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Sony Vaio E Series VPC-EF3E1E/WI

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2011 13:38
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      Great Sony Vaio perfect for anyone.

      ---My Story---
      I purchased my Sony Vaio nearly 12 months ago and I haven't looked back since, You see my desktop had just gone bang and after using another Vaio I decided that it was time to go mobile and get myself a Vaio. Deciding wasn't too difficult because I wanted a 17 inch screen with a HD socket and a relatively good graphics card so I could play a few games. This particular model had everything I asked for so I ordered it and awaited for it to arrive.

      ---The Packaging---
      When the laptop finally arrived the box was of nice size nothing too bulky and it had a handle on the top which was well made with the box to ensure that it wouldn't rip out forcing you to drop the laptop before you have even opened the box. On opening the box the laptop itself was securely packaged with polystyrene and it was wrapped in a foam type blanket to prevent scratches and further bumps.

      ---The Laptop---
      The laptop is silver and bares the Vaio symbol on the top in a nice chrome finish. First thing I noticed was that when you lift the top is how smooth it opens and no resistance or effort needed. The keyboard on the Laptop is one of the best I have ever used on desktop or laptop the keys have a small space between then meaning its easier to type with speed and not make any type mistakes.

      When first switching the laptop on It ran me through the various Vaio settings before finally I was free to use it as a laptop. The wireless is really easy to setup as there is a switch on the front of the laptop to switch it on and from there it will scan the nearby vicinity to find any wireless networks. Running multiple programs is easy and the Vaio maintains speed with ease, and this is still the case 12 months later.

      One of my favorite things about the laptop is the speakers, They are without a doubt the best speakers on any laptop I have used. The speakers have incredible volume and unlike most other models there is definitely no need for external speakers unless of course you want to go all surround sound.

      What I really wanted was a HD port so I could plug the laptop into my TV to watch films on the bigger screen, This was as easy as plug it in and then the laptop had a popup to tell me to set the resolution which I managed in about 1 minute and after that it was all setup to watch my videos.

      As you would imagine one of the things that draw people to a laptop is being able to unplug it and take it wherever so one of the most important things here is the battery life. The battery life does depend on what your running whilst the laptop is unplugged but there is a power saving setting which helps your battery last that little longer. When unplugged and browsing the internet I have managed a good 3 to 4 hours using the power saver setting and when using multiple software's the battery has lasted between 1 and 2 hours. That being said I was quite impressed with the battery given that I really put it through its paces it still manages to give me 2 hours use before it needs recharging.

      Two other features of the Vaio is the webcam and the internal microphone, The webcam is something I don't particularly use but when I have used it there has been no problems with freezing issues that you find in most webcam's. The microphone however is something that gets used on a regular basis as I play alot of games and talk to people online, I have had many headsets and microphones and none much better than this it really did surprise me as I thought I would have to go out and buy a microphone that would be suitable enough but that wasn't the case it was really easy to setup to my different software's and I have never had to play around with the settings to get the sound to work fine.

      To top this section off the laptop has been a great accessory over the last 12 months and i'm sure I will continue to have this for at least a few more years before I consider upgrading. One drawback to the laptop was it came with a lot of software's pre-loaded that I simply didn't need but it was easy enough to remove them and free up the space for more important things.
      There is also a handy little assist button above the keyboard which when pressed will bring up a Vaio menu with options such as restore the laptop to factory settings or create a back up disk. This has come in great use as a few months ago I fell victim to a virus in a critical time when my antivirus was up for renewal! The virus rendered my laptop pretty useless and I couldn't even run my back up disk however when I pressed the assist button and returned it to factory settings everything was back to normal and i'm pleased to say has remained that way.

      I would most definitely recommend this laptop to anyone looking on the market because I have used alot of models from various manufacturers and I have always enjoyed using the Vaio range Its easy and simple to use and when things do go wrong that little assist button is a god send. I have nothing but good comments for this and many other Vaio laptops which cannot be said for other company's out there!


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