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Samsung NP3530EC-A0CDX

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    2 Reviews
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      22.12.2013 21:05



      good low end laptop for not much money

      I bought a samsung laptop after having positive experiences in the past with their products. At first I was sceptical about windows 8 - it seemed to be a tablet OS but on a laptop. To an extent, I still believe this but as time goes on it is less irritating, although the omission of the traditional start menu is still rather annoying. The 500GB hard drive is plenty for all my programmes and music, and 6GB RAM is ample for multi-tasking. It is only gamers that will find the hard drive and memory to be insufficient, but the graphics become a limiting factor in that department anyway. The graphics are fine for watching HD videos and output to a 1080p monitor or TV, but to play any recent games on more than the minimal settings it is totally insufficient. The screen and full size keyboard are nice and comfortable though.


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      27.10.2013 17:57
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great for basic use!

      I purchased this recently second hand refurbished from a local IT dealer. I bought it for £300. I have since seen it online and it still seems widely available, average price for £350 - although this is new! I am by nomeans a compute buff and bought this just so I could surf the internet, check emails and watch videos (as well as the all essential dooyooing of course).

      *Looks matter* 4/5

      This is a very slim netbook. The keyboard is very flat which is great as I do still have a bit of a habit of eating in front of the computer - this flat keyboards means less chance of getting crumbs stuck in there - also it makes it a lot easier to clean with a dusting of a dry cloth. As the netbook is slim, small in nature (15.6 inch screen) and very light (weights just over 5lbs) it makes it very easy to close and carry around with you, without a laptop case (although obviously I would recommend this if carrying out of the house).

      The netbook itself is black with splashes of grey on the keyboard and the lid. The lid of the netbook folds down very easily on the keyboard and has a nice groove on the top which I like to run my hands along. All in all, this is a good looking netbook. The only problem I would highlight is that along the top of the netbook (just underneath the screen) there are little holes that can get easily blocked if you are a bit messy like me.

      *The Screen* 4/5

      The screen is just the right size for what I need it for. The netbook has a 15.6 inch screen which is HD and LED. The colour's on the screen are clear and picture's and words on the screen appear crisp and clear. Whilst it is good enough to watch iplayer, 40d, youtube etc. as the screen is small in size if I was looking to use this for gaming or watching films etc. I would probably go and get a netbook or laptop with a larger screen or be really brave and try and work out how to match this up to a bigger screen.

      What I do like about this netbook is that no matter how much I put my grubby fingers on the screen I do not get those messy fingerprints on it as the screen is 'anti-finger print'. Not sure how they do this but the screen is rather matte so perhaps it has something to do with this?

      I started using this netbook during the summer and one of the other benefits I have found is that when using it outside I didn't experience any glare from the sun, This is because of the anti-reflective coating the screen has.

      *The Battery* 4/5

      The battery charger is compact and generally the netbook seems very easy to charge, just plug in and away you go! The charger has a little green light so you know when you are charging (it does take a few minutes for the little green light to go on). There is no noise when you plug the netbook to the charger (like my old laptop) but the little charging sign comes on in the bottom right hand corner.

      The battery seems to hold charge really well and holds for up to 4 hours on Power Saver. I don't know how long it holds on the other setting (Balanced - which is actually the recommended setting) as I have yet to use this.

      The battery is made of anti-aging technology which means that the battery keeps 80% of it's original capacity after 1000 recharges - this is 3 times the 'normal' netbook. This gives me some reassurance that the netbook will most likely outlast the battery!

      *The Performance* 4/5

      The netbook seems to run quickly enough. It does take a few minutes to switch on and off and perhaps this is due to the Windows 8 operating system - which I have to admit I really don't like. In terms of how it runs it seems to run with adequate speed - however I really do not store much on my netbook in terms of files etc and do just use it for the internet.

      The Windows 8 system does make getting on to the computer a bit fiddly - when I log on however I just point my cursor to the desktop icon and away I go! Sometimes if I press the wrong key I get stuck onto the title page again - it took me a while to work out but now I just press the windows icon on the keyboard which will return you to the desktop.

      The netbook has a 750gb all-hard drive and 6gb memory - I am no computer buff but I think these are fairly small. For what I want to use the netbook for I am quite happy though. Any documents or pictures I have always get saved onto pensticks anyway.

      *The Sound* 3/5

      I suppose the one thing that really lets this netbook down is the sound. It is decent enough but (probably as this is a small device) it isn't very loud. I am sure you could plug this up to speakers however in order to improve this.

      *Other stuff*

      One slightly annoying thing about the keyboard is that there is no light on the caps lock so it makes putting in passwords very difficult!

      There is also a 1.3 megapixel webcam although I am sorry I cannot comment on this as I havent used it (don't know how)!

      I would definitely recommend this if you want a basic easy to use netbook.


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  • Product Details

    Samsung NP3530EC-A0CDX Laptop The Samsung NP3530EC-A0CDX Laptop features the powerful Core i3-2328M processor along with 6GB memory and 500GB hard drive so you have ample room to store all of your music images and movies / With its slim bezel and battery life of up to 6.5 hours this laptop will suit your portable lifestyle / Samsung's Fast Start technology means your laptop is on and ready to go within seconds / You can also transfer data quickly and efficiently either via USB 2.0 or Bluetooth 4.0 / Stand out from the crowd with the colourful blue design of the NP3530EC-A0CDX and don'worry the anti-fingerprint finish keeps it looking good / Intel the Intel Logo Intel Inside Intel Core and Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S / and/or other countries.

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