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Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet 7767

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2010 15:06
      Very helpful



      Great for people on the move like sales people and for people who may like handwriting

      Been using this as a work laptop. Out of the box, it immediately had an "Ooh aah" factor when you converted to tablet mode and used the stylus.

      As a laptop, it does what it says on the tin. The USB ports are sufficient and the SD slot is valuable if you have a camera, etc. for quick uploads no cables.

      It doesn't come with a built in CD/DVD drive but then again how many times do you use one. The hard drive on the other hand is very smart and senses falls by using sensors and then puts itself to sleep (parks). So you may smash your screen but you can recover your hard drive data. When you first get it you may find that it pauses for a second, it's normal don't panic. It's just learning how your body moves, especially if you have some sort of nervous tick :)

      Battery life is fantastic is treated well - screen brightness down and processor speed stepped down bit.

      I knew I was onto a winner when I was wedged between two wider businessmen, converted it to tablet mode and used it as a writing pad to read and compose my emails. I tend to flare my elbows when I type so in a restricted space, using it as a writing pad was ideal.

      The sylus and writing recognition is good, much better that previous versions. It does use some predictive type english to figure out e.g. it's I instead of 1, etc. It also has some options for you to add, correct and teach for later recognition. The stylus is easy to misplace if you are not careful, it's just like a pen which if you're like me I leave lying on desks! Replacement costs are something you need to consider. The stylus has features like left and right click, drag and erase just like a pencil eraser. Great for whiteboarding and annotating/highlighting key messages in PowerPoint presentations.

      This unit is designed to be lightweight, portable and mobile. So if you are looking for a work horse which is a beast, more battery life, integrated DVD drive, faster processor, etc. this may not be for you. However, if you want to use it as a writing pad, covert it to tablet mode to quickly show someone a slide whilst on the move, it's worth considering! It even has drainage holes if you do manage to spill liquid onto it.

      One last point about tablets, not just the Lenovo. The weakness is in the catch mechanism. So be mindful as the 2p bit of plastic will cost about £100.02 to repair with engineering time. Rule of thumb, convert it to laptop mode and close the lid before putting it into your bag.

      Hope you found this review useful, I use this machine everyday and I like it!


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