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IPC Topnote F

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2003 23:58



      • "manufacturer attitude"

      So if you buy a laptop for £500 less than the leading branded competition you may not expect the host of added features that you get with an IPC laptop, namely firewire, USB, a full multimedia experience with microphone; and a fast desktop processor like a Pentium 4 or an Athlon XP. IPC can certainly build a fast machine using desktop CPUs - the AMD Athlon XP being particularly good value. Since laptops share most internal components except notably the motherboard you have a fair chance of getting a bargain so long as the ancillary components (PSU, motherboard quality etc) and their assembly goes alright. IPC appear to have had some problems with repair turn around times (30-60 days is common) but IPC assure us that these are being addressed with a target repair of 3.6 days and of no more than 2 weeks from certain resellers (www.ftimes.net who can also offer a 36 mth extended warranty). If this works out (i.e. you don't get a 'rogue' machine) you've saved yourself several hundred pounds. IPC quality control is sparse in that only a small percentage of machines are checked. Major components are the same as other laptops, except notably the motherboard but even then there will be a common heritage, so you are heavily dependent upon assembly or build quality. By comparison, Acer provide a maximum 5 day repair turnaround time - or a new machine - and a two year base warranty. How ? They do a full quality check on EVERY machine: Temperature and humidity test Electrostatic discharge test Hinge life test Weight pressure tests Shock and vibration test Free drop test Rating is brought down by the possibility of a drawn our warranty repair time. ps Apparently some clarification is requried. We are an IPC reseller (maybe we a re not any longer). We experienced a 30% failure (early during manufacturer's warranty period) rate. In our ex
      perience, IPC's warranty repair turn around time extended out to 38 days. There are several other reviews stating similar experiences with IPC. If we, as a reseller, had not strongly intervened on behalf of our retail customer, then we would not even have achieved a 'low' 38 day repair time. As a warning to other potential resellers, IPC do not give cash refunds. Credit refunds are available during an initial 2 day DOA period (any experienced reseller will know that 2 day DOA times can be another indication of the sparse quality checks in place at IPC). IPC refused to give me a credit refund so that we could not refund the customer. Instead IPC will sit on a warranty repair for as long as they need. Apparently they have no parts despite being an assembler of these machines. It is a contravention of the Sale of Goods act to take longer than 30 days to achieve a warranty repair but in practice this would only cause any reseller extra financial burden in having to refund a customer and being left with a refurbished machine. IPC sell refurbished machines from their factory outlet. We have provided this review in order to help retail customers. We recognise that loss of a PC for 1 or 2 months in a 12 mth period can significantly affect a business. We also recognise that some retail customers might accept such a risk in favour of making large savings. IPC have made serious threats against us for providing these factually accurate reviews. We suggest that good brand names are built up through good customer references rather than bullying tactics. Upgraded from 1 star because these machines can be cheap.


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