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Samsung Q45 Aura T7100 Duke

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    2 Reviews
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      28.12.2008 16:35
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      quite cheap, so portable

      More and more people are wanting ultra portable laptops these days, and of course they do, after all that's what laptops were made for, if laptops were made you sitting in the same place at home or work all the time then you could simply just get a desktop computer.
      However the only problem with making smaller laptops is that it usually limit's the amount of ram and hard drive, and even the processor you get with it, and all this limitation comes at a higher price than it would be for a faster, but bigger laptop. Which doesn't seem fair at all, however I do suppose it takes a lot of work cramming a huge normal sized laptop into a tiny thing like this. Something thought to be impossible back in the old days when the huge desktops were only around.
      Most ultra portable laptops do come at a price, for example the new sony vaios come in at over £1500, however after people just arnt paying these prices, the costs are now starting to drop. The asus models are available from just £100, however these are a lot toy like, and less laptop like the the vaio models.

      This is in between these models it looks and does everything that a laptop can do, however its just a fraction of the price of the sony vaio at only £559. However for a laptop with just 1gb of ram this does sound quite expensive.
      Its not too fast either, however most tasks that need to be done with this laptop wont require a lot of physical memory and I would guess most people would use it for typing up documents. I wouldn't suggest this for gaming either, or watching DVDs on, it could be done however its just not up to scratch unlike the sony vaio.

      The ram can however be increased to a maximum of 4gb, which is surprising that this laptop could take this much ram. If it was me id probably put at least another 1gb into this laptop to get it running things a little quicker.
      In terms of hard drive space, I don't really think 120 gb will be a problem for anyone, especially since as I said most people will probably just be doing typing work on this laptop when on the move.

      As with the asus and song vaio though the processor isn't that good, with this laptop though its just like a normal laptop shrunk down into a smaller body, it seems they have got a good performance level at 1.6 Ghz speeds balanced out just right with the incredible 6 hours of battery life that this laptop has to offer. This is something that gives this one the edge over all its other competitors.
      At 12.1 inches the screen isn't too small to even use this laptop as your main replacement desktop while not on the move as well, this might not be large enough for some and it would take me quite a while to get used to it also.

      This has some fantastic features that gives it another edge over its rivals, its got a 1.3 mega pixel camera built in, which is surprisingly good quality, and a 6 in 1 built in card reader. All this and it weighs in under 2 kg at just 1.9kgs.
      This laptop just doesn't look great though, perhaps I'm too picky when it comes to how good laptops should look, however compared to the sony vaio, well actually its looks just doesn't compare, the sony is so much better looking. However at a third of the price, I known which one id get.


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      27.01.2008 22:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Well worth the money

      I just bought this for £749 from amazon. Delivery was quick and ordering easy (as I usually find with amazon) - this laptop arrived ready to go - I just switched it on!

      It looks great, is very lightweight and has a lot of welly under the boot!
      It has an Intel Centrino Duo processor and 2GB ram which I think you need if you are going to run Vista.

      It has a 160 GB hard drive which seems plenty big enough to me!!
      It also comes with a multiformat DVD burner so even if you run out on your 160 GB you can always store to DVD. If you want to access a flash card you can just plug yours in and go - it is compatible apparently with SD, MMC MS, MS PRO and XD, but I only have SD which works great, but I obviously can't comment personally on the others. You don't need to load a driver or anything.

      The manufacturer says that this has Silver Nano Technology which means they have apparently sprinkled nano-sized silver ion powder on the keyboard and palm-rest and this will ensure your system will remain completely bacteria free. I can't say until I read that I ever worried about bacteria in my system , but it's good to know there will not be any!
      One other feature of this laptop is a 1.3 Mega Pixel Digital Motion Camera to use for video-conferencing or live messaging. This is the first time I have had a built in camera in a laptop and it is so much easier than having to plug in a separate one. so far so good with it - it works well, and the picture quality is the best I've used anyway.

      This lap top also has something called High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) which apparently is a new form of mobile broadband that is capable of transmitting data at high speeds. The manufacturers reckon that this gismo improves downlink capacity, and so removes a potential bottleneck, and they sell HSDPA as something that allows you to enjoy large-scale multimedia downloads, such as DVD-quality movies and interactive multimedia games, with high-speed wireless Internet access comparable to speeds of fixed-line ADSL. I have BT broadband at home (which is ASDL) and it is supposed to deliver up to 8MB though it never does, and I don't really think of it as mega-fast, but it's OK! All I can say about this HSDPA is that the new laptop downloads stuff about twenty times faster than my desktop (poor old soul) so in that sense it lives up to it's hype, this HSDPA thing, and my son's new laptop is about half as slow downloading the same stuff as this one. His is Core Duo, not Core 2 Duo so it is a less powerful chip, and his only has 1GB of RaAM, so I can't swear it is this HSDPA which is making it faster, or something else in the laptop but I can tell you it is fast - a couple of minutes for a DVD from I love Film, for example.
      For those of you who like specs this laptop has:

      * Intel® CentrinoTM Duo (1.8Ghz)
      * 2GB RAM
      * 160GB HDD SATA
      * DVD/RW Super Multi DL Drive
      * Wireless 802.11a/b/g LAN
      * Webcam
      * Bluetooth
      *Graphics Controller: Intel X3000 128MB
      * Fax / modem - 56 Kbps
      * Stereo speakers
      * Windows Vista Home Premium
      * Display 12.1" WXGA (1280x800) Super Bright Gloss
      Weight 1.86 kg
      Manufacturer Warranty 1 year warranty

      So far so good with it - I've only had it a week though, so can't comment on reliability. It looks great, is really lightweight and powerful and though there are cheaper laptops out there I think this one is great value for money because of what you get for the price. It is the first core 2 duo I have had and I am so impressed with the speed and ease with which it flips from programme to programme - even just keeping loads of tabs open is a piece of cake - and Windows Vista is good at that. Still getting to grips with Vista, but that's another review...
      Battery life is BRILLIANT - I've had almost 5 hours out it ! I know it's new but that's impressive.

      It is the second Samsung I've had and I love the layout of the keyboard etc - so much better than Dell, which are a bit functional (though good value for money). It's quite small which makes it light and easy to port about, and the screen is big enough, though obviously if you want a bigger screen there are loads out there larger. I expect the smallish screen improves the battery life. The actutal viewing on the screen is good though - it is one of those very glossy screens which I find very easy to use.

      So all in all highly recommended for an ultra-portable smallish laptop with a great spec and loads of power, at a reasonable mid-price.


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