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Sony Vaio CW Series VPC-CW1Z6E01B

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2010 03:39
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      5/5, 10/10, full marks, A*, good effort and the "at-last-a-Windows-laptop-that-works" award-winner

      This is perhaps the greatest ever designed, non-Mac laptop. Sony have really outdone their own reputation with this masterpiece of a work.

      You press the "On" button, and there is dead silence. Not because nothing is happening but it's because Sony have somehow soundproofed the processor. You can hear a faint whirring but that could just be the screen coming to life. You are then rushed into Windows 7 and can begin whatever you're planning to do within a minute of switching it on. If that's not quite fast enough for you (e.g. you have to be leaving the house in 60 seconds and want to check your emails) you can press the "Web" button, and the laptop will power up a built in browser which does not switch the computer on in order to operate. It loads up within 30 seconds and you can immediately bring up your emails. Although the browser is limited in what it can do, it's good for a quick emergency check-up of Facebook etc.

      Windows 7 itself is a genius piece of work. Extremely user-friendly and easy to operate within. You can customise almost everything, and with a 4GB RAM powering you, you can do it all within minutes.

      Reliability is too old-fashioned a word for this laptop. If the laptop were ever to crash, you can just switch off the laptop, switch it back on again and Windows will identify the source of the problem pretty quickly.

      The only downside to Windows 7 is, if you are a techie beyond the mere G.C.S.E standard. 7 is very difficult to hack. To break down the system so that you can rebuild it is very tough. Not because you're not good enough, just because Windows don't offer many portals into the underworld of the system. Nowhere near as much as XP did. Even the search bar in the Start Menu is very limited in what it finds.

      But for those of us who don't care about such things, this Vaio is the greatest thing since sliced bread (as is the VPC-CW1Z4E (a sister Vaio)). Topping off the cherry on the cake that this laptop is, is the Blu-Ray drive, for HD viewing of all the Blu-Rays you may have.

      So, in conclusion, this laptop deserves 5/5, 10/10, full marks, A*, good effort and the "at-last-a-Windows-laptop-that-works" award.


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