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Sony Vaio AR51SU

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    3 Reviews
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      15.11.2008 20:20
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      worth the money

      This Sony vaio AR51SU is yet another laptop from the Sony vaio range, and also another fantastic laptop from this range. It takes the newest of technology, and the brand new designs from Sony, and puts it all into one laptop which functions just as good as it looks.

      This laptop is pretty much customised for all your media uses. This is one of the reasons it comes with windows vista ultimate installed on it. This means you get a lot more software pre installed and also some other features only available to vista ultimate.
      Vaio music box is a program that comes with this laptop and is great for listening to music and organising all your tracks on.
      There is also windows media player pre installed and a lot of video software like: roxio easy media creator 9, Sony click to DVD, windvd and Sony sonic stage mastering studio 2.4. This laptop also comes with a couple of Photoshop programs too, these are great for editing all your photos on and usually cost over £100 to buy, so as you can see all of these programs added up defiantly come to more than the actual laptop price in itself.

      This laptop is also fantastic for playing games on, its NVIDIA geforce 8600M GT graphics processor is more than up to date so this laptop can handle any games including the newest and even the future games too.
      The installed ram on this laptop is great, it has a massive 2gb which is the main reason this laptop runs so fast, also its intel core 2 duo T7700 which is one of the newest processors makes this laptop run so fast. Another thing to note is that this processor runs at speeds like 2.4 Ghz, this is really good and I have never seen another laptop that's runs at these speeds, and all of this makes this laptop absolutely fantastic when it comes to running demanding software and programs.

      And if the 2 gb isn't enough for you (although I cant see this amount ever not being big enough for you), then you can easily upgrade your ram to 4gb. This will just make everything even faster than it already is, so if you so really need your laptop to be a bit faster then you have got this option at a later date. This is really good because what tends to happen is that as your laptop gets older, and your add more programs and files, it eventually gets slower and slower, this is just something that happens, so having this extra 2gb of ram available to be installed into the laptop means that if it does start to run slower than you want it to, then you can easily have extra ram installed. A bad thing about this option though, is that it can be costly to do, especially if you cant do it your self and you might have to pay a computer technician to do the work for you.
      Also a bit of a glitch is that it could, and I do say could, void the warranty, now I am unsure about the warranty of this specific laptop however it usually goes, if you alter any setting of the laptop by unscrewing things inside of it, then usually the warranty goes, as if it no longer works it could be your fault. So this is something to think about and look into before you start altering things inside the laptop.

      So we've talked about the ram, so now I think its time to mention the hard drive. Sony thought that one hard drive, just wasn't enough for their customers so they actually added two. Yes two 250 gb hard drives come with this laptop. Which basically means you get a massive 500gb of hard drive space. And I don't really think anyone can argue that 500 gb isn't enough by any means.
      This laptop just doesn't stop disappointing us, and an example of this is its great screen.
      Its TFT screen, measures 17 inches, this is great for watching movies on, watching video clips on and makes gaming so much better too. This screen is also active matrix, this is being used by so much more laptop manufacturers nowadays as it makes the screen lighter, therefore making the laptop lighter, is makes the image quality so much better than a normal TFT screen and it also makes the response time a lot better, which makes videos look sharper, photos look sharper and game playing look better than ever before.

      Another feature built into this screen is the fantastic X-black technology, this gives you better contrast, better quality, but the best thing of all, this gives you wider viewing angles.
      In the past, watching movies on laptops has been for only one person and two people positioned very closely to each other. Even then you would have to set your laptop up just right pointing at exactly where your sat to get a good picture and if you moved your body in the slightest your view would be spoilt and the screen would look black and faces look weird colours too.
      However, with X-black technology, you can just watch your laptop from pretty much any angle, your whole family could be crowded round watching something on your laptop and they would all have the same view, the best view, so this X-black technology is great when looking for a laptop.
      Another thing this laptop has, that I must mention, is a built in card reader, this can read any of SD Memory Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo. This makes transferring pictures and videos off your camera or off your phones a lot easier than having to connect everything by wires and having one built into this laptop means you don't have to go out and spend another £20 on buying a card reader.

      Another thing I must mention then is that this laptop also does have a built in webcam at the top of its screen. This is mounted onto a nice little silver section on the top of the screen which instead of looking like an eye sore, actually makes the laptop look in a way better. This camera is an Integrated 1.3 Mega pixel webcam which captures pictures at a very high 1280 x 1024 resolution.
      Having an web cam installed means you don't have to go out and buy one for about another £40, it also means you don't have to get home and install It and worry about whether it works or not. It also means you don't have to have wires all over your desk and a huge camera on the top of your desktop.
      The best thing about having a webcam built in must be the fact that you don't need you do anything with it, and because its built into your laptop you wont need to take another webcam with you wherever you go, because its built into your laptop and your webcam will always be with you.

      This laptop is quit sleek too, its only 3.4 cm high, 41.6 cm wide 30 cm deep and it only weighs 3.9 kg. this might seem a little more than some laptops, however considering this laptop has a 17 inch screen then this is actually a very light weight laptop.
      This laptop also has a remote control, this can be used for pausing videos so you can be tucked up in bed watching a movie and want to pause it, usually you would have to get up press pause on your laptop, however with this you just press pause on your remote to pause the video its so good.

      Another thing to mention is the laptops DVD re-writer. This is great as it can read blu ray disks and can also write on blu ray disks too.
      The read speed of this laptop is: 24x for CD.
      8x DVD.
      2x blu ray disk.

      The write speed of this laptop is: 8x for CD.
      8 times for DVD ±R.
      2x for DVD -R DL.
      4x for DVD +R DL.
      2x for BD-R.
      1x for BD-R DL.
      The re-write speed of the laptop is: 8x for CD.
      2.4x for DVD -RW.
      4x for DVD +RW.
      5x for DVD -RAM.
      2x for BD -RE.
      1x for DB -RE DL.

      The last thing ill mention then is its design, some will love it, others will, well actually everyone should love it. This vaio is black in colour, with a matt black colour and a very nice shiny black surfaced lid, which makes it look amazing whilst closed.
      It also has a nice band of silver around the laptop which all the laptop ports and dvd drives are built into.
      Altogether, I really like the design of the laptop, and I love the shiny black finish on the top as it just makes the laptop look so much more stylish than any other on the market.
      The major snag about this laptop is its price, unfortunately all of this great equipment does come at a price, in my opinion though you cant put a price on this fantastic laptop. However is shops opinion this will cost you around £1700, which will be well out of the price range of a lot of people, however if you do have this much money to spare on a new laptop you defiantly wont regret buying this one, and it will be worth every penny you spend on it.
      As I said earlier in the review, all the software that comes already on it must be worth more than the laptop its self, also all the extra features you get with this laptop make it one of the best out their today so if you do want a new laptop, and you can afford it, then I urge you to go out and get one of these fantastic machines.


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      05.11.2008 15:37



      "Wireless Card works great, Great customer service, Great technical support. Great computer. Great value"


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      06.10.2008 04:04
      Very helpful



      go for game now...

      Sony is now in the gaming field with high profile gaming laptop VAIO AR51SU. After facing close competition with Dell, Apple and HP in high graphics based laptop in the world of imagine there is new product with good configuration from SONY here.
      I will discuss here all important components of this laptop with brief description. As you know that I am always used to start with main feature that is processor, the mind of computing machine. Here VAIO AR51SU has a good speed processor with dual core capacity and that is Intel Core 2 Duo processor, model number T7700 with clock speed of 2.4 GHz. Now we think some other packed feature with this processor like L2 cache and FSB, It has 4 MB of L2 cache and 800 MHz of front size bus speed. For excellent and thrilling experience of gaming world it is require to get equal attention on l2 cache also so that considering this it has 4MB of l2 cache and it is more enough to enter in imaginary world. If we consider the clock speed of processor than it have 2.4GHz of clock speed and it is best of its kind of laptop, or what they can provide for better graphics laptop.
      The option also available to upgrade it to 2.5GHz or 2.6GHz, but that will be must costly and there will be not many changes in performance also. So the T7700 is more enough and it can provide better performance as well.
      Now coming to the memory size, in both aspects RAM and ROM. The RAM which is more important with processor and graphics card for better performance and should be considered as main priority. It has 2 GB of system memory with DDR2 capacity. It can be upgraded with up to 4GB that is slightly costly but will be better choice for such kind of laptops.
      The other storage media is hard disk drive and now the drive is going to be more cheap and higher capacity, installed capacity of hard drive is 250GB but we can upgrade it to 500 GB as well. If you are more interested in storing media than you have to go for 500 GB otherwise 250 GB is more enough.
      Now the main feature to be considered for gaming and 3D applications that is graphics card and its memory behave. To give better and maximum choice in this field with reasonable price Sony has include NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT, with 256MB of dedicated graphics memory and as a graphics performance it will provide good result in gaming but if you are planning to buy it for complex 3D animation and 3D modeling than you can face some lack of capacity in graphics. So that the available best graphics card in 8 series is 800GT, and if it is best than it will be costly also, and I think due to higher cost very little products in portable series providing this.
      We always buying laptops for better portable purpose and good accessibility also so that if you are planning to go for highly graphics based application that consider better graphics in desktop.
      Now the another considerable point it its screen size, 17" wide screen display for thrilling experience in gaming world.
      The other features are more or less common in available all other laptops like Optical drive, interfaces, networking card, High definition audio and camera etc.
      And last my conclusion
      If you wants portable device for superb gaming experience that you can choose this laptop and if yoy wants to go for complex 3D applications than you can also choose this but it will be better to purchase highly graphics based desktop in that purpose. Over all it is excellent product for gaming experience.


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