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HP Pavilion Media Center Dv6244eu Entertainment

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2010 18:52
      Very helpful



      Might seem expensive but good value in the long term

      Having had my HP Dv 6244 eu for over three years now it is time for a review. It was bought to replace the previous HP 4200 computer which was troublesome. It kept jamming up and over heating crashing is what they called it.

      Windows Vista had just come out at the time so it was what was wanted on my new lap top three years ago. Looking around a few shops I was amazed at how much better the picture quality was than my previous computers. But my purchase was made at the HP shop as a three year extended warranty was available on line for only £120 extra on top of the £630 asking price.

      That has turned out to be money well spent as the computer is now on its forth mother board.

      When you call the service centre it is very easy to report a fault. The next day a taxi driver picks the computer up and a few days later returns the computer all repaired and ready for another close on 18 months of service. That is how long the mother board lasts.

      The last one the third went just before the extended warranty run out all very lucky for me.

      This computer is very good for watching programmes on the BBC I player and also for watching Adult entertainment.

      When I first got it file sharing was all the rage but that has now stopped being available. Which is all very annoying as it was where all my music came from.

      You can produce top quality CD but you have to buy the music first nowadays. DVD can also be produced. It has a DVD studio which is there for the editing of home movies. It also comes with Microsoft works for all your study and letter writing needs.

      The memory has never been filled up. Being in the habit of deleting files as the memory was so small on previous computers used by me like the old computers at University.

      All deleting seems to be a waste of time on this computer. It seems to be possible to keep all the files you ever put on the computer. Now a days files are not saved as when watching you tube and I player so the memory is more than enough for most people.

      It is of course a wireless computer so no plugging it in other than to the mains as the battery went after 18 months. It stopped holding any kind of charge and at £100 for a new on it is not worth replacing. That is as it is quite a bulky item so not used outside the home. A small note book is a far better buy if you want to use a computer outside of the home. I like a lap top you do not have to sit at a desk to use as you can sit in an armchair instead. It is of course excellent on line. Useful for checking email and bank details for buying stuff those like bargains on eBay which you would never have bought otherwise and for writing reviews.


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