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Sony Vaio FE41Z

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    2 Reviews
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      12.07.2007 23:57
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      The laptops are best ,we can carry with us while travelling also

      Me and my husband bought the Sony VAIO VGN-FE41Z series laptop three months ago by calling at call centre. We by experience came to conclusion that using call centre for the order is better because you can ask them for any offer or even free delivery. My husband is a GP so he needed a laptop for only work. So we both selected this laptop with mobile technology. I found this laptop best as it has some special features like built in camera, microphone and blue tooth. This Sony laptop has Intel centrino, Duo with windows vista . Sky pe is also installed. I selected screen size 15.4”. Memory is 2 GB.

      Adobe Photoshop premiere Element already installed in the laptop.

      When I first opened the laptop ,the touch just said its quality. The X-black LCD with double lamp widescreen was stunning and impressive. The graphics can never be found in any other computer . Every part itself saying that it belongs to the Sony and Sony are the best.

      I chat with my sis’ in US using built in camera . I used yahoo chat instead of Skype because yahoo is free and Skype has charges and Skype can be use with broadband and also when some one on the other side also use broadband. Other wise its function is disturbing.

      Disadvantages are when comparing with Dell, no disc is supplied for already installed software like Windows vista is installed and no disc is provided in case any damage is done to laptop . So we can not reinstall the windows or adobe photo shop .

      I paid for Microsoft word. Dell provide Disc for windows and word and also for each and every software installed.

      We incur with the problem within two weeks but we dealt with that I want to share that too in case it might help some body

      One day (it was not even two weeks) when I tried to log on my laptop its windows start up and then suddenly screen went black and it seemed like dead .I did try to start again but it just produce clicking sound and no more move. I was shocked and got worried .It is such an expensive, brand new and latest model .what should I do now. But I was not very worried as It was covered by business warranty ,so I thought to contact to Sony and get my laptop repaired but before that I wanted to do what ever I could do my self and so contact my friend who set up my laptop and also my Dell computer. He is an expert in the computer and it is his profession too. I followed his advice. The solution was so simple that no body will believe .Any body can do this. So I thought if any body come across with the same problem should not end up paying or be fooled by anybody.

      Laptops are actually are more delicate and sensitive than desktop computers. The laptops has more powerful defensive system than desktop computers against invaders.

      When any problem accord like windows went switch off automatically, screen turns blank, laptop did not turn on or suddenly turn of automatically while running. The reason could be any one and might possibly be cured by:-
      (First check that it is not due to need of charging)

      Take out all the other connections from the laptop
      Then slowly take out those batteries which are inserted in the laptop all the time.
      Then leave the laptop this way about at least an hour.

      After an hour insert back the batteries in the place . And slowly turn on the power button and amazingly this simple trick helped and reset the laptop .

      What my friend told me and also I concluded that there might be a virus invaded through internet and tried to infect the hard drive. The self defence system of laptop automatically went to “sleep” to save it self from damage.

      Then when we take out the battery from the laptop ,the internal power set to zero as there were no supply of current by any mean for some time and when reinsert the battery in the laptop like the first day, it is back to normal and get out of “sleep” mode. There might be other technical clarification but as I am no expert I just guessed it my self.

      I have done this twice as this happened to my laptop twice and both the time it did work.
      And I am sure it will work for every one the same as it did to me. And I am really happy to get my Sony VAIO laptop back and working and also because Bond also use the same one and I am sure he does know the same solution if problem occur !

      I know the problem occur due to my fault it had nothing to do with the Sony and the problem was resolve. I was not worried because the laptop I bought was quite expensive so I get 4 years cover. Now even after 3 to 4 months it is working nicely and smoothly . I am happy with our choice

      Windows Vista is the new feature but it is very much similar to Windows XP . All of the software are compatible l(I am talking about only which I use )like, Adobe Photoshop ,yahoo,MS Word, MSN and all the other common features we use in every day life. I only use basic as I am not very expert in Computers.


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        19.06.2007 18:34
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        An awesome, very attractive, very powerful, state of the art laptop!

        Due to the fact that I run and build websites and the fact that I am somewhat addicted to the internet in general, I need to have a laptop that can do everything my desktop is capable of and as my desktop is a top of the range Sony only Sony could provide a laptop that could come close. Just over two months ago I went on the search for what I needed and after hunting through various websites, electrical stores and specialist computer shops I came up with the Sony VAIO FE41Z, an amazingly powerful machine which I have found so far to be almost as capable as my desktop and believe me it has been put through its paces.

        As I also work from home mostly online, being stuck in my computer chair can get a bit tedious so it’s nice now to be able to lounge about on the sofa taking care of my business. The type of work I do involves a lot of uploading and downloading huge files and my previous laptop both through the internet connection and through the lack of power tended to struggle quite badly, this new Sony however breezes through it as easy as any desktop I have used.

        My Sony vaio has a 15.4 inch widescreen, perfectly big enough to give a clear view of what I am up to and also enough room to have a few windows opened on the screen at the same time. The screen is equally big enough to catch a movie on if I find the time or to simply watch clips I am loading to websites. Another of its attributes is the huge 200gb hard drive although there are much bigger hard drives out there in desktops mine included this is more than enough and very impressive for a laptop. Having all this storage means I can just keep files I have downloaded on my laptop rather than transferring them to my desktop for storage.

        The processor that runs this laptop is the Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 / 2 GHz, having dual-core technology is a big advantage as I quite often will be downloading huge files whilst listening to music and browsing the web or watching video clips. This laptop is multi tasks very well and is more than capable of letting me do all these things and more. The processor combined with the 2 GB of ram installed is sure to be enough for whatever you intend to use this laptop for and probably much, much more.

        This particular laptop I feel is the ultimate in all round computing and has the functions required to meet almost all needs. It comes with a built in cam so if you are planning to use it for online conferencing or if you are just big into instant messaging then it will suit. It also comes with a cd/dvd writer so if you plan to use it to burn your own cd`s or DVDs then it is perfectly capable of this too. It has the capacity to game at the highest level also, so as you can see this doesn’t have to be a laptop just to enable you to have the internet on the move it could easily replace a desktop if you wanted to save a bit space or just be able to use the computer anywhere in the home.

        One of the most important thing for me in a laptop is battery life and this is another thing this laptop excels in. The battery type is a Lithium Ion and once fully charged which incidentally it does very fast it can last up to 3 and a half hours constant use even with Wi-Fi on and the processor running full power. I was very impressed with this as my last laptop would die in under two hours if Wi-Fi was being used and there is nothing worse than being smack bang in the middle of something and getting the warning that you have 15 minutes battery power left then rushing through what you are doing and making mistakes.

        The built in card reader is another function that I found very useful as I am a keen photographer it is good to be able to take pictures whilst away on holiday or just out and about and get them straight on to the laptop for uploading to websites or emailing back home. I like to perfect my photos using some very powerful software that I purchased a while back and being able to go away for weekends or longer and take my holiday snaps then sit in the hotel at night and have the software and the internet right beside me is just brilliant. What happened to the days of handing your spools into boots when you got home?

        The one thing I was a bit sceptical of was the fact that this laptop came running windows vista which I had heard so many nightmare tales of but I have actually found it quite good. I would still choose xp over it but perhaps that is mainly because I am accustomed to it now and as they say better the devil you know.

        I am not going to go down the line of adding a huge list of specifications but I will list the most appropriate ones that people will look for when buying a laptop.

        The important specifications.

        Cache Memory: installed 4mb

        Dimensions & Weight: Depth 27.5 cm, Height 2.6 cm, Weight 2.8 kg, Width 36.6 cm

        Graphics chip: NVIDIA GeoForce Go 7600

        Max Resolution: 1280x800

        Mainboard: Data Bus Speed 667MHz

        Clock speed: 2GHz

        Technology: Dual-Core

        RAM: installed 2GB, max permitted 2GB, Technology DDR II SDRAM

        Hard Drive capacity: 200GB

        Built-in Devices: Stereo speakers, wireless LAN aerial, Bluetooth aerial

        Card reader: supports Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo

        Input device type: Keyboard, touchpad

        Platform technology: Intel Centrino Duo

        Dual-Core technology explained simply.

        Dual-core processing is exactly what it sounds like, two processors running instead of one. The reason this is good is quite simple, imagine the processor in the computer to be similar to the brain of a human. The processor as the human brain would do feeds info to the various hardware and software for them to in turn react, much as the human brain makes your limbs move. The faster it can do this the faster your hardware and software will react, if the processor is inundated with requests it takes more time to pass it on to the correct hardware or software so having two makes lots of sense. When one processor is taking care of your cd burning and music downloading for instance the other processor will be only too happy to pass on any other info you need delivered to your hardware or software appliances in order for them to carry out their tasks simultaneously. This requires plenty ram to be available also though as the ram is the memory used to open up programmes and if there isn’t enough ram then the processors speed and power becomes useless. Although you would think that desktops and laptops with dual-core processors would automatically be built with enough ram this is not always the case so make sure when you buy that there is at least 1GB of ram but preferably as this Sony laptop has 2GB this will allow you to get the best out of the dual-core technology.

        Although there are literally thousands of uses for personal computers these days I am sure you will see from what you have read that this laptop is more than capable of taking care of most of them. A very good friend of mine works as a DJ he does discos for wedding and birthday parties and the likes and he does it all through a set of usb mixing decks some very smart software and his Sony vaio FE41Z laptop. This laptop really is a very powerful machine capable of powerful burning of cd`s and DVD’s, giving very decent sound for listening to music, sharp clear pictures for watching downloaded movies or DVD’s and exceptional graphics and speed for the gamers out there.

        I would be more than happy to recommend this laptop to anyone whatever their needs. It’s not a cheap laptop but then again it’s not too expensive either. I purchased mine from pc world in the end as they were giving the best offer at the time I got the laptop, a very smart carry case and an extended three year warranty for £1099 I am unsure if this offer can still be obtained but I do know that most other places were at the time looking for around £1199 without any extra warranty or the carry case so it was a very good deal at the time. Since my purchase a little over two months ago I would say I have spent somewhere in the region of 220 hours on this laptop and have never had a problem with it including it even running a bit slower. It just gets on with whatever I throw its way, at a very fast speed.

        I have attempted to list everything you are likely to need to know about this laptop including some comparison and I hope I have succeeded without becoming boring. I have also tried to explain things in a way that everyone whether experienced or novice will understand as i read a lot of reviews on this type of thing which are written in such a way that if you dont know all the jargon then they will mean very little to you. I hope if you are currently trying to figure out which laptop to buy or are considering a purchase in the near future that this review will have been of use to you.

        Thank you for reading!!


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