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Samsung 400B5B

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    2 Reviews
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      21.02.2012 04:24


      • Reliability


      A reliable notebook for work, according to provided category is the business notebook

      When I was faced with having to replace my old notebook, I am looking for some choice of several brands notebook, look at the specs, and see the features on offer. I also faced with the price, which is certainly not too high, and according to my ability to buy.

      400B5B my choices to Samsung, the specification of this notebook, offered for business users, I think it would be perfect for me.

      I ordered this notebook on amazon for £ 648.50. With that price I get Core i5 series processors, not too cheap to me, but I think I should get the benefit of my purchases.

      I used it for three weeks. With the price of my purchase, I think is very reasonable.

      Samsung 400B5B is categorized as a very viable business notebooks, offering reliability. I use this notebook to bring to my work, and I use at home.

      With intel i5 processors, it is sufficient to process data faster. I get the information from some friends, that the processor is equipped with Turbo Boost and Hyper-threading, although I do not know what exactly is its function, I can feel the performance.

      To get rid of my fatigue, playing games is one of my choice. In terms of graphics, I really love about this. 4 GB RAM, with 1GB nVidia NVS, made me comfortable to play some games on this notebook, plus a 15.6-inch LED backlit add comfort to play games on my notebook, not too small but not too large.

      With a 6 cell battery I was able to work in mobile, or just to play games. This notebook can accompany me for 3-4 hours.

      I'm a little uncomfortable with the keyboard, in comparison with my old notebook, but it is not a problem, after a while I finally got used to wearing it.

      Storage capacity may be enough to save some big files that I need, and supporting me to install some applications requiring large storage, since I use a data-processing applications requiring large storage space.

      I am one of Mirosoft windows users, and in the presence of Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit, add profits to buy notebook Samsung 400B5B, because I no longer need to purchase a license for the operating system, I have a congenital original version of this notebook. If I buy a separate will certainly add money should I spend. Bought at a price of £ 648.50 i have two advantages, good performance and do not need to spend more money to buy the operating system license.

      In the end I recommend the Samsung 400B5B to be your choice, if you also want the same two advantages, I have gained.


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        20.11.2011 05:42
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        An amazing high tech, high end, and very reasonably priced laptop for what you get.

        This isn't your standard laptop or notebook this is a reinforced cased monster of a machine. The Samsung 400B5B-H01 business notebook is part of their high end Series 4 line. It's packed to the rafters with features But does however fall short in some areas.

        It has an Intel Core i3-2310M 2.53GHz processor. This note book can effortlessly switch between it's designated graphics chip and it's integrated graphics card this in turn helps save battery power. It has a large anti glare screen with a high resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This screen results in good pictures for viewing the Internet, watching movies online, viewing your photo albums and with it's built in 3G module which to access the Internet you must insert a sim card from your chosen provider you can do so much more. I found setting up the 3G to be very easy to do. You simply remove the battery covering and insert the sim underneath the battery itself just like you would do with a mobile phone for example. I was then able to use this on the go. I used this on a long train ride across the country and found the mobile Internet signal very quickly. With it up and running I could stay connected with my my friends and colleagues.

        There is an integrated web cam that I find works great, I can say this with confidence, as I have been on the other side taking to someone using my computer. I was in my friends home in France and talked via Skype to my grandfather who was visiting my parents back in Scotland. The resolution was good and the built in microphone picked up every word, Skype itself failed halfway through but that's no reflection on this computer, we just dialled again.

        Without a shadow of a doubt my absolute favourite thing about this laptop is it's James Bond like fingerprint reader. This is amazing when it comes to having peace of mind over highly personal banking or credit card details or just very important documents relating to work. This handy and very cool feature is located directly and discreetly below the keyboards numerical pad.

        As I said at the beginning this is a monster of a machine as its keyboard is not only waterproof but there is also a "fall protect sensor" this is located in the hard disk and protects all data if you happen to drop the laptop or it incurs a heavy impact for some reason.
        However a Recovery CD for Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) is included.

        I found the keyboard more comfortable to use on this particular model than others as the keys are very easy to reach when typing fast and have a conical curve to them. When I have a project dew And I have to pull an all night-er my fingers and especially my wrists feel far less strained as they do on my everyday non business based laptop. I always prefere to use a touch pad over a mouse so the response time and sensativity is vital. It's a good size touch pad and it supports "multiple finger gestures" and responds at the slightest touch, so I can't fault it when it comes to the all important touch pad.

        As I said this an amazing laptop with it's sturdy outer reinforced casing but I have only two problems with it. The screen brightness could be better, as with all laptops it is brighter when plugged in and viewed in doors. But because of the 3G function they must realise that it may be viewed outdoors or in brightly lit areas. The reason I say this is because the screen can look dull out doors especially if it's not viewed straight on.

        This is really a case of nit picking on my part, but when somethings so good the bad no matter how petty they are tend to stand out more. The second and last complaint I have is that the hinges don't feel as strong as the rest of the laptop. They are responsible for holding the screen to the base yet they feel quite week. Maybe they are just light weight and Are strong, but they just don't feel it. It wouldn't make much sense to reinforce the case and have week hinges so I take it they must be. So that's everything.

        This is the best gift I have ever received, it has helped me with my med school work immensely, and also made communicating with far off relatives possible in very high quality pictures.
        For pleasure or particularly business this is a fabulous machine.

        You can purchase this online at :
        For £519.29 + shipping.


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