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Sony VAIO E Series SVE1511M1E

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    2 Reviews
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      11.08.2013 21:01



      Good powerful laptop to your complete basic needs such as email, social networking etc

      Wow is all i can say for a laptop of this quality to last for so long. So far this laptop has gotten me through some tough times over the past few years and even though technology around me is still advancing my vaio still manages to keep up. I have the silver coloured version of this laptop. Advantages of this laptop include its ability to act as a cheap gaming console. I love to play MMORPGs such as RIFT and TERA and frankly i was surprised that a "non-gaming laptop" such as this one, was able to cope with the high demands of playing those high-quality, high end games. Furthermore my laptop was able to render graphic quality settings of 7/10 on rift and 6/10 on Tera...Not bad eh...

      In addition if you maintain this laptop ie Cleaning, removing unwanted debris, transporting with care (in a laptop bag) then this laptop will last for a long time.

      However i would not consider this laptop as completely reliable. Due to the fact that after 18 months of ownership, the battery failed therefore it was unable to charge up. Therefore as a device for transportation it was deemed useless after a while. Consequently i considered getting an Ipad; but i found it lacked the ease of use/ features that windows offered. Because if your acustomed to windows 7 although it isn't a great operating system its very easy to use, it may have a few bugs but it can be overlooked in my opinion as i am not a developer or anything. I would consider this laptop ideal for business.

      If you want to know further info and detail into my sony vaio please email me at ultsynco@googlemail.com
      Thanks for reading, i hope this was of some help to you. If not then please email me above on how i could improve on my reviews and help the reader gain better knowledge with fewer words. :)


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      20.02.2013 11:37
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A nice and hassle free laptop. Runs everything smoothly and has an almost flawless design.

      Ok, so its been almost 3 months since i bought my laptop, lets divide this review into pros and cons.

      Pros -

      1 -> Build Quality, yes its not a mono-cog design, but its still very very strong, I travel alot with it, around 1000 to 1500 miles every month, in the mean time I use buses and railways. And sometimes, kilos of luggage is kept over my laptop bag, still no signs of damage. And you can't feel how strong it is even by holding it, but it certainly is very strong. Also, the rests and the 60% of body is made of metallic materials, which gives it a very beautiful looking design.

      2 -> Speakers, It's got excellent speakers for a laptop in its price range. Sony's been using there new xLoud audio technology and its phenomenal. Yes, it lacks bass, but its very powerful, and can be heard all over the room, no need to carry external set of speakers for general purpose.

      3 -> Ketboard, It's got a very nice keyboard, its gives a feedback of a mechanical keyboard, also its a full desktop keyboard, so there's no problem using it.

      4 -> Performance, It can run any game on the market period. I've played Hitman absolution, need for speed run, and most wanted 2, no problem, not a hint of lag. Mostlly on higher than medium settings. Its surprising what a laptop in this price range can do.

      5 -> Heat sink, Sony was really on a point when they were designing this laptop, it literally never gets hot, even on intense gaming some mildly hot gas is released by the heat sink place conveniently on the left of the laptop (next of the USB port), so you're not blocking it even by placing it on bed.

      6 -> Nice recovery options, Its got an ASSIST and WEB, button along side power button. ASSIST button takes you straight to recovery options from bios, there on you can recover your laptop to factory settings etc. While WEB button takes you to a fatory linux installation, which boots up in seconds in case you want to browse web instantly.

      7 -> Multi Touch Touch Pad, its got an extremely nice touch pad, it works with 2-3 or more fingers. The whole pad is clickable, if you decide to upgrade to windows 8 (which you should), the multi finger swype, and scrolling and other tasks become heavily easier. Infact its impossible for me use a laptop without one now.

      8 -> Battery life, Its incredible for its performance, you can watch 4 movies on one charge and it barely takes any time to charge, infact i remember charging it over 33% in a matter of half an hour.

      CONS :-

      To be honest there aren't many

      1 -> Sometimes the track pad would stop responding to multi finger gestures under intense CPU pressure.(No, I dont really know why.)

      2 -> Some times, random particles would slide under keys, which are impossible to remove. They make key feedback awful.

      3 -> The laptop is strong, but as i mentioned it lacks mono-cog design, which means there are tiny openings between the joints, which doesn't look good.

      In all, its a very good purchase, it seems like it would last for ever on me, without any problems.


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