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MSI Megabook GX700 7525HD Extreme Edition

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2009 12:57
      Very helpful



      Wouldn't get it again for that price but has done me well sofar.

      I bought an MSI GX700 Megabook Extreme Edition last year in April.

      This particular model came with the 2.2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 processor and an Nvidia 8600GT graphics card. It also came with a laptop carry bag, and MSI gaming mouse and a gaming headset which I found nice extras which I wasn't expecting for the price. The laptop also has built in bluetooth and wireless capabilities.

      In terms of performance the gx700 is very good, it has a quite high Windows Vista index score and is only let down slightly by the fact that the screen is quite big so the graphics card needs to do extra work just to keep things looking the same. The scores for all the other categories are in the high 5's and on most games you will not experience any performance related problems unless you are trying to play them on maximum settings in which case you may experience some minor lag. I have played games like Call of Duty: World At War and Rome: Total War and Empire: Total War with no major problems.

      The laptop is rather large and bulky which can make it difficult to transport around, it weighs roughly 5KG so can cause some leg pain after a while. Due to its performance nature another thing I have noticed is how loud the cooling fan will get, this is partly due to when it is placed on a desk or your lap the cooling outlet can become blocked meaning the fan has to do more work to maintain core temperatures.

      When you buy one of these Laptops it will come with a 2 Year Warrenty for the Laptop itself and a 1 Year warrenty which covers periphicals such as the Power Brick and the mouse. Usually there is only a 1 Year Warrenty for the laptop so I found that a nice added extra.

      However after about 14 months I had to send it back to be repaired due to the powerbrick and the powerboard inside the laptop melting, I can only assume that this is because of what I mentioned earlier that due to it's performance nature quite a lot of heat is given off as a by-product. Since then it has been returned repaired but the powerbrick they replaced has since broke too! There can also be sporadic loss of sound and whilst playing games or watching videos the laptop can suddenly crash. However I have nothing but praise for the manner in which MSI handled the return, they were very good!

      For the amount of money these laptops cost in my opinion someone who is looking for performance should simply buy a relatively good desktop and then buy a cheaper laptop for university work and you would still end up spending about the same as what I paid for this.

      My brother has bought a Dell XPS laptop (one which was bottom of the range I think) and whilst he has had problems with his, the performance he gets sometimes beats mine and he paid nearly £400 less than me!

      Overall this laptop is not bad, but is very chunky and is almost a desktop in itself so I would say if you want performance to not buy a laptop full stop and simply go for a desktop, they are more reliable and easier to upgrade. I would say that for the money paid for this there are deffinately better alternatives.


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