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Sony Vaio E Series VPC-EH2C0E

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    3 Reviews
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      22.10.2012 18:58
      Not Helpful


      • Reliability


      Very recommended Laptop!

      I've had my Sony Vaio for about 8 months now, at first I was incredibly wary as I had heard many stories of this make breaking easily and having problems within the first few months of using it, but because I wanted a Laptop with a large hard-drive, Windows 7 and amazing Graphics this seemed like the perfect one for me.
      Since having my Laptop, I have been able to prove those stories wrong as my Laptop works as if it has been set up after first being taken out the box, it works very fast and picks up internet signal from anywhere in your house without the trouble of installing it or dialling up.
      This Laptop also performs HD Quality for films and videos, automatically saves any unsaved files and is very organised and easy to understand.
      It's a great computer for anyone who wants a Laptop that will look after it's user, very recommended!



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        02.09.2012 11:34
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Great recommended laptop

        This Christmas I decided to treat myself to a new laptop -afterall the chances of actually recveiving one as a present were minimal! I have had my old laptop for many years and it had recently been running very very slowly and ten it upon itself to switch to a different page just when I was in the middle of doing something - very frustrating. Up until this point though the laptop had not given me a moments difficulty, so I decided to opt for the same make, a Sony Vaio.
        The only other essential on my list of criteria was a 17inch screen. I do a lot of writing so it was important fo me to have a larger screen to make life a little easier, and be kinder to my deteriorating eyes. So the search began for a Sony Vaio with a 17inch screen, at a reasonable price of course! T =his splendid laptop was the result.

        Appearance & Ease of Use

        The laptop looks really smart; it is simple and stylish closed and opened. The 'qwerty' keyboard is as you would expect, with an extra number block adjacent which I find so handy. Even the actual keys press down well - they take no effort to press down but you are able to feel if they have been pressed hard enough to produce the required letter/action. The built in mouse has a slightly rough surface which gives great control and is not so sensitive that an accidental brush past it moves the cursor. I am also happy that extra pressure to the movement part of the mouse doesn't act as a left click, as it did on my previous laptop. Again, this lack of feature is great and helps avoid frustrating accidents.

        Setting up

        I am no computer whizz so I was a little concerned about how I would switch to using a new laptop when I was so used to my older one. It was however, absolutely straight forward. It simply required plugging in, following given instructions to connect it on-line, loading on the anti-virus software and it was good to go. The computer was supplied with 2 manuals - one for a basic, quick set up and one troubleshooting manual (which even I didn't need to look at!) and also instructions as to how to get full instructions of use on the laptop itself, which I found were unnecessary, but it's nice to know they're there if needed.


        This is one of the main factors I love abput the laptop - it's so fast. Whether it seems so fast is because I'm, comparing it to my tortoise-like previous one I'm not sure, but I am delighted with the speed of everything. Websites appear almost instantly, and downloads seem to take no time at all. Checking my emails used to be a long job; now it's done in 1 minute flat.


        It's a laptop, so obviously one of its selling points is the fact that it can be transported around the house, or elsewhere if there is an internet connection. The larger screen makes it a larger laptop of course, which in turn makes it a bit heavier to carry, but it doesn't make a difference in my eyes. A full battery will give approximately 5 hours of wireless use which I am pretty impressed with.


        As a non-computer expert I can't confidently give the technicalities but I have been assured that this laptop has a HUGE memory and has ample space to store all my writing documents, personal documents, photos, videos, music and more. What I use my computer for means I don't need a massive memory, but knowing that it will never ever be a problem is wuietly reassuring.

        Value for Money

        The store where apparently giving a £200 discount on the laptop, making it £550. I say apparently as I am a little dubious as to whether in-store discounts are real! Nevertheless it was exactly what I wanted, and a further offer of a £50 discount secured the sale. The salesman assured me that to get discount on a Sony computer was an achievement as they are such a reputable brand they don't require discounts to sell them.
        This is a great purchase, I'm delighted with it and hope to get many many trouble free years of use from it.


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        02.02.2012 09:32
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        See Review

        I was really lucky this year, my lovely Other Half bought me a new laptop for Christmas. I had asked for a new one but I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the wrapping paper and saw what was on the box. It was a Sony Vaio laptop and it is lovely.

        The computer is run by an Intel Pentium dual core processor which has a 2.1 GHz processor speed. The hard drive is 320 GB and it has 4 GB of RAM memory. The display screen is a nice 15.5 inches. That's the nitty gritty bits done with, now to how I find it.

        The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box was that it is very light weight up to out old one. This is brilliant for me because I have dodgy arms but I can lift this one quite easily with my one good hand/arm. Another good thing is that it is very quiet. You can hardly hear any noise coming from it at all unless I put a cd or dvd in the drive, then you hear the normal whirring, but even that isn't that loud. Another good thing is that it doesn't get hot like the old one used to. I suffer from the cold and like to have a blanket over my legs of an evening and I used to find the other laptop got really uncomfortable after a while but this one, you can hardly feel any heat coming from it even if its on for ages.

        The laptop has a nice feel to it, the top of the cover has a raised pattern to it which feels really nice to touch. It makes it less slippery when you do not have a good grip like I do. The same pattern is on the inside too each side of the mouse. It makes the laptop seem very luxurious. The mouse itself has a texture to it which takes a bit of getting used to as I am used to a smooth mouse pad on the old one. It is easy to manoeuvre the mouse around the screen though. The keyboard is nice once I got used to it. It is different to our old one as it has the number pad on the side like you get on a normal keyboard. This means the other keys are smaller so as I touch type, it took me a few days to get used to where the keys were as I kept hitting the wrong ones, but I love it now.

        The laptop runs Windows 7 which is new to me. It didn't take me long to get used to it as it is not that much different to Vista, I think it is easier to use than Vista though and it seems a lot quicker but that might just be where I have a higher spec computer now.

        The laptop connects to the wireless network and was easy to set up myself. It also has a blue tooth connection which is brilliant as I can connect to my phone without having to find the leads. I can also connect to anyone elses phone who comes round so it is easy share photos with them.

        The sound on the laptop is nice even with the tiny speakers that come with it. On our old one we used to have the sound up the highest if we were trying to watch something on IPlayer or something, but on this one I only have to have it on half way and it is as loud already as the other one was. I have used it with my headphones I got with my phone and the sound then is really nice. It is lovely to be able to watch a programme now without having that round thing going round and round and the programme stopping and starting.

        Well, that's about all I can tell you about my lovely new laptop. There are lots of things on it that I haven't had time to try out yet but I would highly recommend it. The price of them at the moment ranges from between £450 and £500.

        Copied to Ciaounder username Harveydog52


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    • Product Details

      The VAIO E series notebook refuses to blend in. No matter what you do on the E series notebook, it's sure to look fantastic. Whether you're watching HD movies or editing your digital photo collection, your day-to-day processor functions will be optimized for serious productivity.

      Sporting isolated keys and an edge-to-edge design, the E series notebook's keyboard is quite impressive. You'll love the firm yet comfortable feedback of the keys, and the numeric keypad is a welcome addition for inputting figures fast.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Sony VAIO E Series VPC-EH2C0E - 15.5" - P B950 - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - 4 GB RAM - 320 GB HDD
      System Type: Notebook
      Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
      Processor: Intel Pentium B950 / 2.1 GHz / 2 MB Cache
      Memory: 4 GB DDR3
      Storage: 320 GB HDD / 5400 rpm
      Optical Drive: DVD SuperMulti DL
      Display: 15.5" 1366 x 768 / HD
      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
      Networking: 802.11n, Bluetooth 3.0 HS , Gigabit Ethernet
      Battery: Up to 5 hours
      Colour: Black
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 37 cm x 24.8 cm x 3.1 cm
      Weight: 2.7 kg
      Microsoft Office Preloaded: Includes a pre-loaded image of select Microsoft Office 2010 suites. Purchase an Office 2010 Product Key Card or disc to activate preloaded software on this PC.
      Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty