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Lenovo G580 15.6-inch Laptop

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5 Reviews
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    5 Reviews
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      06.05.2016 14:06
      Very helpful
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      • Performance
      • "Screen size"


      • "Mouse Pad"

      Great for anyone wanting to do everyday laptop activities.

      Bought this laptop in blue about a year ago and I've used it extensively almost every day with absolutely no problems. As someone who works in IT (Software Developer), it's likely I use this laptop for more than the average person would and it's never let me down. It looks great, not to heavy and the fan and heat control is very quiet. The RAM and processor are more than enough for me to run multiple programs at once, although obviously I wouldn't recommend this laptop for gaming.

      The screen is you average laptop screen, average sized and looks like any other. Not as clear and crisp as HD displays on something like a MAC, but it's fine for the average person like myself.

      The mouse pad on this laptop is not the bes I've ever used, but it just needs a little getting used to and it doesn't hold you back to much. For the price of the laptop however, little things like this can be expected. I paid £249 for this laptop by the way, reduced from about 300 I think.

      Finally the battery could be better which is something I've had a lot with Lenovo laptops and the screen size is spot on, as 13.3 is surprisingly small and 17 can be a bit to big for a laptop. 15 inches is usually just right.

      If your aim is to do everyday laptop tasks such as browse the web, look at photos listen to music, this laptop is perfect. Don't buy for gaming!


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        26.01.2014 01:06


        • Reliability



        A genuine great laptop that i have ever owned , a great price at time of purchase made this the best laptop you could buy in September 2013 , it seems such a long time ago since i have purchased this laptop and i have used it every single day , overall the laptop is great for everyday things , browsing the web , doing abit of work on the side that is not too graphic happy ; by this i mean its not the best graphical laptop out there , the graphics card is not as great as it could be ,but at the price i did not really want a highly dependent laptop that i could game with , although i have played Grand Theft Auto sand Andreas and it seems to run perfectly normal , also newer games such as call of duty also run perfectly fine.

        The battery life could be made much better and the user interface , my version came with windows 8 which no one ever likes but i mean after using this laptop for over 4 and a half months i have started to slowly get used to the fact that the start button on the windows8.1 update is useless and the fact that you have to access settings to shutdown the laptop is also a problem as it is sometimes daunting to find and access.

        There is also a big problem with the built in mousepad/track pad as it can be tricky to get used to as sometimes you just have your finger on the mousepad and the command that you wanted the mouse to do is completely ignored and it performs something different which can be frustrating whilst editing files in applications such as Adobe Light works , Director and Photoshop, there are two solutions that i have found to this problem , the first is turn of the trackpad settings from double click options and zooming options , and the second is don't use the mousepad / trackpad and sacrifice a USB slot and have a mouse plugged in that either Bluetooth wireless or wired :) .

        This is also not the lightest laptop out there weighing at 2.2kg which is quite heavy if you have to carry it around all day :( .


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        09.01.2014 12:31



        Great laptop, just buy a mouse for it!

        I bought my Lenovo in September for £299 and I have not been disappointed. The laptop comes with the Windows 8 system installed. I bought the red version which looks great.

        The laptop is HDMI ready, great to hook up to the TV for watching Netflix and TVCatchup (both of which have apps in the Windows app store). It's easy to connect to the WiFi and setup initially. My husband and kids are able to play games like World of Warcraft and The Sims 3 without any problems. The graphics are great.

        I would recommend getting a USB mouse as the touchpad is not great. It's the only gripe I have with the laptop. It's really sensitive and often brings up screens I don't want.

        The best thing about the laptop is the one key recovery button! My husband installed a dodgy game on the laptop which meant it wouldn't boot up. All I needed to do was press the tiny button next to the power up button and the system recovered with no problems. Much easier than rebooting from disc!


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        25.10.2013 20:42


        • Reliability


        amazing !

        After using a few second hand laptops from Advent and HP. which at the time were good but didn't last long. I really needed a new laptop at first it was hard to find one that was suitable for me to play my computer games like SIMS 3 because most laptops aren't compatible with the game which was a pain. I then read that this laptop would be good for it. I ordered mine from LENOVO but VIA Amazon.co.uk for only £379.00 which to be honest is a fantastic price for this laptop!

        The processing speed on the laptop it's self is amazing! very quick and easy to use! compatible for working on most of the day because the laptop life span is around 4-5 hours off of charge which is good for long distances or even just working on at a coffee shop.

        The best thing about the laptop is that not only is it stylish and very smart looking which is quite important to most people, but it also has noise control thanks to the amazing Smart fan that has been installed into the laptop! It also has onekey rescue system which of cause is great for those who work alot on microsoft office and have alot to be saved.

        I do recommend this product to anyone who is need of a really good laptop or those who just need/want a laptop ...go for it!! great buy and dont regret it one bit!! :D

        go to amazon.co.uk and buy from lenovo them self as thats the only seller i would trust.


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        05.10.2013 22:41
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great little laptop and pretty too

        Lenovo G580 15.6 inch laptop

        After five years of trusty service my HP lap top finally gave up the ghost so I was forced to make a big decision. I have a little Acer netbook which goes everywhere with us but I wanted something for home again. I looked around and read lots of reviews and finally decided to give this one a try. I was avoiding Windows 8 but my step son told me I could cope and so decision made.

        Firstly the price. Really you would go a long way to find a laptop with these specs for any less money. I notice on Amazon that these are £600 now but I paid only £299 for mine which I thought was a bargain. It was specially good as I used Dooyoo vouchers and Igougo vouchers so it was in fact almost 'free' for me.


        Item Weight
        3.4 Kg
        Product Dimensions
        23 x 3.4 cm
        Item model number
        Color - Blue
        Form Factor - Portable
        Screen Size - 15.6 inches
        Processor Brand -Intel
        Processor Type - Intel Celeron
        Processor Speed - 1.8 GHz
        Processor Count - 2
        RAM Size - 6 GB
        Computer Memory Type - DDR3 SDRAM
        Hard Drive Size - 1 TB
        Graphics Card Description - Integrated
        Graphics RAM Type - DDR3 SDRAM
        Operating System - Windows 8


        In the box which was very small and no wasted filling, I got the laptop, the charger cable, the battery and the user guide. No excess stuff at all. It took me a matter of minutes to open the box, put the battery in, plug it in and charge it ready to go. It took me some time longer to get around Windows 8 but I am nearly there. I did need some advice from my step son but I have now mastered what I need to know and use on this one. I don't profess to be an expert by any means but I can write reviews and access all I need on the internet, sort my photos and photoshop those I need to alter and speak to my son in Toronto on Skype so I am happy. I realise this is not exactly using the laptop to full capacity but that is what I use it for and what II needed it for.


        I was quite thrilled with the lovely bright blue colour and the screen gives fabulously clear and sharp images. Watching videos is great as it is bright, crisp and gives a great viewing experience. My photos look fabulous too, even better than on our big main computer as that has a wide screen TV as a monitor and that adds many inches to my width which doesn't make me happy.

        I found Windows 8 odd to start with and still sometimes I find myself on a page that I hadn't asked for because I have slid my finger to far to one side or the other. I have now discovered how to get back to my original page without too much difficulty.

        I was very happy for about a week and then the laptop would just suddenly crash and re start. I put up with this for two weeks just to make sure it was not a blip and then I contacted Amazon who sent me a slip and asked me to send it back. I had mine faulty one ready packaged and booked a collection and ....wonder of wonders the same courier delivered my new one. I was amazed at the efficiency of the swap.

        I have now had this since June and have had no issues at all with this replacement.


        This has taken a lot of getting used to but it is kind of like using an iphone or tablet but with a mouse and that is how I have adapted my laptop usage to cope.

        Naturally my old Office license would not be any use with windows 8 so I had to re think. I opted to go for a freeware office suite and opted for Libre which I have been very pleased with. It does all that Office does and cost me nothing at all.

        I have used the Libre text and the spreadsheet applications but not tried the other ones as so far I have had no need to use them. What I find great is that anything I write in Libre text converts into Office and vice versa so no worries about swapping between my two laptops when writing reviews or sorting photos or anything.


        This laptop has so much storage space with its DDR3 of RAM  and is so quick compared to my little Acer and indeed our old main computer. I love the fact that it takes seconds to load up and shut down. I can have several windows open at the same time and swap between them with no loss of speed.


        This has the intelligent Intel Core i5 processor hence the quick speed of operation. Also inbuilt into this snazzy laptop are stereo speakers and a DVD reader/writer. It also has a One Key Rescue System which I trust I never have to use.

        When I take my photos on my laptop to my sister's house we can use the built-in HDMI port to hook my laptop up to their HDTV which means everyone can see them properly.

        With this Lenovo laptop I got 5GB of free storage on the Lenovo Cloud which is handy. There are also apps which I can access but somehow they don't really appeal to me so I have not explored them much. I am sure a younger person with an interest in games would have had fun with these.


        I have found this a very easy to use keyboard . It feels nice and the keys area good size, similar to a standard keyboard size so easy to hit and not do too many 'misprunts'! The keyboard is an AccuType 'designed to help easy cleaning & maintenance and avoid the accumulation of dust and crumbs over time.' Indeed it hasn't gathered dust and bits so so far it is doing its job. The keys are curved to be finger friendly and the space bar is in a perfect position for easy access. The mouse pad is also most invisible until you get to the two click bits. On the right hand side of the mouse is a slide part so you can slide up and down a page really easily.

        Inbuilt into this laptop is the Lenovo Energy Management 7.0 I can alter the way the power is used to save the battery. When using the Power-Saver mode my laptop runs quietly and the fan noise is reduced. There is also a super intelligent mode that modifies itself according to my usage so changes between the lower performance and high performance. So it saves battery and the fan so that the performance is optimised
        I can also keep an eye on the temperature of my laptop and the system auto-adjusts the fan-speed and so my laptop is kept at the best temperature and doesn't over heat. A very special de-dusting mode to boost maintenance and make sure the performance of the laptop is maintained.

        AM I HAPPY?

        Yes I was worried when I had to send my first one back but Amazon after sales service was ace and this one has been perfect so far. I love the size, the screen and the speed as well as the quietness of this lovely blue laptop. I would say for the price I paid I got a true bargain.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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