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Lenovo Thinkpad T42 2373

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    2 Reviews
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      22.07.2011 11:49
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      This computer lasted me really well all through my University years and for some time after.

      This is a review from Ciao that has been vastly improved since first written and is hopefully now DooYoo worthy. I just like to have all my reviews on both sites.

      This has been my handy and beloved companion and lasted me throughout my 4 University years. I used it mostly for accessing the Internet and using Office applications. I kept a lot of photos on this computer. I also downloaded about 2000 songs and used it as a music player and a few times as a DVD player for my rented movies.

      Appearance, Aesthetics, Durability

      It is fairly lightweight and just small enough to fit in an ordinary sized rucksack, so perfect for commuters or anyone doing work on the go. I took it with me on a few holidays so it came in useful. Of course it is not quite as light or small as a netbook, and would be bulky if carried with its bag but then it is also much more comfortable to use. It is also quite durable; I have dropped it and knocked it a few times (being clumsy as I am) yet it has survived well with no screen problems unlike heavier computers. One of the downfalls is that it gets dirty very easily and despite being black, the dust and grease marks show up blatantly. I does require regular cleaning although normally you can get away with just wiping it over with a dry cloth.

      Battery Power

      The battery power is pretty good and lasts a fair amount of time, around 4 hours for the first few years I had it but this drops with time as with any battery. It is also reasonably quick at charging and you can alter power settings to use less power while charging or on the go depending on your needs. However, the charger gets quite hot when it is on, and this has been annoying in summer, plus can be a waste of energy and harmful if the battery gets overheated.

      Memory and Speed

      The computer was fairly fast for its time, with a fair amount of memory at 512 MB, although this sounds like nothing today. The hard drive was 40GB, which for its time was very impressive and more than enough for me. There's all the guidance you need if you are not an IT expert, in the IBM help area. Admittedly I had a lot stored on my computer, with music files and games taking up a lot of space, which I guess eventually must have had a negative impact on its performance. Also the Windows operating system is constantly updating and this was probably also having a negative impact. As with any Windows computer, you may find that there are a few programmes running that you do not use, and stopping these from coming on automatically might help improve speed, but for me I never really felt the need to do so.

      Mouse Pad and Keyboard

      The mouse pad is a bit annoying as it sometimes stops working; at first I had to reset it a few times but now its usually a matter of waiting for it to cool. Anyway there is a red rubber mouse button on the keyboard so this should not be a problem, although for me I simply could not get used to having to use a button in the middle of the keypad. Whilst it took me some time getting used to the keypad, because I am used to desktop PCs with large keyboards, it is very comfortable and the keys are the right size and reasonably spaced.


      My computer came with a laptop bag, which has several pockets for charger, CD ROMs and extra devices. It is quite thick and a little heavy, but keeps everything very safe and secure when travelling so is good to have. I'm not sure whether this is generally supplied with the computer or whether it has to be bought separately as mine was a second-hand buy.

      Keeping Cool

      One problem I found with this computer, especially whilst the charger was plugged in was getting much too hot. There is a fan on the side of the computer to help push out the hot air, and this tends to be used a lot more with the charger or if you have the computer on an insulating surface that stops heat from escaping easily (not recommended for any computer). The fan is very noisy and probably also slows the computer down further so it is better to avoid using it where possible. It is also using a tiny bit of your power.


      The screen is good quality and you can see graphics well from most angles and lighter conditions. As often you find sharing a computer to watch films or show photographs can be difficult if one person is looking from such an angle that the picture colours etc do not show properly, this problem was not as bad as older computers. Graphic detail and colour are good. All I would say is that possibly by now there are better versions, but if you are looking for just a decent computer, this is worth a look.


      The speakers on this laptop are really fantastic and I have not had better ones since. I would never bother connecting up external speakers so this saves a lot of money and space. For me loud music gives me a headache after about an hour so during my childish years at University suffice it to say I had a lot of headaches but very good quality listening to disract me from my Law reading and while getting ready to go out.

      Other Features

      The laptop also features a fingerprint reader, something thats probably found on most new laptops and is very useful, reassuring you of security and relieving you the effort of having to remember and write in passwords without storing them on the computer. If the computer is stolen, it is no use to the thief and your details remain safe.

      Conclusion: Value For Money?

      I got my computer second-hand and therefore relatively cheap so for me it was excellent value, but since computers are constantly upgrading, I would suggest shopping around before deciding to buy. This particular model is now rather dated and I think being a Windows computer with all the needed updates it would probably be far to slow for most users. It will probably best serve someone just requiring the more basic functions like Word Processing, or possibly storing and playing music and simple games.


      Well my laptop is officially dying now. The battery wore out. When charged, it now lasts an average of 10 minutes so cannot really be used without being plugged into the wall. A battery can probably be replaced easily. Well, also the Internet browser no longer works, I have tried Firefox and IE but with no joy and nobody I have asked can figure out why. The computer has gone very slow despite the fact I have reduced the amount of disk space used etc. There may be a virus but I haven't been able to solve the problems with AV software, so it seems the computer is basically packing in.


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        14.12.2008 10:14


        • Reliability


        very good quality and personal experience

        I have been using T42 for over four years. it is not heavy and very reliable. it can work normally for so long time and never hurt me. Every time I fly, I take it. In comparison, some laptops of my friends got great trouble when they traveled in airplanes.

        The weight is not heavy (2.4 kg) and I like the LCD monitor greatly because it does not reflect lights. The layout design is attractive. it has 512Mb ram which can be upgraded to 2 Gb. The size of memory is good enough for normal use. It has an independent graphic card so it is also good to play many games.

        Overall I like it very much. If ask me for the drawback, the only one I can think out is the relatively short battery time. currently it can support less 1 hour only. and new battery should last 1.5-2 hours depending on the usage conditions.

        Can not complain too much after all this model is already over 4 years old. If you want a reliable and cheap one for your general use, this product is one of the best choice to serve you while save some money.
        *this review is also on ciao*


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