD content to be played there.

            We have both been delighted with this laptop and while it's not an incredibly powerful laptop it's a decent enough workhorse so if you aren't looking for a sexy tablet but want technology you can trust, I can highly recommend this machine.


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