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Lenovo Thinkpad T400 2767

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3 Reviews
  • Incredibly Hardwaring
  • Linux Support
  • Aethetically old fashioned.
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    3 Reviews
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      12.07.2014 12:14
      Very helpful


      • "Linux Support"
      • "Fast and Efficient"
      • "Great Battery Life"
      • "Incredibly Hardwaring"


      • "Aethetically old fashioned."

      A dependable machine that is great for first time laptop buyers and veterans alike!

      I have owned a myriad of different laptops and netbooks over the years and I even have Chromebook, but the Lenovo is one of the best laptops I have ever used.

      A dualcore processor might seem a bit weak these days, but the processor featured in the Lenovo is still powerful enough to do what you''d expect to do on a notebook. The 2GB of ram seems just enough nowadays to cope with the barrage of new internet technologies that are thrown at us. I never really notice the laptop struggle

      It is worth mentioning that I have made a few adjustments to the Lenovo to increase performance by quite a large margin. The hard drive in the laptop was too small for my liking, instead I recently bumped it up to 250GB. This doesn''t sound like much of an improvement, but one thing to note is that the hard drive is an SSD. The inclusion of an SSD (Solid State Hard Drive) makes this laptop fly.

      As a Linux user I had looked into various low resource operating systems to place on the Lenovo. Lenovo is well known for delivering some of the best Linux supported devices, so making the switch was easy.

      After settling on the Lubuntu Operating system, I was left with an incredibly speedy system that out performed my newer Chromebook C720.

      The screen on the Lenovo is decent, with okay viewing angles and colour that isn''t too dulled. The keyboard is a real pleasure to use, and I can really get a decent amount of work done with this system.

      The speakers on the Lenovo are nothing special, but they also aren''t too offensive on the ears. I haven''t had any reason to use TV out, but I assume this works just fine. The wifi network card in the Lenovo is one of the best I have used. I have given it hours of extensive testing and stressing and I have yet to witness any dropouts or slowdowns. The range is also very good.

      From an aesthetic point of view the Lenovo is nothing to write home about, but it makes up for it''s rather dated appearance in a very strong way.

      The Lenovo has a decent weight and is incredibly robust. Dropping this laptop will barely scratch it, and I am sure this thing would survive a nuclear war. Exaggerations aside, you will you have to put some serious effort into damaging this laptop. This might make it a good choice for a child''s first laptop.

      The Lenovo can be found quite cheap now, and I highly recommend it for those who need a robust and reliable machine for office work or web-browsing. Some modification may be required to get the best performance out of it, but it is well worth doing. I use this laptop more than I use my chromebook at the moment, and it is showing no signs of slowing down, or being obsoleted anytime sooon.


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      10.07.2012 20:53



      I would recommend this laptop if you're looking for something for long-term use.

      I bought this laptop three years ago for university purposes and am still using it. I would consider it to be durable -- I've mishandled it a couple of times, had some minor spillages and it has been fine. The only problem that I've had was that the battery seemed to die on me quite frequently, but I can't necessarily attribute it as a actual technical problem or if I may have mishandled the battery. But I have since then changed my battery and all seems to be fine so far.

      It has the normal features that you would expect of any other laptop, nothing particularly special to me. The keyboard is slightly noisy, but I am not bothered by it. Maybe the biggest thing that bugs me is that, when the laptop runs out of battery, it makes an annoying siren that will be a problem especially if you bring your laptop to meetings or into class. You might be able to turn it off but I haven't figured out how to.

      I find the laptop a little slow for me, but having said that, I am a huge multitasker and I open like 20-30 tabs in my browser at a time.


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      21.02.2010 15:37



      A user-friendly laptop that is affordable =]

      I got this laptop while I was still a student in the university. I bought it with about 600 pounds and I think it's quite a bargain.

      Firstly, I reckon the keyboard is quite a silent one - it is not as noisy as you think if you compare the keyboard in Lenovo T400 2767 with that of other laptops. With the 'Fn' key and different function keys combined, you can literally alter the laptop to fulfil your needs, for instance to switch the touchpad on/off, to switch on/off the wireless function, etc.

      Secondly, the laptop has quite high processing power, which fits its specification that it has a 2.53GHz Intel CPU. It further means that I seldom need to wait for different software to load, and I can literally use 6-7 tasks at the same time quite swiftly.

      Finally, I quite like the fingerprint detection hardware of the laptop - it basically adds to security!


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