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Lenovo B560 4330

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    3 Reviews
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      06.01.2012 00:15



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      The Lenovo B560 4330 is a budget friendly, good overall quality laptop, its design modern and nice, with features that makes this a laptop you can use for work, play, school and everything in between! I have first and foremost used this laptop in connection to work, but you can also use it purely for entertainment such as music and videos, however not the perfect laptop for playing online or computer games, as I feel the technology and graphics of the computer isn`t superb on this area...

      I purchased this Lenovo for the cost of 399.99, and I think that is a price not to complain about, as I have been pleased with it in all areas of use, from surfing the internet to writing articles and novels, to watching videos and listening to my favorite music. With a 500 GB harddrive and a 3GB RAM, this is a laptop with plenty of storage capacity, and to top it off, you have three high speed USB points that has allowed me to transfer documents, music and etc... very fast and efficiently. When it comes to design, this Lenovo is no way near a macbook or such, but the design is quite all right given the cost of the laptop... I haven`t had any difficulties with this laptop so far, and I find it very basic and easy to use, making it great for newbies in the world of laptops and such scary things...

      To add things up, this is an affordable, solid and good quality laptop with decent features, the sum of them easy to learn how to use.


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      23.12.2011 06:00
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      Great budget PC - Has a good amount of features for the price.

      My old trusty HP running XP finally died. Im not a gamer or heavy pc user so a hardcore pc is not necessary... All i want is a reliable basic pc for web access and normal computing and the occasional Movie.

      First off, you can tell this case is used for other models also as the HDMI output is blocked off. While the keyboard layout is pretty good it does have some "give" which gives it a less than solid feel. The touchpad is quite sensitive and I found myself accidentally bumping the cursor while typing. I now disable it when using a mouse. I do like the dedicated number pad but, I wish it had a volume control.

      It has 4 USB ports and a built in web cam. This is something not found on many of the bargain units. The battery charges very fast and in heavy use I have been getting 2.5+ hours easily

      Speed is fair and likely with a bump in the memory it will increase a bit. Fortunately you can upgrade it up to 8 gig.

      Not much else to say yet. But if all you need is a basic PC for a Low price this could be right for you!


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        05.08.2011 12:17
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability


        Value for money laptop, decent spec in the under £500 range.

        The Lenovo B560 4330, as with many models of laptop comes in a range of specifications. It can be bought for under £350, with a 2.13 GHz Intel Pentium Processor, 2GB of RAM and 320GB HDDit couldnt be said to be the most lethal of machines on the market. The model I bought was of a higher specification, coming in at a shade under £500 and boasting a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor, with 3GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD.

        The Lenovo B560 4330 has a full-sized keyboard which I found easy to navigate and become familiar with in a short space of time. The layout and feel/position of the keys has a very ergonomic style about it. Another key point is the screen. The 15.6" TFT screen offers crisp and defined imagery. Styling is usually very important when it comes to buying as laptop - especially if you are the type of person to walk into a shop one day and pick out what you like the look of. Looks aren't outstanding, but there are worse looking laptops on the market for this pricerange. First impressions are just one consideration that laptop manufacturers have to make, but does this laptop live up to its looks?

        With an Intel Core i5 480M 2.66GHz Dual Core(2.93GHz) Processor, the Lenovo B560 4330 does offer a great deal for the price. A healthy 500GB Hard Drive backs this up, finished off with 3GB of RAM. All this for me is just a bunch of numbers, which I find are difficult to compare when making a purchasing decision unless you understand what they all mean. Ultimately this means that during my usual days of web browsing and occassional typing work on basic programs such as Word and the use of Excel, the Lenovo B560 4330 can more than tackel such tasks.

        I have found that the graphics are very reasonable, and that through the use of a limited number of games I have installed on the laptop I have had a better than average gaming experience. Another key point to note is that the OS that this laptop runs on is Windows 7 Home Premium. This allows me to cope with my day to day tasks but there are always software packages available when you purchase such products.

        There is a built in 5 in 1 card reader, ideal for uploading those holiday snaps. Another thing worth mentioning is the USB connectivity. This laptop has 3 hi-speed USB points offering efficient and reliable transfer rates.

        When I bought the laptop I noticed that I have got a 1 year service and support warranty which covers parts and labour for the laptop and also the battery is covered too.

        The Lenovo B560 4330 is such an easy to navigate laptop. Setting up such products upon purchase is now easier than ever, and I have not had any issues with the laptop since purchase in early February 2011. I would recommend this laptop to anyone in a budget, as my higher spec model cost less than £500 and is capable of meeting the needs of all but the fanatical gamer.


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      • Product Details

        The B560 has a full-sized ergonomic keyboard with numeric keypad. With the Intel processors, advanced NVIDIA switchable graphics and DDR3 memory, you'll be amazed at how your Lenovo B series laptop helps you get more done, much faster.

        Enjoy cutting-edge NVIDIA GeForce HD graphics and enhanced video playback for sharper image quality, increased clarity and customizable color controls with Intel Clear Video Technology. Watch it all on the high-def, LED-backlit widescreen for crisp images with minimal energy consumption. And the 16:9 aspect ratios eliminate those annoying horizontal bars.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: Lenovo B560 4330 - P P6100 2 GHz - 15.6" TFT
        Weight: 2.2 kg
        Localisation: English / United Kingdom
        System Type: Notebook
        Built-in Devices: Stereo speakers, wireless LAN aerial
        Embedded Security: Fingerprint reader
        Processor: Intel Pentium P6100 / 2 GHz ( Dual-Core )
        Cache Memory: 3 MB - L3 Cache
        RAM: 3 GB (installed) / 4 GB (max) - DDR3 SDRAM ( 1 x 1 GB + 1 x 2 GB )
        Card Reader: 4 in 1
        Hard Drive: 320 GB - 5400 rpm
        Optical Storage: DVD-Writer - integrated
        Display: 15.6" LED backlight TFT 1366 x 768 ( WXGA ) - 16:9
        Graphics Controller: Intel HD Graphics Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0
        Audio Output: Sound card
        Networking: Network adapter - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
        Notebook Camera: Integrated
        Input Device: Keyboard, touchpad
        Power: AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
        Battery: 6-cell Lithium Ion
        Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition
        Microsoft Office Preloaded: Includes a pre-loaded image of select Microsoft Office 2010 suites. Purchase an Office 2010 Product Key Card or disc to activate preloaded software on this PC.
        Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty