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Samsung Q310-Aura P8400 Malin

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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2011 19:41


      • Reliability


      An all round excellent laptop if screen size isn't crucial

      I've owned this laptop for over three years now so can accurately discribe its performance. This laptop has the power and specification to handle almost everything that you can throw at it. Whether its CAD or photo editing or simulation software this laptop will be up to the task. With the small 13" screen size the Q310 can be carried most average sized bags and feels much like a similar sized book to carry. The combination of processor power and portability is not often seen in a laptop.

      There are some issues with the laptop however, the all plastic construction is vulnerable to damage over time if it isn't picked up carefully. For example my laptop now creaks on the left hand side and the power port can be tempermental. It suffers from this no more than any other plastic bodied laptop however and the more crucial internal build quality is exceptional.


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      22.04.2009 23:54
      Very helpful



      Perfect Laptop for People on the Go

      I bought mine last week from www.laptopsdirect.co.uk . Even though I didn't have a problem with them except maybe a couple of unwanted phone calls (Them trying to sell me things I don't need).I would suggest you buy it from a well known company like PC world. It will be a bit more expensive, but there will be a lot less hassle.

      This laptop is obviously designed to be portable, I believe Samsung have done a very good job with it It's very good looking in a glossy piano black finish. It has a touch of red under the keyboard on the wrist rest; I think Samsung calls it a touch of class. I think it looks a bit dodgy, but you may like it.

      It has a 13.3" wide-screen with a resolution of 1,200x800 pixels; which looks excellent if you look at it from the right angle otherwise it's too shiny. Looking at anything on this screen is easy on the eyes (Web sites, movies, pictures etc.).Because of the low resolution It does get annoying if you have too many windows open; let's say your chatting to two or more people on MSN, surfing the net and listening to music; it just looks so cluttered which makes it uncomfortable to work on. But with fewer windows it does a great job.

      Even though it comes with a capable processor (2.26 - 2.4 GHz depending on which version you buy) and enough ram (3 - 4 GB also depending on which version you choose) to multi task to your heart's desire; it has a graphics card that is terrible at running games, it will run older games but newer ones will only work properly on lower graphics settings; but then again this is not a gaming laptop but lots of computing power (for a laptop of its size) packed into a little package.

      It also comes with a 320GB hard drive; two 160GB hard drives to more specific; that is enough to store week's worth of music and videos and lots of your favourite snaps to take wherever you want.

      The keyboard is easy to use nice big buttons to type on so it's not likely you'll hit a wrong button. It also has some Samsung specific short cuts for volume changes, display brightness and various other things; Very handy.

      According to Samsung it's supposed to last up to 4hours on a fully charged battery, I haven't tested this yet because I've only used it plugged in. I will update once I've tried it. The battery does come with a handy meter on it at the push of a button on the battery a series of lights are shown to see how much power you have left; This is useful if it's switched off.

      The Speakers aren't the best and sound rather horrible when used at high volume levels; using earphones is better and you don't disturb anyone else.

      It comes with more bells and whistles than the average user needs; the usual suspects' Wi-Fi, DVD rewriter with Light Scribe (scribing labels on your CDs after burning), 3 USB ports, head and microphone sockets.

      And the stuff you may use but are cool to have nonetheless:

      HDMI port for hooking your laptop to a HD TV so you can view whatever on a larger screen e.g. movies, holiday snaps. ,

      7-1 memory card reader; well makes file transfers from digital cameras and mobile phones etc. a lot easier.

      Bluetooth; also for file transfers or using a Bluetooth headset for wireless music listening or what not.

      The price ranges from £636 - £800 depending on Processor, Ram, hird drive size etc.

      I should also mention that this laptop has an older brother 'Q210' which is slightly smaller at 12.2" but has the same features and is slightly cheaper, I bought this one because I didn't want a too tiny screen.

      All in all I think this is a laptop suitable for everyone and everyday use, except if you have gaming in mind.

      -End of Review-
      If you feel I've missed something important please let me know.

      Thanks for reading :D


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