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Lenovo Thinkpad T510 4349

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2011 20:25
      Very helpful


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      I would buy this laptop again, it is sturdy and the cons don't outweight the pros.

      If there's anything great about these ThinkPads it is that they are very, very durable. Considering this is the reason I bought this laptop, I'm not disappointed. It's a rugged machine that I take to school every day (I walk a couple mile back and forth), which goes to show how solid a build it really is.

      However, while it's a solid build, it is really quite heavy; heavier than most of my text books. This can be a pain if you're really only the move a lot with it and if you want something which you carry with you a lot and have a small frame, I would suggest a lighter laptop. At the very least, it still feel like this thing would stop a bullet for you.

      When it comes to the things you'll actually be using, I have a gripe with the keyboard layout. The function button is positioned poorly and I was expected a real number pad, which it doesn't have.

      The fingerprint scanner is nice, but the inbuilt software can be annoying because it starts asking for you to scan your fingerprint on applications you never wanted it to; like in the middle of installing or running a program.

      I absolutely hate mouse pads, but the Thinkpad's is decent. However, I don't even use the mouse pad because it is not intuitive to me and I have large fingers. I use the little red trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard and it works great. The only problem with the trackpoint is that it gets dirty easily and sometimes it keeps moving your mouse when you're not moving it. Of course, all this can be avoided with a simple USB mouse.

      One thing I enjoy about it is the LED light that shines down on the keyboard; I think it's much better than a keyboard that lights up from below.

      As for the insides, I absolutely hate the graphics card. It's not updated frequently and so I can't play some games. HDD space is decent, but probably not enough for a media junkie; I'd suggest getting a external HDD. The processor is decent, not the fastest; but good enough to be comparable to my Desktop's AMD CPU. The wireless modem is decent; I don't experience any problems.

      Battery life is around 2 hours if I'm not doing anything CPU or Graphic intensive. Perfect amount of time for a student who has a class for an hour and 30 minutes. I use this laptop for notes.

      This is my first experience with Windows 7 and I think it's great. I prefer it over XP now. Lenovo also includes a PC doctor kit which will do a lot of the maintenance work for you on the laptop which is great. The wireless software is also very good as well, leaving options for advanced and basic users.

      Overall, would I buy it again? Yes. I wanted a sturdy laptop that ran decently and I got it. I can even play some games like StarCraft II with moderate settings on here with no problem.


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